Mo Wen Wu Xin
Youming ancient god
In the ancient continent, a young man with all his innate talents lost all his strength because of an accident. He lost all his glory. The trap of his clan made him know the master. Under the guidance of a separate person, the young man cut through the thorns and thorns, passed five passes and cut six generals, and became a real strong man For the sake of family fate, the youth embarked on the journey of self-cultivation; For the sake of his family, he was forced to choose the one he did not love; He endured countless years of self reproach for his love
from a small soldier, he gradually grew into the supreme ancient god of the Tianyuan continent. In the end, he gave everything for the whole Tianyuan continent
Sui Bian Zhen Nan
The king of Dayue
Liu Heng: Although I smoke and drink, I'm a good prince.
The strongest gas refining period in history (also known as: 5000 years of gas refining)
Fang Yu, who has been cultivating for nearly 5000 years, still hasn't broken through the gas refining period...
'I really only have the gas refining period, but don't provoke me!'- Also known as 'five thousand years of gas refining'
Liang Jia San Shao
Invincible Wu Zun
A skill that is regarded as garbage, and a cultivation madman who is regarded as a waste by the same sect, everything will be completely changed after getting a yin-yang jade pendant. Ten times the cultivation speed, making Gu Fei break the limit of martial arts again and again. The iron law that has been recognized for thousands of years was broken by Gu Fei! Miracles... Gu Fei doesn't believe in miracles. He only believes in blood and sweat. In the cultivation circle of Tenglong mainland, where the martial arts have declined and the true meaning of the martial arts has been lost, let's see how Gu Fei can fight against the sky with martial arts, step on the magic power of Taoism, fight demons and ghosts, embrace the beauty, and achieve the immortal martial arts! Liang San's book group: group 1: 13
Bai Yang Da
There are demons in my eyes
This is not a treasure hunting world of lone Rangers that can be upgraded without taking drugs
this is a mysterious world of group images in which the team is the king and the group fights against each other...
to tease you is to give you a face. Who makes you beautiful
to scold you is to admire you. Who makes you talented...
you are kind to me, and I will protect you forever
you hate me, and I'm hurting you...
am I just evil
My name is high purity, high purity
don't provoke me, I have a demon in my eyes!
Ta Xue Zhen Ren
This Wu Shengchao has quality
'My name is Gao Qian, a human male martial saint who takes the maintenance of love and justice as his duty!'
Shi Zi Dong
Young Chen Feng has an unparalleled artifact and practices unparalleled magic skills. The world of warfighters, the world of killing demons, the world of picking fairies, and the world of attacking gods. To fight all over the world, to blaze a trail of blood, to achieve the supreme. (statement: new books are released, dear old and new books
Tan Chi De Kao La
Ark: primitive survival with goddess colleagues
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Hai Wu Yan
Royal beast: I can even cultivate gods and demons!
After the change of heaven and earth, the world became a monster's world
mountains, rivers, plants and trees can transform demons into spirits, and antique swords can also breed spirits
monsters, demons, giants, elves, Zerg... Oppress the living space of human beings to the extreme
human beings will not be reborn until the Beast Master who can sign the beast control contract with the monster appears
Chen Fan raised his head slightly and said to his royal beast...
after thousands of years, if I become a legend, there must be you in my legend
after thousands of years, if you become a legend, I hope... Your legend also has me
there are a group of animal companions around us who are singing dragons and roaring tigers. There is a vast universe in our hearts
the state of Tang has me, and I am fearless in all battles
the blue star has me, and the demons retreat
when Chen Fan appeared with a group of Royal beasts, people felt their blood boiling...
[Key words: Royal beasts, pet animals, pets, summoning, cultivation, evolution, training, fighting.]
Xiang Jian Fei You Mei Nü Peng You
That year, those people
What do you believe, what do you see, the air and time passing between your palms, in the corner you don't know, it seems to hide something unknown. Look at the wind, the water, who is who
demons and ghosts, strange men and hermits, five elements and eight diagrams, follow this student's steps and see this different world.
Tian Xia Jiu Zhou
Confucianism and Taoism: I write books and become a saint
The world is full of literary spirit. The literati measured the world with their pen and determined the world with their art
the four arts of gentlemen, Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, are the unique cultivation methods in the world
a piece of music can accumulate literary spirit; Writing a book can also accumulate literary spirit lip;…
when the mainland's novels are still on the road of 'Liaozhai' and 'biography of contemporary people', Su Ping'an, who came through, is undoubtedly holding a bunch of 'Wang bombs'
'no one can beat...
' only I can beat me! '
[the book of killing immortals has been completed in 450W words, and the book is scarce. The penguin number of book friends is 203818049] [unfold] [Close]
Sang Xin Bing Kuang
The rainbow that covers the sky shines
Rebirth covered the world, became the prince of heaven with the highest qualification and blood in the world, but had already received boxed lunch. He has the same talent and the same fate
since fate has made them one, we should change our destiny against heaven and preach to the top! Phoenix family, invincible from ancient times
for countless times, blood has been scattered in the sky, and great achievements have been made in the world. How can it end with extinction? When the invincible constitution has an invincible faith, no one can be invincible in the world
thousands of years later, the world still praises: life is like a rainbow, and the sky is gorgeous!


Wu Zhi
I eat monsters in the town demon department
This is a world full of demons and dangers. Qin Shaoyou, who has passed through here, is also a member of the Zhenyao department with the highest reincarnation rate
looking at a strange painted skin, a cunning fox demon, a terrible snake spirit, and a evil demon who pretends to be a god Buddha... Qin Shaoyou's mouth watering
close the door and boil the water. Let's eat today! Reader group: 16830720, welcome to join the group~
Lai Yi Bei Ka Fei
Imperial sword asks immortal
Born in the most authentic sect of immortal cultivation, it was destroyed due to a
'spirit root pill'. It was ostracized by the orthodox sect, surrounded by evil spirits and outlaws, and was forced to survive in the crack. It was trained to be a sword spirit due to the Tianji skill, but unfortunately became a slave of the sword spirit & mdash& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;& mdash;. My life is mine, not heaven, nor man. It's just a sword
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Ba Gui Shao Nian
The wind blows and he'an
Jingming crosses the alien world and is surrounded by a group of people as soon as he opens his eyes. 'City master, it's not good. The 18 city alliance wants to destroy Ancheng and me, and threatens to leave no chickens or dogs!'
Jingming was dying for several times, and then shouted to them crazily, 'all people cultivate Taoism! Give all Dalits, slaves, foreigners and citizens of Acheng, and include them in the welfare security system of Acheng! & r.dquo;
' throw money at me, gather all resources, and set up an office to save the nation! '
'set up a support group, and you old strongmen should help me in one area and one place!'
'three days of assault and five days of special training, all of which I started!'
Minister: 'come here! The city master is crazy!' [unfold] [stow]
Yun Ji Qi Lu
Wife is a week old BOS
Once everything was annihilated, the sea of stars was rebooted, and the heaven and human principles were all destroyed in the thought of the evil
'finally BOS is my wife?'
when Xu Chang'an came home, he looked at his wife who was cooking and shook his head: 'the system is pumping again.'
in front of the apricot tree at the door
Xu Chang'an grabbed his wife's waist and said, 'I'll go back with a few little demons.'
'be careful on the road.' After the woman saw him off, she looked up at the apricot branch
what should I do if my husband has a tendency to cheat
or... The world will reopen
PS: [daily], [emotional line], [immortal Xia], [slow heat].
Yun Shan Qing
The daily retirement of the leader
The greedy innkeeper is actually the retired demon leader, while the waiter who does errands has Buddhist magic. As an invincible man of the world, Wang Ye needs to hide his identity and strength to live in the troubled Jianghu
he doesn't care about the status, martial arts and reputation that ordinary people pursue. He just wants to be an idle man who eats and dies
hard Gang is the biggest gang in the world. He instructs drunken and decadent scholars to stop the Wulin catastrophe... How can he be more busy after retirement?
Shi Xin Ben Zun
Liaozhai fox son-in-law
This is a strange world and a big pot for cooking stories. Scholars, ghosts, foxes, immortals and demons are entangled in fate, stewing out the world's various forms and cooking out the world's various tastes
Liu Yan, who has been here for a long time, has not brushed off the dust yet, so he plunges into the pot and smells like a ghost
Shan Nan Lu Bei
This warrior is fierce
The sun is shining, and the world is suffering
Cao Wufu was born
you can stand on your fist and walk on your arm
he just wants to be a quiet, low-key and honest person with connotation
however, the strength is not allowed
Cao Wufu smiled slightly at all the masters
'I just want to kill you or be killed by you.
book friend group number: 5202185
Jian Jia Du Jiang
Start from Xiaoao Jianghu to push martial arts
My name is Tian Hao, and my character is reckless. Tian is the Tian of two old Wangs next door. Hao is the Hao who is disrespectful to heaven
now he has joined the Huashan sect. However, since master Yue buqun studied the sunflower scriptures, he always feels strange in his eyes every day, which makes people feel a little nervous
in this complex world of martial arts, Tian Hao wants to create a template for a large BOS, train the strongest muscles, cultivate the strongest martial arts, stack the thickest armor, use the largest sword to break everything, and create a Xintiandi
I'm more than ten thousand days old. I have updated awesome's novels with more than four million words. Please feel free to read them
Q group 826037891, those interested can enter the pit for communication.
Chan Jiu
Feisheng begins with family cultivation
Over the past hundred thousand years of the Yu Dynasty, various levels of the Xiuzhen family have controlled the cultivation resources. When the world thought that it would be difficult for a poor family to produce a noble son, Meng Haoran was secretly observing
you fight, I farm... You fight, I hoard... You compete, I copy the bottom... Until everyone comes back to their senses, they find that the Meng clan, which was originally in the middle of poverty, has gone upstream and reached the peak immortal family!
Lu Guo Ba
Samsara simulation: I can change my life against heaven
In this extraordinary and holy world of Yan Fu, there is the emperor of heaven who lives in the sky and looks at the world; There are immortals traveling in the eight wastelands, traveling in the North Sea in the morning and in the evening, and sharing the same king with the world
there are sages of Confucianism and Taoism to enlighten the world, draw a picture to open the sky, and establish a mind for the world; There are also great virtuous monks who smile at the flowers, follow the heaven and earth, and evolve boundless Buddha land, which is comparable to the bliss of the West
Jiqiu is just a mole like an ant under the boundless world
I thought it was just the beginning of a mortal. In the midst of difficulties and dangers, I won the chance to become a Taoist
[samsara simulation takes you to experience the various forms of different lives.]
a plausible simulator took him into a completely different world
a rare Zen and Taoist genius in Buddhism, he entered the Taoism with martial arts and entered the Imperial City alone. He was dressed as white as blood, just to win a sentence of 'not to be unworthy of the Tathagata and not to be unworthy of the Qing Dynasty'
at the time of the end of the Dharma, the rising Taiping Taoist master has been giving alms to the world since the end of the world. He has broken down mountains and temples all the way, and has become the only true cultivation in the world before the spirit tide rises
the world is turbulent, and the flames of war are everywhere. The iron hooves of the Northern Yuan Dynasty go south. A Taoist sect leader was born in the sky, saving the common people and helping the Dragon Court to create a lifetime myth
the leader of the magic gate, the sage of Confucianism, the relegated immortal of Taoism, and the emperor of the ages
the boundless years, endless time and space, and the steady steps of Ji Qiu all the way up against the current have left indelible traces in this rolling history.
Li Bai Xi Yi Fen
Fairy, please calm down
If your fiancee is Hedong lion, hide. If you want to end him in the future, please coax her. The wise girl, the beautiful teacher, the noble empress, and the queen of the demon Kingdom... Don't worry about walking on thin ice for fear of doing something wrong
but in the end, he was sent away by the younger martial sister.
Qing Shan Xiang Yu
Le Yao Xiu Xian Ji
You can enjoy yourself in the world, and you can be free.


Lie Yan Tao Tao
The strongest God of war
Five years ago, I stained my military uniform with blood and changed my fighting skills! Five years later, with endless glory, the legend of the king
after the return of the king of heaven, the clouds will rise again, and the blood will burn down the city!
Ta Lang Xun Zhou
Sequence player
To [player]: This is the mystery of life and the journey of all things. You will be stronger, become superheroes, and even touch the power of the gods
but failure is death. Because you have embarked on the evolution game of the highest sequence
'isn't this trying to embarrass Darwin?' Li Changhe looked at the [player] coming from afar and murmured: 'I also embarrassed Newton by the way.' Book friends: 913949459
Ren Jiu Tian
Xiao CE Ye Yuxin
He is a peerless general standing under the gate of the country, a doctor who makes the world tremble, and a legendary doctor
Bei Cheng You Ni
Shura natural doctor
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Mo Si Ke Qian Gong Guo Sha
Exploitation Hollywood, 1980
Hollywood has summed up many formulas... What movies will succeed
however, there are always box office blockbusters that meet the formula.
Ronald Lee has traveled to Hollywood in the 1980s.
can he discover the secret of film success
because he can dream of movie clips he saw in his previous life...
he is good at making high box office movies and winning awards for actors.
he has brought many friends, enemies and confidants to Ronald...
he helps Cameron to invest
changed the script for Akira Kurosawa
filling Tom Cruise's teeth
take Demi Moore to debut
George Lucas,
Francis Coppola,
Martin Scorsese,
rushed to announce that he was Ronald Lee's teacher
Spielberg went to the magic city to make movies,
asked Ronald Lee to introduce the Chinese food turtle Ling cream by name
one of the Hollywood actresses' favorite directors
young people in Japan regarded his MV as a popular guide
women who were raped, I'll see his movie the first day I'm rescued
Da Si Bu Zuo Tian Gou
From today on, do whatever you want
Let's take a look at the transformation of an ordinary person after he became a deity. He has no powers, no cultivation of immortals, and no system
Yi Xi Chu Jian
Reborn investment era
Back in 13 years, we started from the stock market to build a financial empire. Those who have already decayed may be able to reproduce their extraordinary splendor in the future; Those who are favored now may be eclipsed in the future
this is the age of investment and also my age!
Long Shui Yuan
The city's heavenly eye evil god
A young man who was born as a security guard occasionally got the eye of heaven and gained perspective. Since then, he has learned ancient martial arts, played with antiques, established a company, mastered global finance, established one myth after another, and won one beauty after another. He is Li Qiang, a legend of China and a giant of Xianmen
'it is said that when you are staring at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you, but I don't think so.'
'I think when I look at the abyss, the abyss will only crawl at my feet.'
'the abyss is like this, so is fate!' Li Qiang smiled.
Yi Lü Qing Feng Ban Ni Chang Jiu
Urban Shenhao: sign in every day to support the wife of the anchor
This book is also known as the great statesman from the gods
simplified version: start from Shenhao to brush money, invest in projects, acquire companies, research anti-cancer drugs, carry out mathematical theory research, practice machine tool manufacturing technology and virtual reality technology, and benefit all mankind
detailed version: through the parallel world of poetry shortage, Lin Yu, who got married at the beginning, got the winner system of life and activated the sign in and rebate functions
'Ding, you stay in the live broadcast room of the anchor Jianxian for one minute, sign in successfully, and get all Li Bai's skills and skin!'
'Ding, you stay in the school for one minute, sign in successfully, and get a learning gift package. You can read and understand shorthand and shorthand!'
'Ding, you stay in the cemetery for one minute, sign in successfully, and get the blood of the unicorn!'
'Ding, you stay in the diga Altman video for one minute, sign in successfully, and get the divine light stick. It contains nano level biotechnology and can be transformed into the real leather case of diga Altman!'
'Ding, you stay in Marvel movies for one minute, sign in successfully, and get the first generation of mecha manufacturing technology!'
several years later, Lin Yu, who has changed from a God to a great statesman, led mankind into the age of interstellar navigation. Lin Yu said: our goal is the sea of stars
(cross stream, different gods and noble texts are involved in all aspects, and you may have everything you want.)
Tang Ju Yi
Rebirth Siheyuan started in the 1980s
Through the world of siheyuan in 1983
the spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground, and the shackles are gradually gone
it's time to let go
first set a small goal to become the first household with 100000 yuan in the hospital
bought the first recorder in the hospital
bought the first color TV, the first refrigerator, the first washing machine, and the first car in the hospital...
many firsts
wait, what's wrong with these people? They look at me strangely
Qiao Sanli, Qiao Simi, Huaihua, Xiaodang, Qinghong, Xu Jingping, you Fengxia, Yu Yuan, Hao Shuwen, Xiao Suizi, Lu Xiaowei...
I, Cao Zhiqiang, a descendant of the Cao family, have a long family history and integrity. I always like to help others. Please don't think too much and don't misunderstand
well, this is just a redemption story of promising young people who have passed through the 1980s. They are devoted to entrepreneurship, live actively and grow up happily and healthily with everyone
let sadness stop
let growth stop worrying
more understanding and less hostility
return good for good and return a tooth for a tooth
you young women who are about to fall into the tragic world
please don't be sad and discouraged
be sure to remember
the haze is doomed to leave
happiness is bound to come
this is because
a good life begins with knowing me!
Nuan Yang Yi Xiao
The wild age of rebirth
The business genius was killed in a car accident, but was accidentally reborn in a small human object at the bottom. Time goes back 20 years, and suddenly there is a lovely daughter. Should I cry or laugh
is it unsafe for a wife to be so beautiful? This is an era full of gold. There are many opportunities like the stars, and many gold miners like the crucian carp crossing the river
Lin Haowen decided to completely release his wild nature and become a gold sucking monster. Lin Haowen: 'Hello, business leaders. I'm here to teach you how to be a man.'
Nan Ke Yi Liang
Reborn Millennium player
The Chinese music world has been retrogressed for 20 years. Music fans: lying in the groove, and this is a good thing
the Chinese film industry has regressed for 20 years. Movie fans: sleeping in the troughs is a good thing
Lu Fei has retrogressed for 20 years. At the age of 17, he: lying in the trough, and this is a good thing
in the past, he took 'playing' as a serious thing and played conscientiously
it's true that you don't work properly, but you don't have to learn anything
'I have a plan, a great plan.'
from 2020 back to 20 years, countless ideas have been made to achieve the Millennium brilliant ah Fei
but what he missed most was the summer when thieves were hot:
one day, he carried more than a dozen steel bars in his pocket, set up popsicles, rode a bicycle, went to the arcade Internet cafe, smoked and drank alcohol, boiled with brine, and could not burn his head
PS: the film emperor starts from signing in, which is an old book with 80 high-quality novels. The quality is guaranteed!


Ye Po Feng Qiao Bian
I'm Liu jinu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty
Liu Yu, a professional household who has entered the family, originally wanted to have a soft meal in his youth. However, the times were turbulent and the people were destitute. In order to protect his hard won small family, he had no choice but to mention the three foot green front and return peace to the world.
Guai Dan De Biao Ge
The end of Song Dynasty
The Last Song Dynasty has not recovered Yanyun, and the Last Song Dynasty has been bullied by foreign enemies... When the Southern Song Dynasty is about to die, he must do those great deeds that the Last Song Dynasty has failed to achieve.
Si Meng Yu
The Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty
There is no weak man in the Han Dynasty, and civil and military affairs determine the world.
Bing Bing Dai Fu
I've all ascended the throne. Who should I contact
'Remember what I said just now!'
'sorry, I've only passed through for one minute. Why don't you say it again!'
'I'm dying. I can't get the antidote until I finish the task. Otherwise, I'll die. I'll go in two days...'
'Hello, who should I contact? Hang up after that!'
in a strange world, an unknown Dynasty, a lost memory, an unknown task, Mengxin undercover Chu Mu is a little confused
in order to find out the cause and effect, and to get the antidote to survive, Chu Mu decided to cheer up and go to the meeting. But the emperor died and did not open the door before he started
'Oh, God! I don't care. If I don't open the door, I'll turn it in and connect!'
Chu Mu didn't expect to find himself in a big conspiracy. He went into the palace and sat on the Dragon chair
looking at the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty kowtow to themselves, Chu Mu looked sad: 'I have already ascended the throne. How can I connect with them?'
Da Si Kong
Cheated Kangxi
The illegitimate son of longkodo, the commander of Jiumen, cheated Kangxi miserably at the most critical juncture of Jiulong's capture!
Wo Yao Zuo Huang Di
I want to be TAISUN
My grandfather is Zhu Yuanzhang, my father is the crown prince Zhu Biao, I am the legitimate son of the crown prince, and I am the heir in order of the Ming Dynasty
I want to avenge my father! If I'm here, the concubine won't be able to sit on the throne. Those who do harm to the princes and uncles have heard that there are four islands in Japan. Go to educate them... In this life, I will never be a coward, be imprisoned, or die suddenly
ZHU Yunxi uttered the strongest voice: I want to be too sun! I want to be emperor!
Feng Wei Yu
Cold door owl Dragon
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Jin Yu
Three Kingdoms: Liu Bei's account, nine to five
'Big brother, it's not good. Lu Bu has killed him again!'
'big brother, it's all right. Han Ming has made a move, and LV buma has disappeared!'
'brother, it's not good. Yuan Shao sent the literary clowns to attack us!'
'brother, it's all right. Han Ming is... Leading the army of literary clowns to dance the square dance!'
'no... no, it's time for you, and Han Ming is going to leave work!'
Liu Bei:
in the turbulent times of the late Han Dynasty, since there was a big man named Qin Yao, the painting style suddenly became wrong
Fantong Dianwei: I just want to cook with the boss every day
flying general Lv Bu: what's the meaning of killing? Isn't it fragrant for the elderly
prostitute gun Zhao Yun: carrying a long gun, he specially asks for someone to greet him three times
as for the three brothers Liu Guanzhang, please go and invite brother Han Ming to play mahjong
Yuan Shao cried: why do all the loyal civil and military officials under my charge leave me
Cao Cao is full of tears: young woman, it's all mine, mine, woo
Sun Jian stealthily touches it: today is the weekend of the Han Ming Dynasty. I can go out and have a wave
Qin Yao's name has become the most brilliant representative of the times.
Kong Ming: I am inferior to him in terms of military strategy
Lv Bu: I am inferior to him in terms of martial arts
Guan Yu: on loyalty and righteousness, I am inferior to him
Ma Jun: I am inferior to him in terms of invention
Cao Cao: on Jimei, I am inferior to him!
Feng Xiao Mu
At the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), he fought for the world
In the second year of Chongzhen. The Su River crosses the Ming Dynasty and becomes a tenant of grain shortage in Shaanxi. Inspire people to rise up, lose their deer, and the world will chase them
kill the gentry and lend the land. Issuing bonds and engaging in education. Develop industry and train strong troops. Overthrow the Ming Dynasty and exterminate the tartar prisoners.
Man Juan Shi Shu Wan Dian Hua
Steel tycoon in the late Ming Dynasty
It passed through the ancient city of Zunhua in Ji Town at the end of the Ming Dynasty and received an iron smelting workshop. Watch the protagonist rebuild the mountains and rivers with iron and fire.
Xiao Lan Er Ya
Marquis's farmer's wife
After crossing into the ancient wild kingdom of Dayu, she became a poor little peasant girl Leng Yingchun who fled from famine. She fled with the villagers. Her brother was captured as a strong man, and then she and her sister were caught in the bandit nest
after escaping with difficulty, he was knocked unconscious and entered the palace as the eldest lady of Leng family in pingshuikeng
due to serious illness, he was thrown on the road and was saved by the young Marquis Su Jingxian
I thought I could go to the place with abundant water and grass in the south of the Yangtze River with the young marquis< br/>
. Who knows the little Marquis stole away
it's really hard to find a way out. I went to a small wild mountain village to cultivate land and grow high-yield and high-quality rice
the emperor was so happy that he gave the princess her name and gave her the task of strengthening the country
OK, the princess has gone to work
will the young Marquis come with me
follow, and shine in agronomy together. [unfold] [stow]
Qing Shan Tie Shan
British civil servants
The World War II has come to an end throughout the world, but the decline of the British Empire has just begun. The United States and the Soviet Union are looking forward to the glorious years in the future and know that the decline of the aristocracy is no longer their own obstacle
'I don't agree with them, but it's not all bad to dismantle British India first.'


Ha Da Di
The days of drawing cards at Hogwarts
'Another ten rounds! This time we must draw Professor McGonagall's Animagus!'
draw card
the gold is out
who is it
'I am the great astrologer Trelawney!'
[divination + 1]
excited tears welled up from the corner of Tom's eyes
facing the magnificent magic world, Tom deeply felt that the power of Muggles was limited, so he decided to shout out the sentence:
I will not be a Muggle!
Wei Wen Mo Qing
Descendants of the seven swords in the Qin Dynasty
Gu Xun, who inexplicably passed through the animal world, had already given up the road to the peak of his life and spent the rest of his life with animals
unexpectedly, he crossed again by chance. This time, the ancient saying that goes through the bright moon world in the Qin Dynasty must be playful. Even if you can't wake up and take charge of the world, you should also be drunk on the knee of the beauty.
Mu Mu
The goddess was captured from the Doura
Xu ran crosses the continent of Douluo and awakens the invincible sword spirit, the blood of Unicorn and auspicious beast. Wandering between human beings and spirits, he controls the two races and becomes the most powerful and invincible person of Douluo star
hammering Tang San, hammering Tang Hao, hammering Tang Chen, hammering Xiaogang, hammering mubai...
starting from Zhu Zhuqing's fiance, we will sweep the world invincible
Xu ran: I'm invincible. You can do whatever you like
the three grandsons of the Tang Dynasty hid in the corner, hugged together and trembled
land, sea, Terran, ORC, divine world... Xu ran said: invincible, is it so difficult? Group number: 9162934
I have completed the old book 'the beginning of Douluo mainland' with 1.4 million words
Yan Yun Yin Tuo Luo
Start from the pirate and push across the world
Also known as 'Pirates: Lao Tzu is im', also known as 'the world government of the myriad worlds', it traverses the world of pirates, reborn Lord IM, controls the world government, sits on the throne of the void, holds the cosmic star map, and overlooks the sea of stars
gather all combat power, military power, financial resources, open the star gate, collect thousands of borders, and break the limit of hegemony! Join or destroy, how to choose
(the scope of Wanjie: Riman, and Meiman will be considered later)
Yi Zhi Ke Ai De Tu Zi
My family tolerated the cat to think I was weak and stole the thunder fruit
Hefeng crosses the fire shadow world and becomes a member of yuzhibo
countless attempts to open the kaleidoscope writing chakra failed, less than one year from the night of genocide
in order to survive, he deduced several schemes
defected Muye and joined Xiao organization
abandon the dark and turn to the bright, and get close to the ape Flying Sun
make a good relationship with yuzhibo weasel and establish a bond
however, no matter which scheme, the final result is a dead end
in desperation, he Fengfeng complains that there is no way to live in this world
unexpectedly, his cat stole a thunder fruit from him
the gentle wind directly blinded me
but the more outrageous is still ahead...
the cat hates your body skills and steals the Navy six style secret script overnight
forbearance cat thinks your mental strength is too weak and steals the golden worm arrow overnight
forbearance cat thinks your swordsmanship is too weak and steals it overnight...
Hefeng: lie flat or push horizontally, this is a question worth thinking about
this book is also called 'why can't our Tang Yu Zhibo be a fire shadow?'
Chang Bai Shan Shang Zhang Bai Ke
Don't even want to run out of the novice village
The world has become the playground of the heaven world, and all living creatures are digitized, waiting for the players of the heaven world to come to kill and torture countless times
Yi Zheng, who incarnated as the first abandoned strange rabbit in the novice village, chose to take a group of rabbits to start running, sit ups, push ups, rowing and swimming on the green grassland... One year later, when the player came, he saw not a group of small monsters, but a horrible devil muscle rabbit
the rabbit king sitting at a high place waved carrots and spoke harshly: 'starting today, no one wants to go out of the novice village!'
Yi Chan Zhi Xia
My wife, something's wrong
I woke up
LUO Qingzhou became a concubine of the Luo family in the Chengguo Prefecture of the Dayan empire
in order to help the second son of the Luo family repent of his marriage, Luo Qingzhou was forced to marry a foolish bride who was said to be unable to speak and laugh
it wasn't until he had finished worshipping heaven and earth and the night of wedding flowers and candles that he suddenly realized:
'my wife is not right!'
not only is there something wrong with your mother, but also the two little maidens and other people in the Qin family
the big maid is sweet, charming and provocative, and her voice is like a lark
the little maid is as cold as ice and snow, and her throat is sealed when she draws the sword
my sister-in-law is talented and is as delicate as Lin Daiyu
my little cousin is arrogant and arrogant, and the whip is fatal
my father-in-law's face is solemn and dirty
my mother-in-law is as beautiful as a flower, and she likes to roll her eyes
the second brother is dedicated to practicing martial arts and says he wants to honor his family
as for Luo Qingzhou, he just wants to be a little son-in-law, and then stealthily touch him. He is invincible in the world
Qi Feng De Mi Dian
I can't be NPC
Li Wen, who has crossed the alien world, has spent a long and peaceful decade. Until this day, the player came
when the first player comes to the door, Li Wen knows that his plug-in has finally arrived
[what is this? Energy bomb (click to view the spell model)? How long has it been that humans are still using such inferior spells. There is no 'must hit' (click to view the rune structure), no 'seek enemy' (click to view the rune structure), and how to hit nm?]
[fireball technique? What is the meaning of fireball technique without adding ingredients? For example, 'extremely cold' (click to view the generation conditions)
[ascetics? Climb! Come from the noble Dragon (click to view ethnic characteristics).]
eh? I can hear the background information
standing on the shoulders of giants, Li Wen has brought a billion innovations to the world
just group fight, you have no help, eat my crossbow back stab
the world is colorful, but all colors are composed of three primary colors. Is it reasonable for me to combine the three elements to create 100 million magic points
Magic spells are useless? Have you heard that the heart is glass slag and the body is sword bone
pseudo DND world view, players and aborigines cut leeks in both directions~
Di Jing Ka Fei
Csgo's E-sports Manager
When Meng de holds the trophy of the best eSports manager. The reporter asked, 'what can you rely on today?' Looking at s1mple, zywo and Niko in the team, Meng de said helplessly: 'it all depends on my excellent teaching.'
Nian Gao Pei Ma Tuan
Brush friendly days at Hogwarts
Chocolate Frog picture # 102 gold
Glen? Ollivander
the greatest prophet and wand master in contemporary times, and the first-class medal winner of the Merlin order
Ollivander's widely recognized achievements include:
in 197, he defeated Voldemort, the most dangerous black wizard in history
innovation of wand technology
promote international magic culture exchange
Mr. Ollivander is fond of Quidditch and collecting Chocolate Frog pictures
'book friend group: 9307018'
Ruo Ting Feng Sheng
Mystery: the external God is myself
Go through the world of the Lord of mystery and become the spirit behind the fool Klein. Lin Ruo, a senior piercer, refused in his heart. Fortunately, he still has the extraordinary ability [Truth and fallacy] from the previous world
[Truth and fallacy], rules are different abilities, [truth] can guide destiny, and [fallacy] distorts reality
relying on the truth fallacy, Lin Ruo first tore up the script of 08, and then stepped into the torrent of the times in order to fight against the coming end
he worked hard, relying on the advantages of different abilities and foresight, and finally raised his fighting capacity to a level where he could rest easy
then Lin ruo's memory of the original seal was restored
at this time, Lin Ruo found out that he was also an external God who had just been promoted, and was pure
Lin Ruo:...
is it still time for him to run
PS: the protagonist is the chaos good camp. It is an external God of the ksuru system upgraded from human beings. Originally, it does not belong to the mysterious world, but belongs to the real outsiders.
Er Liang .
Reincarnation Paradise: Vest everywhere
A law breaker: 'I have always wondered why that guy is so rich because he doesn't dig holes or develop sidelines.' Undead sister: 'hiss, I really want to rob him, but what can I do if I can't fight!' Caster: 'who dares to sell the secret of our arcane eternal star! How did it get out? There are spies!' Lin Jiu looked at the newly born trumpet and asked thoughtfully, 'paradise, do you think that this undercover is arranged for the death paradise or the watch paradise?' [Shusheng world] book friends: 17937638


Huo Shao Hao Hao Chi
Come as God
Zhao Ming was exiled to the planet prison - the nuclear waste star. The wild animals and plants were terrifying and dangerous
he has a genetic engineering system, but he regards this place as paradise
the whole planet is an experimental site
screening species, evolving civilization, genetic evolution, and emancipating shackles
a red ant is dignified and calm: 'there are ancient ants before there are days!'
a golden fly fluttered its wings and roared: 'I am called the divine emperor in the East and the first one in the sun!'< br/>
insects, flowers and plants, birds and animals have become the gods and demons of the world
wearing a spacesuit, Zhao Ming stands on the test site, like a God and a Taoist priest, overlooking the ground: 'to truly evolve civilization and realize continuous genetic optimization, we need human guidance!'< br/>
in the human world, someone missed a link on the game forum
'sit and forget in the game, and become a God. Welcome to the world of nuclear waste stars, and take you to understand the true meaning of life!'
be holy in the game, liberate the gene lock in the present world, and evolve stronger
so far, mankind has risen!
Su Yu Mei You Yu
Unlimited game: I love Koi by drawing cards
The interstellar circle has entered the era of National Games. The beginning is the werewolf killing. The scene is bloody and violent, very exciting
the only bad thing is that if you lose your life in the game, you will really have a hiccup. Everyone is careful and cautious when playing the game, but Ann Sui is the only one who shrinks in the corner, pinches the pet's neck and shakes it hard. Her face is ferocious
anzui: you should try again
dogzi: no problem, please
then the dog, who was too happy to take off, stumbled on his left foot and hit his head on the burr on the floor. The number of deaths is increased by one.
Ann Sui: don't die. Please let me play a game.
dog: I'm afraid it's a little difficult
is this her SR? Koi's life suffered Waterloo
key: CP! I have CP! I have CP!
Chun Jie Di Xian Yu
Mystery comes: my exchange is not equal
[the third issue of mystery is coming soon!]
[this is your only chance to redeem yourself!]
in the global crisis, Wang Teng opened his unique talent
S-level talent - unequal exchange
we are not buying for zero yuan
but we are not equal exchange
[exchange succeeded! You exchanged half a box of instant noodles for endless extraction of S-level talent!]
[the exchange is successful! You can exchange a bottle of sad and crisp breeze for the change of time!]
since then, Wang Teng has opened a new exchange mode.
Wang Zhe Jian Ming
Post-1990 Heavenly Master
The world only knows the book of Lu Ban, but does not know the art of creation in the book of Gongshu, which is handed down in one continuous line. A generation of heavenly masters stepped into the world and stirred up the wind and cloud!
Xian Zhi Yao Yao
Live broadcast room of the end of the world: milk balls are favored by the whole universe
[the end of the world + group pet three and a half years old + live broadcast + childhood sweetheart + boss]
when the end of the blood moon comes, zombies are rampant in the city, but there is a three-and-a-half-year-old baby group who embarks on the journey of finding relatives
relying on the live broadcast room of the plane, we started to brave the end of the world alone
I've grown up all the way to upgrade and fight monsters, and I've been spoiled by all the big guys
Star boss: 'I'll cover this little milk ball.'
Magic boss: 'those who dare to hurt the Tuanzi are the enemies of the magic plane.'
abyss boss: 'no one can covet my honey bean.'
Xiuxian boss: 'who said that little honey bean belongs to your family? It belongs to my family. If you don't agree to fight!'
seeing that the big guys almost got into a fight, a cold-faced Shura directly held the topic hero in his arms, 'dear, tell yourself who it is!'
faced with the question of death, a person's face was dumb and cute, 'ABBA ABBA!'
Why Sen Mo
Start from the space station
[blasting graves and picking up junk], [mining as Lord], [star sea robbing wonders]
I give you a space capsule. Can you live in the space cemetery
it's hard for others to say, but Lu Feng can
because he has many bufs:
agents, psychics, all of the [wonder building system], [creation space] pioneers, dreamers and visionaries
people all say that wonders harm the country
Lu Feng couldn't see the suffering of the world, so he encouraged himself to collect all the wonders of the world and integrate them into his own creation space to return the world to a bright future
'these wonders are too heavy. Let me bear their sins for you!'
(the face has been built for hundreds of years. Hello!)

ice sculpture, star gate, space station...
elevator, temple, foundry...
divine castle, star ring, Dyson ball...
originally, Lu Feng really intended to knock it himself, but later he found that he could not knock it fast enough to win it ~
moreover, he had to find time to save his people and resist the invasion of Zerg
Hei Se Yao Ling
Earth Star crossing, I started to evolve from the full-level national skill
The earth has traversed
Wang Ben, who has reached the national level, has welcomed new opportunities
Earth Star Warrior, wild star monster, alien...
a new era, a new journey
I'll come
I see, I conquer< br/>
You Zha Fu Ru
I'm seriously playing the game of survival
While gargling in the early morning, Bai Xi was inexplicably dragged into a survival game with a survival rate of only 10%
in a strange and dangerous world, Bai Xi is like a fish in water
small theater 1
passerby A: isn't Bai Xi an assistant? How come ye Xiao, who claimed to be the first in fighting power, was pushed to the second place by her
passerby B: ye Xiao came down from the first place and never went up. This Bai Xi is too awesome! How did a space Department assist her
Bai Xi: (shakes her eyebrows and smiles) what's wrong with the assistant? Assistance can also kill people. Assistance can also be very awesome. I'm still a little expert at drawing cards. With my smart mind and sharp intuition, I can save the day. Do I have to be the first to have a problem
Ye Xiao: (flattering smile) no problem! Daughter in law, help me draw two cards
small theater II
teammate A: No, the wall is too thick. You need to use explosives
teammate B: then you have to go to the police station. It's full of monsters
Bai Xi: what explosive do you want? (she draws a circle on the wall, and a light curtain appears, and Bai Xi directly collapses)
people: sleeping trough! Sister Xi, how can you use this skill
PC: Bai Xi x Ye Xiao
female owner: the strongest assistant, a small expert in drawing cards [after all, with the protection of ancestors]
male owner: the ability value is full, and the luck is negative [in the previous life, I may have bumped into the broom star]
Nan Gong Han Lin
Arrest criminals in three circles
Is this world the real world? Unexpectedly, there have been some ghosts and monsters and unknown beings around!
Bu Leng De Tian Tang
Record of gods and demons in the last ages
What is the end of the world? Zombies? Monster? Zerg? no Only when all the things that people fear, worship and even fantasize about become reality, will it be the real end of mankind! It is a feast of gods, Buddhas and demons, and also the greatest catastrophe in human history! Zombies, aliens, chastes, monsters, goblins, ghosts, gods, demons, fairies and Buddhas, all of these will come to the world! This is the real end, this is the end... The age of the gods and demons! - This is the fourth book that is not cold. Three novels with a total of 150W characters have been completed. There is no eunuch, and the character is guaranteed. The new book is in urgent need of support! Rules of adding Watch: add a chapter when rewards are full 10, add a chapter when flowers are full 10, and the chapter of adding watch will explode after it is put on the shelf!
Xing Sheng
You don't follow the routine business card printing at all, do you
'Why is fireball green?'
'well... Because I put poison gas in it.'
'what about the ice pick technique? How can you fall to the ground after being hit? Is it poisonous?'
'no, it's just a powerful anesthetic.'
'what about the magic girl apprentice you summoned? Why does she still know Taekwondo?'
'it's so normal that girls have to learn some skills to defend themselves...
' so you don't follow the routine business card printing at all, do you? '
Feng Gong Zi
Live grave robbing: the anchor is really too cruel
Hello, this is the tomb robbing live room. The anchor of positive energy will show you around the ancient tombs online
look, there is a female ghost in the tomb. I'll catch it and show you my talent
old irons, there is a thousand year old corpse in the coffin. As long as the gift is in place, I will drink the corpse
Hello, officer, the owner of the tomb brought me to his house to get things. Why do you say I am a tomb robber
corpse King: 'why did this boy come to my tomb again? He pulled out my gold teeth. Why did he come here?'
fierce Ghost: 'did anyone call the police and arrest him? It's OK to rob the tomb. How can you beat the ghost after taking something?'
enchantress: 'I'm so beautiful that he won't let go of my tomb. Is there any royal law? Is there any law?'
Chen Sanye: Hey, which ghost is in front of me? Yes, I'm calling you. Come here
Where is your tomb? Is there anything good in the tomb
don't say? Can you stand such a big fist like a sandbag?


Ming Yao Qian Kun
Hardship: Jingxuan in Buddha's prison
Q: 'what should I do when I cross the huozhai Buddha prison where the hell started?' Answer: 'if you can run, you can run. Stretch your head with a knife, and shrink your head with another knife. It is inevitable to destroy the four trees...' Jing Xuan thought for a while, and finally made up his mind. He hurried to the plight, but never thought that he would come face to face with a six winged God of destruction, spreading his hands...
'the world is filthy again!'
'farewell!' When Jing Xuan saw it, he turned around and ran away without stopping at all.
Ting Chao Lao Zi
When I was working in the West Factory
Through the world of comprehensive martial arts, Zhao Yu became a member of the West factory to inspect hundreds of households, specializing in home raiding! What the fuck is that he relies on his skills to make a living and has no basic martial arts skills
in the temple, there are East and West factories, royal guards, HuLong mountain villa, and mysterious Baolong family
in the Jianghu, there are Xie Xiaofeng, the sword God, Zhang Sanfeng, the immortal of Wudang, and Li xunhuan, the flying knife of Xiao Li
What's more, Wushen Jue palace Jue Wushen... But it's strange that these Jianghu heroes will feel inexplicable pain when they see the Western factory dog who claims to be only half skilled
Qian Jing Ba Huang
The novice of online games is crazy
After Ji Xiaoyan somehow mixed an N.P.C identity certificate, the game life was no longer the same. 'Xiaoyan, let's have some excellent equipment, artifacts and animals!' 'Xiaoyan, go to N.P.C. where to contact the hidden task. Your relationship is so good!' 'Xiaoyan, is it still a crime? Let's form a team to brush the players!' Ji Xiaoyan stared: do you have any gold coins? Nightmare foil Liuli glanced at her face and said, 'Xiaoyan is mine.' 'It's not certain who will win!' Hearing this, he said with a smile. Ji xiaoyanmo, in fact, she really wants to shout: you, you, you, you are all mine It's just, can reality and games really mix Qianjian has set up a group: 210591787, which is convenient for you to find Qianjian for communication. If you are interested, you can add it.
Duan Feng Yun
Across the sky, from the clouds
The gold scale is not a thing in the pool. It will turn into a dragon when it meets the storm. Ordinary young people cross the stormy world, stir the Jianghu, and create a generation of Wulin myths
Chun Jin Zi Dan Tou
The strongest shuttle system
When he wakes up, Lin Fan crosses the world of Luding Ji and gets the ten thousand boundary shuttle system, starting his journey to becoming a God
Mo Xiao Mao
Douluo: dressed as Tang San's sister and Xiao Yan He
The Xianyu female college student of the modern guwu aristocratic family brings the useless skills of cultivating immortals
unexpectedly, it was Tang Ning, Tang San's sister, who entered the world of the popular novel Douluo mainland
from the beginning, the identity of the male leader and the female sister determined her group pet route
however, Tang Ning never dreamed that she would meet Xiao Yan, the emperor of Yan, who is the male master of the universe
the most important thing is that she is just holding another golden thigh
How can you be taken away as your daughter-in-law? Sure enough, someone is cutting black. Hello
Shrek and the others were speechless: when people go to school, you scatter dog food, or both brother and sister scatter dog food! Human affairs
in the whole continent, Tang Ning is the most invincible person. She is the sister of Tang San, the sea god, and is extremely noble
I'm also super strong. I'm the standard match for a stable girl of good luck. What if Tang San and I can't beat each other
look at her killer skill: husband summoning! Come out! Yan Emperor Xiao Yan
Tang Ning: Thank you for your invitation. I'm Tang Ning. I bring my immortal cultivation skill plug-in. My omnipotent full-level husband Yandi, the sea god Shura, is there any last words for those who dare to provoke me
note: Tang Sanmei is in charge of the pet sister. The main CP Tang Ning and the Yan Emperor Xiao Yan, the three dances and other officials are not removed, and the Shrek seven monsters are not black. The female leader is the pet of the whole group and the winner of the force value explosion life.
depending on the situation, there will be their own original plot. We will forgive you for any changes.
Hei Yan Xiao Yao De Xiao Yao
Dead operation
After the head teacher left a strange assignment, the next day came the news of her death. On this day, we recalled the fear of being dominated by the assignment. Two shifts a day, we rewarded the jade pendant and one shift.
Zhen Yue Yu Xin
Network new Liaozhai
Zhu Yan is an ordinary office worker and also an online writer. Her life is plain and full. However, her grandmother's deathbed words revealed a secret that had been buried for 24 years - a shocking blood case killed Zhu Yan's parents. Zhu Yan, who was still in her infancy at that time, was the only living witness at the scene of the murder, and the murderer has not been caught. Since then, Zhu Yan has embarked on the road of chasing evil... A different story, a different experience, and a rescue. What he wants is a heartbeat, and what he plays is excitement. This is the feeling that network writers need, and it also makes the life of Zhu Yan, who has a little special ability - especially sensitive to death, more wonderful.
Mang Chen
HP Dark Lord saves the world
The truth leaning tower is a group built by student organizations, facing all the students in Hogwarts, and is expected to become a large camp influencing the world
its painting style is like this:
are you still worried about not finding a job after graduation? Are you still sad about being discriminated against by others? Are you still confused about having no goal in life
good news! hot wire! The tower of truth is new
we have the most advanced thinking, the most inclusive environment and the most lofty ideals
don't be afraid of being ostracized by people. Whether it's pursuing murders and seeking revenge, or just group fighting, join us and professional teams will escort your life
- the new poster signed by leader itana
'it's a ghost that this kind of propaganda can recruit talents!'
Hui Se Mo Shi Lu
Black magic envoy
There is a definite number between luck and misfortune. Lucky or unlucky, since I have come to this world, how can I look good? What a world it is!
Hong Fei Qing Shu Ke
Wudang tunnel sweeper awakens full level understanding at the beginning
Lu Heng passed through the world of martial arts and was sent to Wudang school by his family to become a servant Taoist boy. He thought he was busy all his life, but he woke up to the full level understanding system
as long as you study hard, observe, listen to the preaching, practice martial arts, and compete with each other, you can get gains
[carefully listen to the master's preaching, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete beginner's mental skill]
[carefully listen to the boxing taught by Mo Shenggu, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang fist skill]
[carefully read the Taoist secret book, stimulate the full level understanding, and understand the complete the Nine Yin Manual]
[carefully observe and emulate the martial arts sword skill, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang sword skill]
[carefully watch Wudang's martial arts performance, trigger the full level's understanding, and understand the perfection of pure Yang and boundlessness]
[carefully learn martial arts with fellow disciples, trigger the full level's understanding and understanding.]
several years later, Zhang Cuishan returned to Wudang from abroad to start the Dragon killing drama. Lu Heng has entered the martial arts field and emerged as a talent
the fist shakes the Jianghu, the sword kills Yuan Meng, the chivalry upholds justice, and is free and happy until the martial arts break the void. Relying on heaven is just the beginning. There are other worlds.
Xu Wei Ju Quan
Doomsday paradise
'I think... My boyfriend seems to want to kill me.' Lin San murmured. Thinking of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help shivering. The doomsday hell opened by the people around her is roaring toward her The second world has a strong flavor plot. If you don't like it, please take a detour.


Niu Niu Mi
I'm chasing a rough guy at 80
[soft and cute woman vs gentle and rough man]
the father doesn't love the mother. The family is poor and fat. It's not a good cake to marry a husband. Chen hansui thinks she has won a bad card. Only after she died did she know that her mother-in-law was a big woman, and her husband was a future local tyrant who loved her all the time. From another perspective, everything in the world was different... When she was 20 years old, Han Sui decided to blow up the rotten cards
however, in the face of the first unruly mother-in-law in the village, the weird sister-in-law, and the husband who is not a good cake...
the soft and cute hansui Baotou: I think I can't
male host: I think you can save it. Here, my husband will give you artificial respiration
demining: the man in this article is not a good cake, except for being good to the woman. The heroine Nuo is cute, and both the extreme mother and the poison tongue sister-in-law like her. There is nothing to fight. When the villain meets such a lovely heroine, the IQ is automatically shielded by 99%, and the group pet is sweet
slag wave: Niu MI with sweet words
geese: 346251814
Ming Tian Zai Jian Fei
Space farmer: mother dressed as three oil bottles
Gu Li, who should have been buried in the sea, accidentally crossed into the second daughter-in-law of the rural Shao family. It's just that the husband who just died didn't tell me, but he still left the old lady and three drag bottles to raise
everyone thought she would stay away from this mess, but Gu Li wanted to do the opposite
'what's your name, just call your mother.' Bai picked up three eldest sons. Even the future villains in the book, she has the ability to get back on the right track
she has seen a lot of storms and waves. It's easy for her to farm, do business and get rich. In my last life, I was just a duckweed without roots. In this life, I am finally complete!
Pian Fang Fang
General, madam called you to farm
I just took a nap in the lounge. When I opened my eyes, I was dressed as an ancient illiterate country fat girl
I'm a glutton and lazy, and I'm still a bully in the village
no one in ten miles and eight villages wants to marry her. It's not easy to buy a golden turtle son-in-law. On the wedding day, people escaped
the bully's father was so angry that he went down and captured a husband to her
just... Dad, is there something wrong with what you captured
Su Pangya is very busy after marriage
busy transforming bully father and bully brother
busy rescuing the beautiful general husband
busy raising three little bullies xiaodouding
carelessly, she became the most important female Marquis of Dayan!
Qing Feng Xi Yu
Step by step
A new world, a new beginning, she only wanted to be a happy immortal, but someone dragged her into the abyss and shamelessly slandered her for stealing one of his valuables and other wool. When did she steal anything from him
Mu Mu Xi
A cavity of infatuation, send years
Before getting married, the boss who was forced to marry dismissed her: 'remember, you are just a woman sent by my Lord to take care of me. I don't love you and won't touch you.' After getting married, the big guy wore an apron and took a spatula with an angry face: 'no short skirts, no going to see his ex boyfriend privately, no drinking with the guests, No.' she looked back lightly and said: 'no what?' The big guy's heart trembled when he was looked at, but thinking of his position as the head of the family, he still bullied: 'don't let me kneel on the keyboard!'
Gu Li
Eat in the Song Dynasty
A thunderstorm ripped a coffin shop in the north of the city into ashes, followed by an iron box passing through the world of mountains and seas.
Wen Shu: a dog with a face grins at me and even smashes me with stones.
Wen Shu: a horse with a face always chases me and even lifts me up.
Wen Shu:? The red pig not only scolds me, but also bites me
she shakes her kitchen knife, and finally they become: Braised mountain cake, steamed mountain paste, and burnt salt cooked lake
after tasting it, an adult Shaoqing, who appears to be gentle and gentle but is actually cruel and ruthless, nodded slightly at the corner of his mouth and said, 'it's delicious.'
there have been millions of completed articles on the farmer's talisman
interested friends can watch it step by step during the fattening period
Xi Ru Xuan Yue
After rebirth, the second generation of Buddhists is a medical tycoon
[healing department's warm pet article, this article emphasizes mutual love between men and women, double cleanliness and double learning hegemony]
mother is the movie queen, and father is a famous director. As a rich family, n daining Youguang played a guest role in her father's film at the age of seven. The whole entertainment circle is waiting for her to grow up
is it the top stream when you start
thank you for your invitation
Shengshi beauty has resources, and tens of millions of anonymous bloggers do not want to be a star
be an honest doctor and help all living beings to accumulate merits so as not to die young again
she wants to go to bed early and get up early to raise flowers and cats until she is 100 years old. She will live all the life she has never lived in her previous life
Youguang never expected that she would meet a patient who died too early in her last life and could not be cured - a capital tycoon
Introduction 2:
MA Xia took her half brother to the reality show, and he was distracted
host: 'is it because you are so surprised to see your beautiful sister that you can't speak?'
the younger brother looked at the female star next to him who was called 'beautiful in the prosperous age' and said, 'it's OK. It's only one tenth of my sister's beauty.'
all the people in the hall were shocked, which instantly ignited the entertainment circle and exploded the microblog hot search
my mother agreed: 'my sister is very excellent.'
one day, my sister's photo was accidentally exposed
black fans:
'brother, I won't laugh at you anymore.'
'is this the beauty that human beings should have?'
Nuan Xiao Wu Shang
The son of rebirth seeks a wife
At that time, there were women in the family. They were elegant and dignified. They were the first celebrities in the imperial capital. At that time, there was a daughter in the family. She was a princess from birth. Only when the hairpin ceremony was completed, she chose the prince to get married
therefore, there is a saying in the market that if you win the time, you will win the world. In this world, there is only one childe who can afford to say: 'childe is like jade, and the world respects him as
' childe '. He said, I have no intention of this world, but she... After four years of hard work, can she afford to marry them?
Lu Hua Hua Ya
In the age of rebirth, there is room for the literary orphans
Lu Xiao, a girl who lived in the 23rd century, lived alone in the villa left to her by her grandpa, regardless of the dislike of her relatives
suddenly she found a space in the jade pendant left by her master. She was afraid of the coming of the end of the world and began to hoard materials desperately. When she spent all her money and planned to take a rest, she was reborn in a place like Huaguo in the late 1950s and became Lu Xiao, an 8-year-old girl with the same name and the same surname whose parents died
fortunately, the space has come with me. Even in this strange era, I can live a good life (one-on-one favorite text, male and female masters are both clean, and I can rest assured in the pit)
Chen Zhou Diao Xue
After the descendants of Chinese martial arts fled the famine, their confidants were all over the world
Cheng Ling, the successor of modern martial arts, went through the ancient times of war and chaos. He took his family to flee from famine, farm, practice medicine, and do business...
he worked hard to manage the future, only to get a place to live in this strange era after the world was stable, and he could stand up with dignity instead of kneeling for life
but who knows that women's disguise as men is so successful that the new dynasty has left her a good name
young master of the Marquis house: Mr. Cheng is brilliant. What he says is all about governing the world. I must recommend him to the prince
eunuch's offering wine: Cheng Xiaoyou has a beautiful heart. The day when the imperial examination is reopened, it must be the time for him to become famous. If he can't win the first prize, I will hit the post to tell the sky
the eldest lady of the prime minister's residence: Doctor Cheng is a genius of heaven, but he is noble and does not admire fame and wealth. I respect him and love him. Even if I have no fate with him, I should ask the prince's cousin to give him a birth
lady Huakui of the ten mile spring breeze: apart from the three feet of snow on your body, who in the world should wear white clothes? In the court, are they all right with you
with a sigh, only remote mail
the prince, who is always mentioned by people, has already raised his chin
Prince: my brother, my confidant, in your words
Cheng Ling:
Xiang Nai Er Bu Xiang
Nongmen elder sister: I have pampered five big brothers
Tang Qi, the female bully who personally brought tens of billions of materials to the disaster relief area, died at the beginning of her journey. Her father, Zheng Ding, disappeared. Her uncle and aunt, both of them, went to the battle to sell their baby brothers for food
Tang Qi raises her broom and angrily hits the best blood relatives. After resolving the crisis, she looks at the three little boys and a baby in swaddling clothes. She rolls up her sleeves to say not to panic. If there is an elder sister, she will not die of hunger
there is no way out of heaven. Her ten billion yuan of materials turned into space to follow her. Tang Qi, with her witty mind and talent, flexibly used the ten billion yuan of materials to make a lot of money, fighting dregs, abusing the best products, sending her younger brother to practice martial arts and medical skills, and nurturing them into talents
later -
young general: who dares to bully my elder sister? Come to see me
Chief Minister Fu: who dares to insult my elder sister and meet in prison
the richest man of the Northern Zhou Dynasty: who dares to cheat my eldest sister? I'll lose the money
the ghost doctor's successor: who dares to hurt my elder sister? Life is better than death
Jianghu shaogu leader: Well, I'm here too... Who dares to bully my sister Yi will be poisoned even though she is far away
everyone in the capital was shocked: the daughter of the Tang Dynasty is so powerful. Can she marry
Lord of the town: to be honest with you, your lovely wife has been pregnant for three months, and she will come and drink full moon wine next year!
Zi Su Yi Ye
After wearing the book, he became the vicious stepmother of seven villains
Wang Xiaoxia woke up and picked up a white fat son. After her brain was soaked with memories that did not belong to her, she found that she was actually wearing a book
I think she's a poison doctor, the second most famous killer in the world. She even wears a novel called the Regent's new favorite, and becomes a top-level female cannon fodder, a vicious stepmother with ugly appearance
the evil stepmother is still a widow. Six villains' oil bottles will be given to her. Drag oil A bottle calculated that she wanted to drive her away, and united the people in the village to trip her up
if she comes, she'll take it easy. In order to live more episodes in the book, she can't kill these little rabbits. It's really heartbreaking...
'stepmother, are you ashamed? Dare to steal a man behind my father's back!'
'stepmother, if you hand over the money, we will let you go!'
'stepmother, you'll never let our father go of you.'
this is an inch's worth. As a stepmother, she must have the dignity of a stepmother, and can only wait on her with a stick. [unfold] [stow]


Liu Ran Ran
The demon girl from heaven has boundless power
On the way to find his mother, he accidentally became the first demon hunter and became a group favorite. I'm not talented. I just want to be a female Xia who can calm the four directions
I will fight evil demons all my life and protect mountains and rivers all my life. We should have a clear conscience when we are alive. With a whole body of talents, accompanied by loyal and strong friends, we can smooth the injustice of the world and return peace.
Mo Cha Hong Dou
Tuan Chong's baby milk bag, I'm the most arrogant baby in the whole dynasty
[group pet + Koi + space + Vest + food + animal and plant communication ability]
the poor old Fu family finally gave birth to a little girl
then, good things happened one after another
pheasants and hares are sent to the door by themselves, and ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum are picked up by hand
the brothers have also made great efforts. They are the generals of the country, the chief aides of the government, the Royal rich merchants, and the first chefs...
the brothers who can dominate the country have made difficulties, and they dare not stop someone who brazenly comes to steal their hearts
someone smiled proudly and put the jade seal in Fu Chu's hand: 'dear, this is the bride price.'
Fu Chu: 'want to marry me? Line up first.'
Liu Yuan Xiao Tong Zi
A hundred years of human ghost
A young man and a female ghost of the Republic of China met for a hundred years in their previous lives, and shared the same experiences and tribulations. In order to save all the people in the world, in addition to the demons, the three demon concubines came to the world. Later, they met the eminent monk and entered the underworld. Yan Jun in the ten halls discussed brothers and saved the underworld and the world. Finally, the three wives of the Republic of China, accompanied by themselves, experienced some things together, and accepted the python fairy, the ghost general, and Zhan Shura, the young man
Ye Chen Xiao Chu Ran
Ye Chen and Xiao Chu ran
Ye Chen is a visiting son-in-law whom everyone looks down upon, but no one knows his real identity. He is the eldest young master of the top family. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel down in front of him and call him 'Lord' in fear!
Liu Nian An Jing Ru Xi
After I was pregnant with Koi twins, I became rich from farming
[farming, pregnancy and vomiting, koi, twins, dregs abuse, becoming rich]
modern waistcoat tycoons dressed as poor peasant women were caught on the spot, including pregnancy and vomiting. It was the beginning of hell
scum man quits his marriage at the door, and the evil woman accuses her of stealing a man
hum, the scum man is ugly and wants to be a demon. When kapok goes up, he will be beaten by a chicken and eggs. If he is separated, the next one will be better
the family was poor, and three small milk groups were hungry, shouting after her
don't panic. She is a koi with an excellent physique and specializes in treating all kinds of poverty
the second brother who has never caught prey in the mountain can't hold it in his back basket
the unlucky eldest brother can easily pick up Ganoderma lucidum when he picks up mushrooms...
the three little boys only fish in the river, and the many fish jump into the net...
with the days getting better, kapok's belly is getting bigger day by day
she can't hide it. She's worried that she doesn't eat meat
one day, a ferocious big man pinched her waist with red eyes and blocked her in the corner. His voice was hoarse. 'Please look at me, father, I can.'
Zhang Gong Da Jian
Star turning expert
Introduction: the 21st century experimental body wakes up in the kitchen waste of the enemy. Yu Jing exerts the spirit of being shameless and strives to survive in the future star age
after accidentally differentiating into sentinels, as a minority female sentinels, because the virtual companion animals are weak chickens, they are sent to the front of the battlefield as cannon fodder
Yu Jing keeps in mind the iron rule & mdash& mdash; If cannon fodder wants to live, it must become stronger!
Po Guo Mei You Gai
After rebirth, she married the unmarried and sterile double standard prince
King Ning's mansion, which had stood for a hundred years in the Yan Dynasty, was destroyed in smoke. Ning Zhuo, a precious girl with thousands of beauties, fell into the dust and ended up with her legs broken and her eyes gouged out
it was only when I was dying that I saw that I was not marrying a good man, but a wolf in sheep's clothing! I'm reborn. Rather burn my hands and tear the white lotus feet and kick the slag man, but I accidentally caught a curse and came back
before marriage - ning Zhuo raised his eyebrows and said: 'I heard you... Can't you?'? A certain master: just because he doesn't marry doesn't mean he can't
after marriage - the princess in the eyes of the public: force explodes the table, and a word does not fit the head of a dog. The princess in the eyes of Prince Xue Changyao: she is delicate and weak and easy to push over
the prince in the eyes of the people: he is not close to women, and he is a wise gentleman who can write and fight. The prince in the eyes of Princess Ning Zhuo: bah
the color makes the dog dizzy! Ning Zhuo: stand up and she will never kill him if anyone tells you! Xue Changyao: daughter in law, I heard you were going to murder your husband?
Bai Sui Shan Bing Hong Cha
I'm not a 3D player
Kobe Bryant: 'sun is one of the best defenders I have ever seen. Under his defense, it is difficult for me to maintain efficiency. I have to admit that he is my Terminator!'
James: 'sun is the perfect teammate in my heart. To be honest, I want to play brother basketball with him.'
curry: 'everyone underestimates sun's talent and thinks that he is just a role player, but I don't think so. His progress rate is incredible, and he is lucky to be a teammate rather than an opponent!'
Don Nelson: 'no coach in the world will refuse a top 3D player like sun. He is a perfect Championship puzzle!'
Sun Yi frowned after watching the comments made by a group of stars and famous coaches on him. He said helplessly, 'do they misunderstand my strength? I'm really not a 3D player!'
this is a hot blooded basketball story from 2009!
Yuan Fei Bu Ke
I heard I was a grave robber
Solemnly declare: this story takes place in parallel time and space, and all the details are fabricated by the author. If there are similarities, bah, there are no similarities
police: come on, look at it. Does this photo look familiar
protagonist: is this an underground cave? Haven't seen it. Is it an animal's hole
policeman: look at this again. Do you know me
protagonist: is this a spider? Sorry, I don't know anything about biology. I really can't see what kind of animal it is
police: I can't see what you are stumbling about? Mei Qian, you are a grave robber who has committed the most heinous crime. Why don't you honestly explain your crime
Mei Qian never dreamed that his own copy and original tomb robbing novels would be touched by ancient tombs in parallel time and space. The key is to wear. He simply can't explain where he was a few years ago. How can this dead end be broken?
Xiao Xiao You Si Zhi Mao
After picking up shayou who ran away from home, he began to regenerate Tokyo
Only when we become stronger can we shut everyone's mouth
[only when you become better can you leave no regrets in your life.]
the youth was born again in Tokyo. My high school life began with finding a JK
this book is also known as 'signing in starts with cohabitation', 'I play games in Tokyo' and 'perfect life from private toyosaki'
care about the people you want to care about and protect the people you want to protect
starting today
'system, I'm not a human!' - By Yosuke Kato
(this book is full of love and daily life, with many female owners and sweet essays.)
Di Li Za Cao
The journey from small volleyball
Rixiangyang, Yingshan Feixiong, NiuDao ruoli, Mutu guangtaro... This is a volleyball youth's same culture.
Sang Xin Li
Quick wear: please pay attention to the owners. I'm going to kill you
[quick wear + cute pet + ease + cure + 1v1]
other people wear what they want to wear, but only she, Xu Qiao, is not a person every time
it was the first time that she dressed as a little rabbit. Fortunately, it was a world of cultivating immortals. She also had a chance to become a human, so she embarked on the journey of becoming a human. By chance, she walked with a big gray wolf
as a result, she was with a big grey wolf
a rabbit and a big grey wolf are together
Xu Qiao: this configuration is quite outrageous
this is the second time I dressed as a white hedgehog. But who would have thought that I was spotted by a natural enemy and taken away just a few days after I came here
as a result, who can tell her why the owl always feeds her mouth to mouth
you can't take care of cubs like this
Xu Qiao: so I am with the natural enemies again
for the third time, I was dressed as a precious spirit grass, and there was a spirit animal who was particularly coveting the spirit grass.
Xu Qiao: OK, I can guess the ending, so I don't need to go on
the fourth time.
the fifth time
every time, Xu Qiao can be targeted by natural enemies. First, she is fed to paralyze her mind, and finally, she is divided into her stomach and dried
Xu Qiao:
that's ridiculous.