Bu Diu
Breeding guide for world of Warcraft
Dean, who has crossed the alien world, believes that as long as he is willing to work hard and with a little help from the system, he will certainly be able to set off a frenzy of breeders in this chaotic world
our slogan is: good birth and good education, bold assumptions! For example, this dog and that monkey, I think their offspring will have great potential
Kong Hen Gui Che
I will be crowned king
The mage calling for the old God and the knight inheriting the blood are looking forward to the glory of yesterday; The noise of the steam engine and the roar of the cannon indicate the direction of the future; Ansen, who is in exile in this world, has embarked on an unimaginable road; In the ashes of the old world... He will be crowned king
book friends: wimpal College (6542005938)
Tian Bian Lao Si
Reward 100 million lives at the beginning
Through the mysterious world, Jiangcheng got 100 million lives at the beginning
as long as you are killed, you can resurrect and gain the random ability to defeat the opponent
from then on, he expected to be killed
'Ding, the host is revived! Get all the strength of the other father!'
a certain Emperor: I'm going to die, but Jiang city is just like this
Ding, the host revives and gains the blessing of ZuLong
some immortal in the upper world: I thought how powerful this Jiang city was. I'm not going to blow it up
Ding, the host is resurrected and the blood of the ancient Demon Lord is infused
a holy lady: is this it
Ding, the host resurrects and gains
brother Cheng: if there is a limit on the number of times of being killed, I hope it is 100 million times!
Xiu Yue Hai Ge
Ice cold martial god: I can absorb the skill of all gods
Yang Feng died and was reborn in parallel time and space. He was involved in five whirlpools. He could absorb the treasures of all gods. He did not need to be selected by the gods. He was the first martial god in the five reincarnations of heaven and earth!
Gui Gu Xian Shi
In my mind, I came to a waste purchase station
Item: eagle spreading its wings! Introduction: This is an abandoned item of the Tang Dynasty. It was made by Tang Yin in his spare time... Integrity: 20% wealth value consumed for repair: 50W
- Chen Muyu, an ordinary rag collector, thought that his life was destined to be ordinary, but unexpectedly, a Wanjie waste collection station came to his mind inexplicably. Since then, the world has become different
Hu Ni San Sheng
Dark knight errant
Zhou an died suddenly while playing Diablo 2. He went through the world of demons and ghosts. With Diablo content and seven professional skills, he became the strongest in the universe step by step.
Qing Fu Ni Yi Xiao
I have a demon refining pot
Heaven and earth are furnaces, yin and yang are carbon! A broken night pot, who would have thought, was the legendary ancient artifact
'demon refining pot'! Just after crossing the alien world, Han Feng, an otaku man, had no choice but to use his hand to make a demon pot and lie drunk on the knee of a beautiful woman to start his lonely new life
Wo Deng Tian Hei
Pawn dance
Some people swagger and cheat, others are mediocre. There are people like cock crowing and dog stealing, and people like ordinary people. Rangers, gamblers, peddlers, lackeys... These unknown people want to turn this chaotic world upside down again
'I can't measure myself. I can't pull a strong bow.'
Yao Yuan De Jiang Nan
In the turbulent times of ten directions, the martial sage of the world!
The court was decadent and the soldiers fought against each other
in the chaotic times of the demon sect, the demon party acts as a traitor, the aristocratic family is respected, and the sect is divided
ambitious people call themselves 'ancestors' in a vain attempt to establish the world again
there are also those who are righteous. They point their swords at the sky and try their best to stir up chaos
martial arts, martial arts and magical powers
in troubled times, heroes are everywhere
in the Jianghu, there are already people who can be called fairies and Buddhas
Chen Xiu came into the world in the dark, holding half of the martial arts scriptures to smooth the chaotic world
'my name is rest. Those who stand in my way will rest!'
Sheng Dou Yan Min
Sign in from the constable
Su Hao passed through and also got a check-in system. As long as he signs in every day, he can get the sign in value and random rewards
at the beginning, Su Hao only wanted to be a low-key signer, handsome and handsome, and a dandy to live in this world. But strength is not allowed
- if the host signs in for the first time, he will be rewarded with a 5-cube system space, a body card for Li xunhuan, and a double sign in card.
San Jiao Jia
Blackstone code
This is a very interesting thing. It is dark, but it can emit golden light, which makes people deeply fascinated
Gu Xin Mo
Humane beheading
Break the shackles, break the sky with a sword, break through the self, and become immortal.


Tan Zi
How sick are my fairies
Gu Chengshu, who has come out of siguoya, sees that everyone wants to kill her and take her treasure. Can others tolerate this
come on, do it! (。? ˇ?ˇ?。) This article is also known as 'subduing demons', killing people to seize treasure, and throwing foreign enemies into demons. It strongly turns a living soul into a blood eater... And it is even more demons!
Wo Shi Xia Hun De
Hey, demon
Heaven and earth have a spirit machine, and everything grows by eating it. All kinds of people can become demons, prolong their lives, and get magical powers, except the human race
the human body lacks the ability to accommodate psychic devices, but the human soul is light and nimble, and is born in a short way. Therefore, those with great wisdom find a new way to cultivate immortals through demons and pick the fruits of immortality.
Huang Shi Weng
Gu Shuo, by chance, looked at the immortal gate and looked at the immortal gate.
Shi San
God's favor is hanging up for me again
This is a very serious Xianxia book, but why do I always want to describe the introduction as: my second son is a giant, and the future must be like that
in a word, you can see that this is not the y of male species. What I said is true.
Lin Xuan Yi Yun
Yang Shixian Road
Four hundred years ahead of time, he passed through the world of Xianlu, a novel of the previous life, and became the protagonist. Grandpa, if you want to eat your grandchildren< br/>
。 Grandson, if you can live to 400 years, let me be too. I'll lay a foundation for you first
the rise of a power can not rely on one person alone, nor can it rely on one generation after another. It is the immortal road of the Yang family that calls the ancestors
(PS: family farming. Development culture, slow heat type, new people seek support!) [unfold] [stow]
Xin Ru Piao Miao
From visualizing the sun, invincible
Demons and demons are strange in troubled times
Li Heng, who came to this world, unexpectedly found that he has the power of visualizing and visualizing things
if you meditate on the sun, you can get the power of the great sun, break away the evil spirits, and make yourself like the great sun, shining all over the sky
by visualizing heaven and earth, you can get the potential of heaven and earth, and be true to the Tao. You can evolve heaven and earth and recreate the universe
demons? Weird? Demon God
with one fist, the infinite martial arts and Taoism will come true, and the evolution of heaven and earth will break everything
foolhardy version: blow your worldview with one punch
brain hole version: How did my martial arts vision come true? Can you resist the power of solar nuclear fusion with one punch
Zhu Zi Mi
A curtain of wind and moon hangs nine times
Some people are dead, but they seem to be alive; Some people are alive, but they seem to have died countless times
true or false, trance
in this life, as a royal family, she would rather die than live, but she is not willing. How can people know what their fate is like unless they live to the last moment
What if she turns over to be the master
life is a lonely practice, and you should immerse yourself in it. Perhaps walking along, you will find another vast expanse of sea and sky ahead. The breeze is blowing, and a faint murmur comes from the palace palace somewhere:
'one mountain, two mountains...'
the chrysanthemums are blooming, the chrysanthemums are residual, and the wild geese have been flying for thousands of years. So far, people have not returned, but there is only a curtain of wind and moon
(overhead, modern, ancient, and immortal cultivation are as complete as ever. With CP, it is not pleasant, not sweet, and not feminine. This article is divided into several parts. The male master only appears in the last part, and there is no sense of existence in the previous text. Be careful!
in addition, all the contents of this article are fictitious, please do not study and imitate too much. Thank you ~)
Duan Qiao Can Xue
The way of cultivating gods is ethereal and mysterious; The purgatory is detached from the world and monitors the country; Martial arts prevails in the world and strives to dominate the world; The demon sect is hidden in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to make trouble
the great calamity is coming, the world is becoming chaotic, and the heroes are rising together
Qin Ziling was reborn in a poor young man in a remote county of the state of Qi, and began to repeat a nightmare
the ugly old man, the dragon head and the strange bird, chase and kill for thousands of miles...
How can a fallen and reborn person protect himself in troubled times
until one day, he saw in his dream that a broken finger with a ring fell on a Taoist temple
view the name of Chixiao!
An Zhi
'Have you ever heard of Cangwu?'
'the end point of all things is the gods. What about the final destination of the gods?'
'I've heard people speak a lot of truth, but in the end I still think I'm the most reasonable.'
Ruo Liu Meng
Hundred turn flying Fairy
Tao can be said, but it is not true. What is an immortal? The immortal road is vast, and it is hard to find the true one. What is the Tao? The sea is boundless and the sky is endless
heaven and earth are inhumane, and all things are ruminant dogs. How many of these creatures can stand on the top of heaven and earth, grasp the fate of life and death, and overlook all living beings?
Hai Yu
Plunder Sendai
A white flower across the three realms
a heart wrenching and bone piercing love for thousands of years
nine missing babies
a powerful demon God hidden deep
it is said that since the beginning of heaven and earth, the flowers on the other side have been cursed Flowers bloom and leaves fall, never meet
by chance, the only flower in heaven and earth was brought into the heaven to achieve immortal body
to repay her kindness, she came to the world and met that person
what is the secret of Sansheng stone
can they resist the curse of fate? [unfold] [stow]
Zha Miao Ai He Cha
Xianyuan sword Road
When the young man left home to seek immortality, he asked,
kill demons and demons with a single sword.
when he entered the world of mortals, he had a clear mind.
he saw all kinds of life.
he looked at everything in the world.
the world is vast.
I have been free with my sword. Br / > I have been wandering for thousands of years.
I am still a young man [unfold] [Close]


An Ping Tai
After the divorce, I began to get lucky
At the age of 30, Chen Feng, who had a terminal illness, had a good fortune after his divorce. I won the lottery, got lucky, and finally got well... What's the matter
CHEN Feng, who is on the emperor's upper body, said he was a little flustered.
Wei Le Ge Xin
The day when I got married to a big star
At this moment, I am the cow dung in the eyes of the public, the pig brother in the eyes of the fans, and the demon king in the eyes of the fat house. People are fighting to be the warriors to fight against the demon king and save the goddess
I can't help it. She asked me to marry her. Should I refuse? How impolite!
Qing Yun Zhi Ge
Dream King
Rebirth, crossing, returning to ancient times, evolution, fame, becoming redundant, becoming immortal... A strange moment has occurred
this is the blue star, the world where dreams are supreme. All dreams are miracles!
Gu Lang Zhi Ge
I'm the best president
Download the client to view the complete work introduction.
Zhi Shan Ye Fu Zi
Falling in love
Ex boyfriends are randomly selected, but love is serious; The current boyfriend is chasing back, but the relationship is illusory; Love is a game that you, me and him chase each other
the ex boyfriend who deeply loves the hostess still grows deeply in love with the hostess because of his obsession with love, even though his life has come to an end. Therefore, he inexplicably sees the real feelings of the hostess through the dream mirror, and can share his soul with the body of the hostess when he sleeps. One body and two souls love a woman at the same time
Song Bu Liu Chun
After breaking up, I became a big star in the entertainment industry
Liu Jianglin has a well-known ex boyfriend, song Shiyu
there is no other reason. The two of them are college classmates and have been in love
both of them have clarified many times that they have broken up completely and have no contact with each other
but they have no way to explain why they are often photographed meeting privately
no reason
after breaking up, he was still single, and so was she
it's just a lonely man and a lonely woman.
Xi Shan Bai Shi
Trafford buyers club
Luo Qiu inadvertently became the owner of a 'Club'. But this club is curious. It not only has a doll maid who has worked for three hundred years, but also sells all kinds of strange things. Luo Qiujian found that in the society in which he lived, there were numerous people driven by desire, and these people would come to him and use all their life, treasures, and even souls to trade and buy things they wanted. And every successful transaction brings luoqiu time to survive. 'The sacrifice is successful, and the life span obtained this time is 99 years.' In this way, rocchiu began his career as the owner of the club, which he did not know the end of. PS: This is a group. Yes, this is the group: 307841437
Bao Ge
Entertainment empire system
Ye Ming, a supporting role who has been in the entertainment industry for ten years, brings the future entertainment empire system back to 1997. In that year, Ye Ming, 22, and Su Youpeng, 23, were full of energy and youthful. Zhao Wei, Lin Xinru, 21, and fan bin, 16, were still childish. Light as chrysanthemum. They gather together under a banner called Qiongyao and quietly bloom their beauty. A king in the entertainment industry started from huanzhuge and embarked on a journey. The reborn Ye Ming uses the super system to build a large entertainment empire. [request for monthly ticket recommendation]
Wei Lan Feng Niao
King of desert island
Gu Xiaole, who was trapped on a desert island in a shipwreck, has only a cute and stupid teammate who can shout '6'. Besides the wild animals in the forest, there are also pirates across the sea
the secret of the island is also coming out
Yi Xi Chu Jian
Reborn investment era
Back in 13 years, we started from the stock market to build a financial empire. Those who have already decayed may be able to reproduce their extraordinary splendor in the future; Those who are favored now may be eclipsed in the future
this is the age of investment and also my age!
Mo Wu
Extreme warning
Mr. Lu Xun once said: the honorary consultant of this small security company does not need to be looked down upon by others and bear humiliation
with his own ability, he can also break through the fog, smooth the thorns and embark on the road to the peak of life. Lu Xun: 'I didn't say that!'
Zhi Da Lei Bu Xia Xue
Escape from famine in space: bring hundreds of billions of materials to support the boss
Jin Qian never thought of it, but inherited a legacy, but inexplicably added a mysterious space
I don't know where the space leads to, the end of the world, crossing, or infinite survival
at the thought of those online novels she saw before, Jin Qian could not sit still any longer. That is to hoard as much as possible. It is best to fill the whole space
when she squandered all her money and prepared to return home, the next door was actually the male god in her mind
just as she was struggling to express her feelings, she even wore it back to ancient times together with the male god after the plane crash
on the dry ground and with her mouth full of sand and stones, she became one of the people who fled from famine. She looked down at her bony body and did not forget to pat her chest
unashamedly comforted the male god in the same situation, 'don't worry, senior, I will support you!'


Zhou Fu
Three Kingdoms: Hanzhong ancestor
In the middle of Gao Taishi, Liu Chan, the empress of the Han Dynasty, was lucky to get Zhuge in danger. He helped the Han Dynasty and thrived the Han Dynasty
there is a saying: when ZHONGZU wields a whip, how majestic is the tiger! The northern expedition to Cao Wei, the southern expedition to Jiangdong, the western region of Xi'an, and the eastern expansion of the three Koreas
The Empress Liu Chan is a great man! Book friends: 740753945
Chen Zheng Dao
At the end of the Sui Dynasty, banners were raised
A nuclear submarine accident led Gao Bufan to the great cause of the Sui Dynasty for seven years. He became the owner of the flying eagle horse farm in Bohai county. He thought he would be a rich second generation of horses all his life. Unexpectedly, under the order of emperor Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty, he sent a million troops to March eastward to Korea. A rich and powerful empire came to an end. Gao Bufan also started his extraordinary life... - in troubled times, I will be extraordinary.
Mo Jie
Wanli Xinming
Is it cool to cross into the emperor? To be honest, I'm not happy at all, because I have more to bear and overcome than the grassroots
it is difficult to paint again on a rotten canvas covered with oil. Zhu Yijun said: if God gives me another chance, I want to work for another 50 years
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Han Tang Feng Yue 1
Rise from 800
Tang Dao, a special soldier, unexpectedly returned to the night before the battle of the Sihang warehouse in the 1937 Songhu battle. Once 800 soldiers fought to the end for the last dignity of Chinese soldiers. What will happen this time because of the addition of Tang Dao
after death, I would like to be a ghost on the battlefield, and I would not be a native before I live! This is the soldier's answer. The great scenery is picturesque, but the place is full of smoke. The soldiers have fought a hundred battles, shed blue blood, and shed tears. The road is full of heroes' graves!
Man Ke 1
Jing'an Hou
It is for the sake of peace and tranquility to calm the world and the people
in Ganquan Academy of Jiangdu Prefecture, student Chen Qing was beaten and killed
Shen Yi, a classmate, was wronged and sentenced to death. He was beaten to death by the Yamen in the county yamen
in the cold prison, young Shen Yi died of injustice, and another strange soul woke up in his body
the two souls merge into one, and become a brand-new Shen Yi
in the county government prison, the brand-new Shen Yi opens his eyes. Before he can start to look at this era, he has to face great troubles
a murder case almost nailed on the board.
Yi Mo Qing Yan
Lianzhi brocade
Fresh clothes, red horses, smiling dimples & mdash& mdash; In the desert of Southern Xinjiang, a beautiful and unparalleled flower blooms. In the bloody battle in the Jianghu, this beautiful flower has been hammered into a horse sect leader who has no righteousness
she wears a red dress, and she comes and goes! She is both a general and a young girl. Although she is determined to kill, she is chivalrous and tender
she promised herself to the caravan as two brothers Insert a knife and die for your bosom friend. But when it comes to feelings, she is calmer and more self-contained than anyone else
his mother's sacrifice to death brought him a stable life for 18 years. He forbear to lie dormant beside his enemies, only to take back everything that belongs to him in the best way of the enemy one day
he is able to write and write in the world, and he is able to mount a horse to settle the world. With the wisdom of Zhuge, the benevolence of Xuande, the talent of Gongjin, the heroes of ancient and modern times are only kings
their acquaintance and love are 'fate' and 'robbery' & mdash& mdash; It is precisely because they all shoulder the mission that they cherish each other and secretly develop feelings. However, the 'body of the horse Gang' and the 'heart of the court' prevent them from getting too close
when the wind blows, they go hand in hand and lay a beautiful landscape. When the wind blows, where should they go? [unfold] [stow]
Si Meng Yu
The Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty
There is no weak man in the Han Dynasty, and civil and military affairs determine the world.
Yi Pian Xue Gao
Lv Bu's life reversal from a sparrow
According to records, at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there were two wars in Yanzhou, both of which ended in Cao Cao's victory. In the first battle of Yanzhou, millions of yellow scarves were subdued
in the second battle of Yanzhou, Lv Bu, marquis Wen, withdrew from Yanzhou. But in the last battle between Cao Cao and Lv Bu
a sparrow flies out of the woods. Will history change because of a sparrow?
He Cheng Feng Yue
There were 200000 troops in front of me, but I did not cherish them. It was not until I lost it that I regretted it
If God gives me another chance, I will... My name is Zuo Menggeng. My father is Zuo Liangyu
to live again, I pledge to turn the wheel of history to the left!
Xi Zao De Tu Zi
Da Jin found a god of war
The king and the horse share the world. Who says that the king's family can't have the world? In the summer of 383 A.D., on the eve of the Feishui war, the graduate student of the history department went through the body of Wang MI in Langya and found a god of war... Liu Yu: the fortune teller said that I was born emperor
Wang Mi: No, you don't. It's all illusions!
Xiao Yu De Ming Yun
Opening ceremony, American tycoon
Is it good to cross South America? Zhu Xianhai's answer is very cool. After all, in the 19th century, South America was still a place where groups of people fought for hegemony, where there were old people everywhere, and the Pampas prairie was still a virgin land... The arrival of a Chinese worker ship made Zhu Xianhai go on a road he had never imagined
'the tycoons of Asia and America, your Chinese master is here...'
Zhong Hua Tian Yuan Niu
Haiwang, Daming town
In the 10th year of Hongzhi, it was a beautiful noon of the Ming Dynasty
at this time, the little ice age has come, and the long cold has ravaged the land, which is also blowing against this dynasty with increasingly serious land annexation
at this time, the Renaissance movement in Europe was like a dazzling light penetrating the darkness of the middle ages
at this time, Russia had just got rid of Mongolia's control for less than 20 years
at this time, it was only seven years since Columbus first arrived in America, and da Gama was forging ahead on the ocean to open up a new route to India
Liu Jin, who likes reading historical novels, has passed through such an era, becoming the sea king of Daming town from a scholar
book friend exchange group: 720342318, book friends with hope can chat together~


Feng Chen
So I went to doulo
'My name is Tang Fei, and I'm in a panic now.
' I was poisoned by a book that I don't know who threw on my bed in my dormitory.
'but I didn't expect that I could catch up with the pace of crossing the army and become one of your predecessors who have passed through or those who have not passed through but will pass through in the future.
'As expected, I didn't violate the piercer's theorem and became a bug. And not surprisingly, I also have a very strong family background.
' my father's name is Tang Hao, and I am the younger brother of Tang San -
' if I'm a younger brother, I'll be a younger brother. At least I'm happy to have several families.
'However, not long after crossing, I found that my crossing was not that simple...'
Tang Hao: 'what are you talking to yourself in words I can't understand?'
Tang Liu: 'no, it's nothing. I never hate you, really!'
Tang San: 'Dad, if you have something to say, put down the hammer first. Don't scare Xiao Liu.'
that's it. The Tang family has one more me, a young man from modern times
regardless of the purpose of the TA or the TA, I went to Douluo.
Qi Ji Xing Mkiii
Immortal soul of steel
Red comet: 'AMRO ray, bullying new recruits is nothing. If you have the ability, come out and face me!'
Lin Youde shook his head and said, 'you are looking for AMRO Lei, who drives the Kodak. What's the relationship with Li Bao, who drives the Kodak?'
the cabin door opens slowly, and the green light shines in the dark
Lin Youde: 'Aslan Sala, free steel bullet, attack!'
the propeller starts to roar. The red Unicorn giant with white tail flame cuts through the black universe...
Keywords: machine warfare, Gunda, super robot war, steel soul
Bi Feng Bi Luo
Online game: I am a professional player
Time and space era, a newly popular game, does not need manual operation and any electronic equipment. It has been loved and loved by billions of players around the world since its birth. Time and space era, through the time and space of thought, all human beings enter the game with thoughts. You will be the next leader
there are many occupations, mysterious changing skills, terrible creatures and huge cities here, just like the second world and the second earth. What are you waiting for here You're taking a risk
he is just an ordinary player, but at the same time, he is a player with all professions in the whole server
he is the big BOS and big bug in the time and space era mobile game, which makes countless players desperate
player 1: 'I report, he hangs up!'
player 2: 'I report why he can have 1000 ability points. It is absolutely open!'
player 3: 'Temo, who can tell me why this whole profession can be used?'
player 4: 'this guy is a monster! He is definitely not human, not human!'
Chen Tian: 'ah! I'm just playing games!'
however, as Chen Tian played games for more and more time, he found that his body had changed. [unfold] [stow]
Shi Zi Jing
Why am I still alive?
Reiki revives and gods come
all life suffers from constant disasters
it's none of my business. I'm just a terminally ill patient who has been declared dead and given up treatment
it's not for the sake of protecting the family and the country to take the disabled body on the road of exorcising demons and killing immortals. It's just because the risk salary is too attractive, especially the pension.
'this evil skill is cursed by heaven. Even if the early stage goes smoothly, the final practitioner will surely die.'
'give me a dozen.'
'this magic sword has devoured the Lord, and has eaten 99 lives.'
'give me two, and the man eating magic helmet and soul eating blood claw. Give me a whole set.'
'this medicine hurts Tianhe.'
'don't talk about it. Give me a round!'
but the question is, why do I dare to take any high-risk task, step on all thunder, and do all death, but still live alive
[congratulations, Congratulations, being awarded the top ten heroes in the world.]
'. God, it's not that the average survival time of this trade is three and a half years, three years after three years. It's almost S-level Hunter, and the top ten heroes are still alive. I just want to make an honor sacrifice and cheat some pension. Is it so difficult?!
Xian Zhou
The body picker in Conan Lane
'False Moriarty's distillery career', 'how to properly rub the halo of death'
Jiang Xia took a sip of fake cigarette and spit out the smoke ring sadly:
'I just want to rub some cases and collect corpses, but I didn't expect to rub myself into a 'criminal planner' in the eyes of the villains.'
'what? Why didn't the protagonist catch me?'
'... Maybe it's because in their eyes, I am a contemporary high school student Sherlock Holmes.'
interview with the protagonist:
Q1: what is your secret to becoming the 'ace shark' of the black suit organization
Jiang Xia: 'take Conan to the target's home for a walk.'< br/>
Q2: Why are there always dead people around you
Jiang Xia raised his trumpet: 'reclaim scrapped talents at a high price, five insurances and one gold, including food and shelter.'
interview with detectives in the world of Kexue:
Q1: how to view Jiang Xia
Detectives: 'I don't have any shortcomings except that I'm too quick to solve cases.'< br/>
Q2: as a detective of high school students, why don't you join Jiang Xia to fight against the black clothes organization
detectives (waving hands hurriedly): 'no, I can't tell him that the darkness of the world is too heavy for him.'
[starting point Chinese website, famous detective Conan is the same person] there is a case in Jintian
Fang Mu Ren De Chen Yu
This Sea Lord is a little strong
It is also known as 'my subordinates are not running to Ba, they are running to Ba', also known as 'my sirens are so lovely', and also known as 'I am the man who wants to be the thief king of Shanghai'
people swarmed into the holographic virtual Lord game Lord of glory, but found that they could not be offline
all players become lords and fight for survival and honor
Ji Chen found that he had loaded the science and technology tree of the arms, which could strengthen the skills of the arms and even upgrade the level
Dragon blood fish man, tidal Naga, dead squid, pure blood sea elves, deep sea goblins, Canglong knight, death god Leviathan, North sea monster and other powerful arms came one after another
from then on, a Sea Lord who made all lords and aborigines feel frightened was born
in the boundless ocean, an ocean island has become a bright pearl in the ocean
players: this Sea Lord is a bit strong!
Qing Yue Wei Guo Gang
Some unknown tiwat sword God
Through the original god world, he became the awakened demon God of the sword. Who will be a God? This is the story of a guy who used to be a sword God and stirred up the hearts of girls everywhere.
Fei Fei Fei Fei Shu
The shield of online games
Why are the spirits of the ancient battlefield crying, why are the demon clans in the deep wilderness ready to move, how many civilizations have been buried in the wild desert, why did the orc empire in the Far West invade, why did the earth spirits remain neutral, and what darkness is buried in the underground world
the twelve sages of the human race, the fairy queen and all royal families died in battle 30 years ago. Who will fight against eternity
all secrets are on the other side of the mountain
Fei Xiang Gu La Duo
The sand storm field of elves
This book is small, with 6 permissions to modify features, and the protagonist comes with sand control. The sandstorm is flying all over the sky, and the terrible monster roars. The king of leave (Hercules, eight pack abs) hides in the sandstorm and gives you a punch. You are afraid. The introduction is weak. Please see the text. I want to write a different sandstorm
this book is realistic and dark. Don't click it if you don't like it. Established group: 141848061, welcome to join the group to urge the change.
Bao Zi De Quan Quan
Through the dark road
I'm NIMA. Just play a nostalgic game to pass the time, so you've brought me to this place
I'm still wearing slippers. There are monsters here! It doesn't look like you can die with slippers, okay< br/>
? Eh? Lost equipment!? Pick it up. Pick it up. No matter where it fell out.
Xiang Chi Da Yu De Mao
Allad's perverse Savior
Also known as [teach Celia to cheat money], [ardent citizen of Hutton Mar], [I have seen through you, second sister!], Do you think it's OK to follow history
[save face for the villains!]
the ambitious second apostle, known as the second sister, Hurd, in order to rebuild Tara, he transferred the apostles and wanted to destroy them with the help of the adventurer [tool man]
the Dragon riot, the dark Jihad, the fire of Glen, and everything behind them, all hide the shadow of the crying eye Hurd, a huge conspiracy that slowly rotates in the name of 'destiny'...
the night forest that has passed through has obtained the 'seal of heaven' written by the great magician [Mar] who opened up the Arad continent, I have an idea to make trouble in my heart...
send rotus back to the water planet
help Luke locate hebolun
vaccinate dirigig
Load Antun with a giant nuclear reactor
drag hillock out to sunbathe
retrieve the bird's eggs for prey
help Forrest Gump find his wife
transform the demon world
help Ezra catch the traitors
let Kelly go!The! (guess...)
the list of key assassins [clente, little iron pillar, red tail Jonathan]
hint: please put coins (refer to collection and recommended tickets) on the train.
PS: the official eats books seriously, and this book will not and cannot be completely according to the official
ALAD is still the same, the young girl is waiting silently, and the brave man like the wind has wandered everywhere.
Tan Suan Yu Lei
Road survival, I have a prompt system
When he woke up with a hangover, Zhang Tuohai found that the world had entered a game called 'road survival'
a person, a car, looking for supplies on the road with no end in sight and struggling to survive
here, there are many dangers, and many people died because of looking for supplies
Zhang Tuohai found himself awakened to the prompt system
[there are resources in the material box on the left. Don't move the one on the right. There are crocodiles in it.]
[turn right ahead and the road will collapse on the left.]
[when parking, there is a level 4 material box hanging on the treetop at the roadside, which contains the transformation map of RV.]
when everyone is still struggling to survive, Zhang Tuohai can drive a RV to eat hot pot.


Mo Dai Xuan Fu Shi
Practitioners of the heavens: start with the watchdog
Xie Yuan, who is still at the bottom of the world of quality effect, was saved by a system called 'adventure' when a pirate invaded and was about to die. In order to save his life, he had to work as a mercenary in various game worlds to seize the air or important objects for the system. For this reason, he browsed the CTOs system of

Nova 6 of call of Duty 5 and call of Duty 7,
the multi-functional parasite of alloy equipment: phantom pain
the T virus, G virus, V virus, sunflower primordial virus of biochemical crisis 0, biochemical crisis 1, biochemical crisis 3

the alien spacecraft of radiation: 3 / New Vegas / 4, the Great Rift Valley weapons and bionic human technology
the cyberspace of cyberpunk 207
but Xie Yuan also has his ambition. He wants to climb to a higher level of life through this system. Although it is also being used by the system, he thinks that the person who laughs the last is the happiest. Until he finds out the secret of the truth is actually in the Andromeda universe.
An Ye Ling Feng
On the formation of quick wearing position
Luhua is a nebula in the void. One day, a system broke in
system (sad and helpless): please be a person
Li Hua (calm and sincere): I want to be a person
system failure
Lihua pick up dead system opens the door to a new world
the first World: don't be the sister flower of the movie queen
the movie queen growth system invites you to go online to dominate the entertainment industry -
Li Hua: I love science, science makes me evolve
(there is no CP in this article)
Sha Zhi Yu Zhe
Legend of ghost guards
Fantasy, fantasy, martial arts, immortals, urban workplace, history, games, sports, science fiction, and supernatural. The footprints and Adventures of ghost guards will remain in every corner of these worlds! A sub volume is a new legend! I'm sorry, this book is not a supernatural minority article... It's an encyclopedia in the online world! If you collect this book, you will see the contents of all classified novels, which will be fully displayed in one book. Please wait and see* This book interactive sand nest button: [4708 4243 (4-7-0-8-4-2-2-4-3)]! Thanks for the support of the book review team
Qing Qing Yi
Weird Bureau
After being chased and killed by Sun Wukong at the beginning, Zhou Zhenghao, a novel writer who eats and waits for death, went through a weird world. Everything is weird. Hanging people upside down, weird nuns, dead circulation stairs, human centipedes, beautiful hands... This world has Steampunk, mechanical prosthetic limbs, pulse guns, wrist brains, and so on & mdash& mdash; Weird Bureau of investigation.
Chen Hao
Global doomsday: unlimited upgrade of shelter
The world is changing, the natural disaster is coming, and the whole people are going through the doomsday game
there are horrible animals, wild swamps, strange relics, and crises everywhere
human beings can only rely on shelters to survive and accept the baptism of natural disasters again and again
fortunately, Lu Yan has awakened the doomsday survival system. He can decompose and create survival necessities and upgrade the shelter infinitely
[steel] + [wood] synthetic [steel axe]
[quartz sand] + [soda ash] + [resin] synthetic [bulletproof glass]
[alloy] + [micro energy] + [mutant animal brain] synthesis [animal Guard]
when all people are still struggling for survival, Lu Yan has walked across the wilderness with a super age God costume
'the shelter of the road God is the safest place in the waste land!'
'the wall there is as thick as 100 meters, and the resources there are inexhaustible! It is the only paradise in the doomsday wilderness!'
'in my lifetime, I want to enter the shelter of the God of the road, even if I just have a look!'
Bu Meng Zhe
Unusual collector
Li Fan, who wants to resign on the first day of work, suddenly finds himself the No. 2 villain in the world
'can I just eat and wait until I retire?'
'Dear collector, brothers all support you as president. Are we against it?'
Yao Yue Qi Shao
Death black line
The recommended new book 'the scourge of gods' is the instability of heaven and earth, the chaos of order, the collapse of heaven and technology, the rise of science and technology, the ships to cross the world, and the war of human rise begins from the underworld
I am an ordinary orphan among the ten billion people, but I also have a heart to save my people. The future can be expected. It is worth it in the world, and you are worth it.
Wo Hui Xiu Kong Tiao
My healing game
Comrade police, if I say this is a leisure healing game, do you believe it?
Jiu Bei Zhong De Pang Zi
Attribute point philanthropist
'In front of you is my Lord, the great philanthropist, the walking compassion, the Redeemer of the God of War (female), the monster hunter, the ruler of the dark land, the guardian of the cross plane civilization, the surface representative of the flying noodle God cult, Wang Qixia.' Turning the world upside down, the great philanthropist who sends positive energy everywhere has become a great devil
then let the great devil, with the glory of the noodle monster, sow the seeds of materialism under the eyes of God
... The early stage is the doomsday survival in the modern background, which has nothing to do with the introduction of a dime.
Yong Cheng Meng Ba
Guardian's star storm
I come from the earth and am a guardian. I ask Ye Yun to pick up a piece of debris. I set out from the earth cemetery to the sea of stars. My ancestors are waiting for me in the central battlefield of the universe. The first universe also has my enemies! Gather my friends, no race, no planet, no world can stop our progress! We have dreams and are fearless. We are the terminator of the whole universe and the pioneer of this universe. Faith is immortal, and the war is endless!
Jin Pu Xi
Ghost Valley Science Fiction
Ghost Valley people, non ghost Valley people. It is really a synonym for Silicon Valley people and people engaged in science and technology. In the history of mankind, whether mankind has made science and technology or science and technology has made mankind, let us slowly understand.
Xun Xiang Ru Feng
The villains also have spring 2
serious introduction:
: 0326, remember to reorganize your forces as soon as you return to the shelter. In case of being attacked by big players, there is no place to die
: why target me
: because you destroyed the shelter nine times. He is universally acknowledged as the greatest villain. No one
: therefore, I want to create a civilization first
: No, to be exact, you have to give birth to a race first
: am I alone
: who else
a brief introduction: as a higher civilization capable of parthenogenetic reproduction, it is enough for me to have a male master
Introduction to adults: welcome to the world of incense like the wind
the soul alchemist of online games, the supreme mercenary, the hero and the invincible Supreme Lord, the legend of the magic card, the magic gun and the dragon, the blood man, the Fantian, the villain also has spring, and Liu Bei's daily life, featured and comprehensive, 4K ultra-high definition, anti blue light eye protection, and ultra long release
[virtual online game], [interstellar civilization], [sword and Magic], [epic fantasy], [game alien world], [alien land], [time travel], [Qin and Han Three Kingdoms], limited commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the practice, especially open< br/>


Xu Wei Ju Quan
Doomsday paradise
'I think... My boyfriend seems to want to kill me.' Lin San murmured. Thinking of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help shivering. The doomsday hell opened by the people around her is roaring toward her The second world has a strong flavor plot. If you don't like it, please take a detour.
Jian Xie Xing Zha Shi
Global collapse
'Once I was abandoned at the gate of the starting orphanage, and then the orphanage went bankrupt.' 'once I went to a kindergarten, and then the kindergarten closed down.' 'once I was adopted by a couple, and they died in a car accident the second week after the adoption procedures were completed.' 'in the past 20 years, I have experienced train derailment, 28 cars chasing after each other, natural gas leakage, gas explosion... But I am still alive.' 'Life tries its best to kill me, but I still stubbornly survive.' however, I never thought that life would do this again in order to kill me. '[welcome to the global evolution game, which is initiated by the earth and played by all mankind]
Chun Jin Zi Dan Tou
The strongest shuttle system
When he wakes up, Lin Fan crosses the world of Luding Ji and gets the ten thousand boundary shuttle system, starting his journey to becoming a God
Xiao Bai Cong Xin
Opening: Heihua Jiang Yuyan
Jiang Yuyan, who is not blackened, is still my favorite Jiang Yuyan
Hei Yan Xiao Yao De Xiao Yao
Dead operation
After the head teacher left a strange assignment, the next day came the news of her death. On this day, we recalled the fear of being dominated by the assignment. Two shifts a day, we rewarded the jade pendant and one shift.
Hong Fei Qing Shu Ke
Wudang tunnel sweeper awakens full level understanding at the beginning
Lu Heng passed through the world of martial arts and was sent to Wudang school by his family to become a servant Taoist boy. He thought he was busy all his life, but he woke up to the full level understanding system
as long as you study hard, observe, listen to the preaching, practice martial arts, and compete with each other, you can get gains
[carefully listen to the master's preaching, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete beginner's mental skill]
[carefully listen to the boxing taught by Mo Shenggu, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang fist skill]
[carefully read the Taoist secret book, stimulate the full level understanding, and understand the complete the Nine Yin Manual]
[carefully observe and emulate the martial arts sword skill, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang sword skill]
[carefully watch Wudang's martial arts performance, trigger the full level's understanding, and understand the perfection of pure Yang and boundlessness]
[carefully learn martial arts with fellow disciples, trigger the full level's understanding and understanding.]
several years later, Zhang Cuishan returned to Wudang from abroad to start the Dragon killing drama. Lu Heng has entered the martial arts field and emerged as a talent
the fist shakes the Jianghu, the sword kills Yuan Meng, the chivalry upholds justice, and is free and happy until the martial arts break the void. Relying on heaven is just the beginning. There are other worlds.
Hui Se Mo Shi Lu
Black magic envoy
There is a definite number between luck and misfortune. Lucky or unlucky, since I have come to this world, how can I look good? What a world it is!
Ming Yao Qian Kun
Hardship: Jingxuan in Buddha's prison
Q: 'what should I do when I cross the huozhai Buddha prison where the hell started?' Answer: 'if you can run, you can run. Stretch your head with a knife, and shrink your head with another knife. It is inevitable to destroy the four trees...' Jing Xuan thought for a while, and finally made up his mind. He hurried to the plight, but never thought that he would come face to face with a six winged God of destruction, spreading his hands...
'the world is filthy again!'
'farewell!' When Jing Xuan saw it, he turned around and ran away without stopping at all.
Mo Xiao Mao
Douluo: dressed as Tang San's sister and Xiao Yan He
The Xianyu female college student of the modern guwu aristocratic family brings the useless skills of cultivating immortals
unexpectedly, it was Tang Ning, Tang San's sister, who entered the world of the popular novel Douluo mainland
from the beginning, the identity of the male leader and the female sister determined her group pet route
however, Tang Ning never dreamed that she would meet Xiao Yan, the emperor of Yan, who is the male master of the universe
the most important thing is that she is just holding another golden thigh
How can you be taken away as your daughter-in-law? Sure enough, someone is cutting black. Hello
Shrek and the others were speechless: when people go to school, you scatter dog food, or both brother and sister scatter dog food! Human affairs
in the whole continent, Tang Ning is the most invincible person. She is the sister of Tang San, the sea god, and is extremely noble
I'm also super strong. I'm the standard match for a stable girl of good luck. What if Tang San and I can't beat each other
look at her killer skill: husband summoning! Come out! Yan Emperor Xiao Yan
Tang Ning: Thank you for your invitation. I'm Tang Ning. I bring my immortal cultivation skill plug-in. My omnipotent full-level husband Yandi, the sea god Shura, is there any last words for those who dare to provoke me
note: Tang Sanmei is in charge of the pet sister. The main CP Tang Ning and the Yan Emperor Xiao Yan, the three dances and other officials are not removed, and the Shrek seven monsters are not black. The female leader is the pet of the whole group and the winner of the force value explosion life.
depending on the situation, there will be their own original plot. We will forgive you for any changes.
Mao Ling
Limited monthly reading of two or three events
I want to save the world I live in
World: No, thanks. I'll do it myself
☆ female frequency, female owner. The content tends to be & # 39 of 'contact me - my previous work'&# 39;&# 39; Personal ideal & # 39&# 39;&# 39; & # 39 in; Limited monthly reading & # 39;, Non TV Limited monthly reading direction
a small part of the drama is to promote the development of the plot, and most of it is daily. ☆
- you're welcome! Let me do it! (clapping shoulder)
World:... I think I can still work hard...
'this will become a beautiful world as I think.'
- planting flowers, playing mobile phones and computers, eating home cooked food. How nice these days are
our salted fish protagonist said lazily in the sun
- isn't limited monthly reading an ideal world like unlimited monthly reading
all the painful things have passed in the first place. In the future, just like this, it's good to go down with salted fish.
Zhen Yue Yu Xin
Network new Liaozhai
Zhu Yan is an ordinary office worker and also an online writer. Her life is plain and full. However, her grandmother's deathbed words revealed a secret that had been buried for 24 years - a shocking blood case killed Zhu Yan's parents. Zhu Yan, who was still in her infancy at that time, was the only living witness at the scene of the murder, and the murderer has not been caught. Since then, Zhu Yan has embarked on the road of chasing evil... A different story, a different experience, and a rescue. What he wants is a heartbeat, and what he plays is excitement. This is the feeling that network writers need, and it also makes the life of Zhu Yan, who has a little special ability - especially sensitive to death, more wonderful.
Mo Tun Ye Lang Dian
When people are in distress, they lose touch with each other
Emperor Moxi: you killed me and sat down with your beloved generals. You took your life.
'immovable Ming King array'
fortune teller: 'someone offered ten thousand taels of gold to buy your head. You took your life'
'four eyed boy, climb for me'
'dark day wave eyes'
legalist: 'Dad borrowed the sword'
'borrow NIMA! Shura evil light chop!'
based on the void, the Yi Li Sheng, who is leaping with thunder and lightning, closes his eyes and looks down at the eight small insects below
'when the God shines the blood strip, the God will kill you'

'the eyes are open'
'the magic formula of fluctuation: ten thousand sky!'


Qing Qian
After being robbed of everything, she returned to the gods
[sports competition, holographic games, micro Magic]
after Si Fuqing blew herself up, she was not only robbed of her luck, but also let her out of the entertainment circle
once again, she just wants to lie in a salted fish. Who knows that there are always people in the entertainment circle who don't have long eyes, who are ignorant and unskilled, and tianla tramples on her heat. How can she be saved? I have to clean up anyway
Sifu pinched his wrist and moved
later -
the top stream of discord with Sifu was revealed: I can stand here today thanks to sister Qing
veteran movie star: Mr. Si's acting skills are excellent, and I feel inferior
black powder: Qiqiu business QAQ
Organizing Committee of the international games: congratulations to Si Fuqing for winning the 13th gold medal, and wait for a withdrawal
whole network:
according to historical records, Yin emperor became famous when he was young, and he was decisive in killing
he was perfect and strong, with the world in mind, but died of illness at the age of 27. His life was short. He had no wife, no concubine, no children and no grandchildren. He was the white moon male god of countless people
no one knows. He opened his eyes again and came 150 years later
this time, he saw the prosperous summer he had dreamed of
not long after the identity of Yin emperor was exposed, Si Fuqing learned that the idol was beside her. When she read about the deeds in the history books, she admired her immensely and just wanted to -
Si Fuqing: work hard
Yin Huang: promise each other with his own life
Si Fuqing:
I want to win glory for my country, but you want me
troublesome idols should be far away from the life of fans:)
omnipotent goddess × Kill the noble emperors
from the whole network to the national treasure, and meet the male god 1v1
Yu Xiao Sheng
When the wind blows
[2019 yunqi Chinese Literature Competition] entries] a cup of blood, a book, two world feelings
since she has come back, she can't sit back and wait for her death, block him, lead him to become an immortal, and then break the relationship. However, it seems to be just her fantasy.
Ling Xiao Ge
Ma'am, her vest is a sensation in the city again
Qiao Nian has lived in the Qiao family for 18 years. His parents came to him. For a while, all the rich families around the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter
she is a versatile, gentle and kind girl
a false daughter can accomplish nothing without learning
everyone wants to see how miserable it is for her to go back to the mountain valley after being driven out of the rich family
Qiao Nian also thinks that his own parents are poor teachers from Luohe county
who knows my brother's car is Phaeton, and the naked car is 300000
the place where my father teaches is Qingda, and the teacher is also called Professor
the top leaders of the slag family knelt and licked and bowed to her master...
Qiao Nian:
ENM... It's different from what we said
out of a group of dregs, Qiao nianshe became herself
top student in college entrance examination, live broadcast tycoon, inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage... One vest is lost, and one is searched around the city. The parents of slag men and slag women are all green
black fans are mocking: what's the use of selling people? It's not that they stick to my brother
Qiao Nian: sorry, I have a date
brother Ding Liu: @ Qiao Nian, let me introduce you. This is my sister
rich man: Nan, I'll buy you a bike for whatever you want
the powerful and influential people in Beijing are all saying that Mr. Wang has a wife hidden in the golden house. No matter how others make fun of him, he never takes her out to see anyone. Don't ask, ask is the sentence: 'my wife is from the countryside, afraid of strangers.'
until one day, someone saw that the arrogant man, who had always been noble and cold, pinched a girl's waist and blocked her in the corner of the wall. His eyes were red and he murmured: 'when will you give me a title, Bao?'
[fake daughter is a real rich family] + [double tycoons]
Zi Su Yi Ye
After wearing the book, he became the vicious stepmother of seven villains
Wang Xiaoxia woke up and picked up a white fat son. After her brain was soaked with memories that did not belong to her, she found that she was actually wearing a book
I think she's a poison doctor, the second most famous killer in the world. She even wears a novel called the Regent's new favorite, and becomes a top-level female cannon fodder, a vicious stepmother with ugly appearance
the evil stepmother is still a widow. Six villains' oil bottles will be given to her. Drag oil A bottle calculated that she wanted to drive her away, and united the people in the village to trip her up
if she comes, she'll take it easy. In order to live more episodes in the book, she can't kill these little rabbits. It's really heartbreaking...
'stepmother, are you ashamed? Dare to steal a man behind my father's back!'
'stepmother, if you hand over the money, we will let you go!'
'stepmother, you'll never let our father go of you.'
this is an inch's worth. As a stepmother, she must have the dignity of a stepmother, and can only wait on her with a stick. [unfold] [stow]
Ren Jiu Tian
The peerless medical emperor Xiao CE
He is a peerless general standing under the gate of the country, a doctor who makes the world tremble, and a legendary doctor
Gao Ren Xian Sen
Airborne hot search! The Jiao of Pei's family is a demon concubine
Su Ji, the most famous figure in the history books and a generation of demon concubines, has passed through
as soon as she opened her eyes, she became the daughter of the Su family - a poor girl with a beautiful face and who bullies anyone
it is also a little transparent girl group with numerous black materials and pasted to the 18th line
isn't this... Full level players returning to the novice village
the evil concubine in the eyes of the world: beauty brings disaster to the country and the people
but I don't know the real demon concubine - skillful, Decathlon and few cruel words
on the stage of the public performance, a startling dance overturns the wind
the calligraphy conference, the long lost Huajin style, amazed the world
in the museum, more than 10000 cultural relics unearthed from the tomb of the demon concubine shocked the whole country
in the live broadcast room, the same Hongyu ointment Xiji pill of gongdou opera rejuvenated overnight
there is a fashionable old man in the super rich Pei family who loves to follow stars. He vowed to make Su Ji his granddaughter-in-law
the world knows that third master Pei is rich, but he is not interested in women
black fans look forward to her marrying into the widows to see a good play
at the Grand Slam awards ceremony, Su Ji felt sick
fans thought that she was ill. Only the third master Pei, who had chased her for two generations, was distressed: how can you react so much when you have two children
it is said that the demon concubine brings disaster to the country and the people. Only he knows that she attracts talents from all over the world and knows how to handle people well, laying a foundation for future peace
in a previous life, he was a loyal dog who loved her but could not show up. After her death, he personally made a pure gold coffin for her and left with her with regret
in this life, I will never let her go again...
[1v1 Shuangjie, sweet spoil and dregs, all powerful demon concubines conquer the world]
Yi Jian Wo Zhen
Crossing the stars: wife and husband
In order to avoid intrigue and infighting, Luo Bi hides her awakening power when she travels to the future star, where martial arts are respected. Who knows that some people don't have long eyes and have to look for trouble. My cousin first robbed her fiance and then wanted to rob her things. Luo Bi ran to the test in a rage, and the result was startling·
Yue Liang Miao
The full grade was used as the control group
Su Yueling, a man level craftsman, dressed up as the control group of ancient breeding and farming texts. The original owner abused his sister-in-law, framed his brother-in-law, and put a green cap on his husband, which made everyone angry. In contrast to her cousin Su Yuewei, who is kind-hearted and hard-working, she finally betrayed her family and ended up in a miserable situation
after wearing it, the system says: 'you must be more virtuous and kind than Su Yuewei. Only by comparing her can you change the fate of your vicious female partner.'
Su Yueling shields the system. It is impossible to make it as a masterpiece. She doesn't wear silk and satin, she doesn't eat delicacies, and she has to be carried when she walks
the whole village was waiting for Su Yueling to be dismissed. As a result, Su Yueling's sister-in-law opened a chain cloth shop for her because her sister-in-law's skin was delicate and could not stand the rough cloth
uncle Su Yueling became a young general who broke new ground because his sister-in-law disliked the ugly shape of the national map and hurt her eyes
and Su Yueling's sick husband finally ruled the world for her, and his wife was so delicate and charming that she could not stand kowtowing and kneeling
he works hard and carelessly makes himself a winner in life
Su Yueling turned to her husband yuan Suijun and asked, 'dear, am I the most virtuous wife and mother?'
yuan Suijun, who is more than ten thousand people, will sue his wife to press down the fold that Princess Zhen threw into the pool in the winter, and categorically say: 'yes.'
Su Yueling: Look! Mission accomplished
System: This is OK!?
Wo Shi Ni Men Da Shen
Solitary purple cold
Thirty years of rich family life has become a necessity. The inevitable end, but unexpected rebirth. How should Zihan live in the reborn world? With her cold personality, will she change with the passage of time in the endless years? Is this rebirth arranged by heaven or a coincidence? We will wait and see. In the world of cultivating immortals, the strong are like clouds. How should purple cold stand? Originally, there was a strong background, but it disappeared overnight. The sad Zihan had to rely on his own talent to be proud of the heroes step by step! On the way to Xiuxian, she met all kinds of beautiful men and women. How should Zihan refuse? Zihan said in silence: 'benefactor, please respect yourself!'! The second is shuangwen. PS: This article probably has no male owner
Sui Yu Er An
Relegate Fang
Yan Huang was born again at the age of five after two fires. He was optimistic and not afraid of hardship. When he met Pei Yanfang, who was also a geologist, he fled to heaven. He thought that his life would be hung up from then on. In the seemingly peaceful atmosphere, he didn't realize that the danger was getting closer, and there were several crises and life and death confrontations
Chengyun was tied up by the aristocratic family marriage when he was young. He thought that the marriage would be over because his in laws had no children for three generations. His brother-in-law unexpectedly picked up a baby and raised it on the mountain. It's not too bad
it's better to go and see! Yan Peng: women have no confidence. They will suffer in the future! Cheng Yun: you don't look like a kid. A wolf in sheep's clothing?
Hao Xu
Han 3000 Su Yingxia full text free reading
After three years, everyone thought they could ride on my head. And I, just waiting for her to take my hand, can give her the whole world
the new book has two shifts a day and three shifts after it is put on the shelf. If you like it, please support it. Thank you for your collection.
Qiao Bian Shao Yao
I became my cousin's white moonlight
Song yunpan had a nightmare. In her dream, although she married her second cousin as she wished, she ended up jumping from zhuiyun Pavilion. When she woke up, she decided: even if all the men in the world died, she would not play with her cousins anymore
Mrs. Su: I think the Juzi instrument hall named Gao Bin is also suitable for your cousin...
Su Heng: his family has been handed down for three generations, and he is eager to spread branches and leaves. He hopes that his cousin is thin...
Mrs. Su: what about the one surnamed Ji? It looks very steady
Su Heng: his father died early, and he was raised by his mother and elder sister. His elder sister still hasn't talked about marriage for him, and it's said that she is a bit eccentric...
Mrs. Su: what about Jiang Yi? Also from a scholar family...
Su Heng: it's said that their family has big rules, and women's family members are not allowed to eat
old lady Su is angry: This is not good, that is not good. Why don't you say it's ok
Su Heng looked pious: grandmother, do you think I'm ok?


Ni Shi Wo De Nü Zhu Jue
I'm a feng shui master
Download the client to view the complete work introduction.
Ai Da De Hu Sha
The man of the peninsula
Are you righteous? no Do you often help people? either. Then why did you bring a Xia character? You think I want to
it's not called by others Special Xia is also Xia!
Shuai Bi Jing Mo
Yin Yang point dresser
A family change changed the world outlook, and I became a makeup maker
since then, the man-made evil spirit Bian has surrounded me. What is the truth and what is the truth? I can't see clearly through a layer of fog
the makeup maker...
ordered It is the tomb of Yuyin Youqing in the family of Jishan
makeup is the face of human nature waiting for reincarnation
the word 'craftsman' has a profound meaning. It can be said that it is a craftsman and a master of yin and Yang. The more important responsibility is to repair the black holes of people's hearts that are corrupted by greed, hatred and arrogance
seeing through all the falsehoods, my life is determined by me. Since I have this chance, I promise that the pavilion at the gate of making up will be Yongwang...
no matter what the test is behind, I'll ask them to come for fun. The old saying goes, 'the dead bird faces the sky, the main road is once, and the ghosts walk on both sides.'
I wish all of you a happy opening of the coffin. Congratulations on making a fortune [unfold] [Close]
Xia Chong Hua Xue
The beginning of the heavens: my son Ye Fan has the posture of an Immortal Emperor
My name is Ye Chen. I'm from the imperial capital. I have four out of 50 this year. In fact, I have another identity, that is, the piercer
on this day, ye Chen, who was drinking afternoon tea, had a strange mechanical sound in his mind
'Kanlong's death direction, shaking dragon's death direction, leaving dragon's death direction, exchanging dragon's death direction, creating magic cube, nine palaces and eight trigrams.'
'it has been detected that the host's son Ye Fan is a man of destiny and is bound by cause and effect.'
it turns out that ye Chen is also a systematic passer-by, but why are you late for the system
the world is mainly composed of 'covering the sky', 'perfect world', 'holy ruins' and 'mang Huang Ji'. Among them, there are copies of the world, such as 'the only respect of Jiandao', 'Zhuxian', 'the legend of mortals cultivating immortals', 'Cangyuan map', 'divine tomb', 'the respect of one life', 'eternal life', 'star changes' and 'devouring the starry sky'
group number: [606037106]. I have finished the novels 'the soul of the perfect world' and 'the land master of the West journey'
group number: 606037106.
Kai Xin De Wa Zi
I really don't want to be red
['brain opening' essay contest] entries]
'Enron, your' I believe 'is popular!'
Enron: 'well, I expected it.'
'however, you and the song are hot!'
Enron: '
'Enron, the box office of crazy stone is 1 billion!'
Enron: 'I feel a little less.'
'you, the producer, are also popular with the film!'
Enron: '...
I was reborn and returned to the day before the disintegration of Chuangyi entertainment
gold medal production
Xiang Su Ji Kuai
Genius, miracle doctors and mixed cities
'Isn't it one-on-one to marry a man? How can we have three marriages at a time!' Yang Tian, who had been laid out by his master, went down the mountain with three marriage certificates for his beloved steamed bread, and began a carefree urban life. His medical skills are amazing, and the flesh and bones of the living dead are white. His force is terrifying, and he kills people invisibly. Hang and hit Gao Fu Shuai, feet
Pang Zi Ai Chi Dun Dou Jiao
Xiangsheng, your son
The Dragon suit of the previous life has passed through the parallel world, and from then on, it has relied on the golden finger to reach the peak of performance
for entertainment novels, this story is very common, but for crossing the crowd, it is a successful standard. It is very happy to be a big star for a lifetime
but he thought that all kinds of possibilities might be bumpy, or the golden finger might not work. You may have experienced intrigues, but you never thought that...
your welfare of crossing the golden fingers is not useful at all
my father in this life is biased against the entertainment industry, and he is not allowed to be a star
the father of this life is the gold owner and has the ability to prevent him from becoming a star
he tried all kinds of methods to no avail, but because his father loved to listen to crosstalk, he wanted to talk about crosstalk
he has been humiliated by the crowd. He can't even make a home, let alone reach the peak of his acting
when he was ready to talk about cross talk all his life
times have changed
his father couldn't think of it. Today's crosstalk actors can not only shoot films and variety shows, but also sing songs as idols
looking at his father's smothered smile, Han Shao smiled like a chicken thief
the era of crosstalk has begun!
Xiao Xiao Yu
The descendants of tiexian are in the city
Xiaoyu occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, and Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name
Ye Yu Wen Ling 0
The supreme realm of breaking through the sky
You often say that revenge is my mission, but you don't know that protecting you is the fateful hierarchy of my life: fighting the emperor, fighting the immortals, fighting the gods, and the immortality of the emperor. About update: vote for my new book, the demon world is vertical and horizontal, a monthly ticket, and fight two shifts! Reward accumulated 10 yuan! One shift! Do what you say~
Xiao Luo Ge
Destiny weaver of online games
The world's first holographic online game 'Tianheng story' has finally been released. With its real game experience and beautiful game environment, it has attracted countless game enthusiasts to join it and affectionately called it 'the second paradise'. Ye Xiaoyao is no exception, as the most Qiang Cainiao, the ultimate non chieftain who has been the king of mockery for thousands of years, has chosen a supplementary career. She is ready to hold the thighs of her friends and paddle in the rear with peace of mind. Moreover, when the character is pre created, she has also obtained hidden skills and excellent equipment, which further strengthens her determination to become the king of rowing
however, there is no double blessing and no single curse. Who can imagine that the three races did not communicate with each other before level 40, and none of her friends had the same race as her. Ye Xiaoyao sadly became the one who practiced solo
since then, she has embarked on an inspirational journey to find the strongest thigh, become a high-quality pendant, and embark on the road of never returning to the peak of life
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Gao Ge Chui Zi
Xianwu shenhuang
The road is misty, those who follow it die, and those who compete are born. The hammer recommended by a mortal, Xiandao Zhengfeng, has completed the book 'steel storm of the war of resistance against Japan' and the farming text
Da Mi Dao Hua Xiang
Invincible deputy village head
Li Erdan, a small farmer, accidentally obtained a magical girl picking system. From then on, she was surrounded by beautiful women of all colors. While picking up girls, the system also rewards all kinds of treasures and skills. In a small mountain village like a paradise, you can live a happy life envied by the immortals. 'You have such an excellent system. Why are you still a deputy village head? You should also be a big village head!' 'Cough! Keep your voice down. Don't let that beautiful Tigress hear you. What do you know? Have you heard that good men don't fight against women? I let that tigress. Sooner or later, I will ask this Tigress to sing' conquer 'for me.'