Da Yan
Everything in the world can be repaired!
Bai Ju Yi Shi
Human garrison envoy
Shen Changqing became a member of the magic Department of Daqin town. At this time, demons and monsters were rampant -
kill the secluded monsters, and the thirteen Taibao's horizontal practice was promoted to perfection
kill grudge level monsters and improve pure Yang skill to perfection
kill powerful demons and break the limit of martial arts
beheading -
several years later, Shen Changqing became the guardian envoy of the human race, and all kinds of demons and monsters bowed down
'one day, the human race will not perish!'
Jin Bian Ye Cao
Gift of natural power at the beginning
Chixian Shenzhou, the big weekend year, the rites collapsed and the music was ruined, and the spirits were revived
there are the world's martial heroes, who can attack mountains and rivers with one hand. They can hold the stars and the moon with one hand. There are strange and strange things, and outsiders, causing a bloody storm
'the king of Qin sweeps the six harmonies, which can be taken instead!'
obtain the overlord's destiny, which is a natural gift of divine power
'thundering gossip! What king do you want to be?'
obtain fish fruit, green dragon form talent
'my son Wang Teng has the talent of the great emperor.'
get the martial arts Tianyan talent
'ChongTong is an invincible road. Why borrow other people's bones!'
gain the talent heavy pupil
'the king should not be humiliated! Even if you are carrying the abyss, you need to hold the original Imperial City in one hand. I am as invincible in the world as Anlan! The red spear and immortal shield will kill the Immortal King and destroy the nine days!'
gain the blood talent red spear
the talent beads at the end of the forest are activated. Chixian Kyushu, the end of the world disputes, and ten thousand ethnic groups attack, writing their own legends in the sea.
San Bu Shao Nian
God is on top
He is one of the four heavenly emperors in the world. He came to the world just for a plot with the Jade Emperor. Here, he saw the world of mortals and the sufferings of all living beings. Some people do good but end up with no good. Some people do evil but live in luxury
good and evil are chaotic, and human nature is indifferent. In this broken world, in the age of no God, he is in charge of good and evil, and he is determined to be merciful
as far as heaven is concerned, I have a wish in my heart. I wish all living beings are truly equal, and I wish to fight for a chance for all souls in the process of killing and robbing
he said again, Good and evil are not invisible. They shine like sparks in the dark. There is a God three feet above the head. It is watching everything
the God is always there, and I am the God! [unfold] [stow]
Yi Ge Liang Ge San Si Ge
From the support of the snow, we began to plunder the sky
There are such a group of people in the ancient universe
relying on their unique luck, they are the world's favorite children. They often enter the secret realm of terror in a weak posture, and then take the most precious treasures from the red eyes of a group of mentally retarded villains
'Gan, is the son of Qi Great?'
'Lao Tzu is the son of Qi!'
'as long as your luck is robbed by me, I will be the next lucky child!'
this book is also called 'starting from Douluo to collect the wool of the protagonist team'
Kong Hen Gui Che
I will be crowned king
The mage calling for the old God and the knight inheriting the blood are looking forward to the glory of yesterday; The noise of the steam engine and the roar of the cannon indicate the direction of the future; Ansen, who is in exile in this world, has embarked on an unimaginable road; In the ashes of the old world... He will be crowned king
book friends: wimpal College (6542005938)
Bai Sui Qian Qiu
Wanjie sword respect
I have a sword, which can cover all the heavens, and is called Zun Wanjie!
Sui Feng Piao Liu De Zheng
Voice of darkness
The black spirit, which has been sealed for thousands of years, wants to make trouble again. He still needs to ask me! The train of thought, legendary life experience, United partners and hard practice have created an iron team
the chaotic world, the temptation of money, the willfulness of power, and touching love make this spiritual world surging again!
Wu Qing Feng
Rebirth of Shang Zhou, the beginning of anger against the sage Nuwa
Unexpectedly, he crossed into the last generation of emperor, unwilling to become a puppet of the saints, and made hundreds of millions of people become puppets of the gods in the heaven... The reborn emperor Xinta resolutely embarked on a completely different path of deification
hate Nuwa, chide the Supreme Master, collect the dragon people, and settle the flood... Change the fate of the human race against the heaven, and start to establish the strongest business, so that the human race is above the gods and the humanity is above the heaven
solemnly explain: there are two completed books under my name, the Ninth Heaven and the ancestor of Kowloon Road. You can view them by searching the book name or clicking the author's name.
Dao Li De Yu Zhe
Time Traveler
The young man who came from a high level came to a world called magic land on the low level
when the people here reach the age of 12, they will awaken to the divine weapon cultivation through the fusion of magic weapon embryos. This kind of people is called the warrior
Jian Pan Shang De Lan Mao
Harry Potter's Alchemist
Albert never had any great ambitions. He always thought he was a salted fish. In his last life, he accidentally choked to death while eating an apple. After waking up again, I found that I was born again in Britain at the end of the 20th century, and I also opened the golden finger of the panel. It is proper to become a winner in life. Just when Albert was planning to be a salted fish with a goal, the owl sent an invitation letter from Hogwarts. He found that he had passed through the world of Harry Potter novels. Now, Albert is considering how to be a salted fish with dreams in the magic world.
Tian Xing Xiu
Lord of the whole people: a mythical dragon with a random start
In this era of high development of the meta universe, one day, billions of people will come to the continent of all ethnic groups, become city masters, and participate in the hegemony of all ethnic groups
at the beginning of arrival, each city master will randomly obtain the initial arms
recruit arms, plunder resources, and fight for hegemony
island country: 'ha, my arm is Altman, who specializes in fighting monsters. The ants of China, shake! '
the United States:' eternal family Look at the infinite gloves I made. One ring finger will destroy your China. '
a San:' the entire ten thousand nation continent was created by our Protoss '
looking at such arrogant countries, Lin Tian looked at the nine clawed Golden Dragon at his feet and couldn't help but ponder. How can these countries think?


Chang Ting Kong Sheng
Immortal mansion Changsheng
The story of an ordinary sect monk who was helped by the immortal mansion and gradually grew up in the cruel immortal world. His mind and body changed together
mortal flow, dark wind and passers-by.
Shen Shen Mei Er
Jade lazy Fairy
The lazy girl of Yugong's family has a fairy fate. It is said that she will be accepted as a disciple by the immortal; But who knows that yulansi's only wish in this life is to eat and die. Cultivating immortality doesn't exist. It's impossible to cultivate immortality in this life. Whoever loves to cultivate immortality will do it. Yu diligence: 'either marry Li gouyu from the next village, or go with the immortal to cultivate the immortal. You choose.' Yulan Si: 'I choose to marry Li gouyu.' Yu industrious:... Some immortal:... But later: Yulan thought: really fragrant (~ ▽ ~) - the new book is to be fattened, and I ask for recommendation and collection of all kinds of requests, Moda.
Lin Xuan Yi Yun
Yang Shixian Road
Four hundred years ahead of time, he passed through the world of Xianlu, a novel of the previous life, and became the protagonist. Grandpa, if you want to eat your grandchildren< br/>
。 Grandson, if you can live to 400 years, let me be too. I'll lay a foundation for you first
the rise of a power can not rely on one person alone, nor can it rely on one generation after another. It is the immortal road of the Yang family that calls the ancestors
(PS: family farming. Development culture, slow heat type, new people seek support!) [unfold] [stow]
Hua Dan Cha Nong
Rushui Kendo
An unnecessary sword, like a water sword, stirred waves in Luoyang and stirred the world! A young man who lost his father when he was young was born from the valley of Mang Mountain, shaking all living beings in the three realms
the long sword is like water, empty and solid, like the wind and thunder on the ground, leading to the bloody wind in the Jianghu! The youth's resources cover the ancient and modern times. If heaven and earth are doomed, the gods and demons will kill and fight for thousands of years
is there such a sword in the world? The shape is as soft as water. Wield a sword to cut off love and hatred! There should be this sword in the world! Drink your blood and return. Come, rebuke the prince with your sword
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Mo Guan Lan
The daily life of Dali Temple Secretary
You are a carefree guest in the Jianghu. I will obey the law to control the world
Yang Qingyuan is willing to be the Secretary of Dali temple, so as to ensure that heaven has a way and all things obey the law
an ordinary homicide case, but a shocking conspiracy was involved
Yang Qingyuan took this opportunity to set off a storm to sweep away evil and get rid of evil in the Zhou Dynasty
to sweep away the evil forces in the Jianghu and the court,
to ban unregistered illegal organizations
heaven has its way, and all things obey the law
the best colleague: Li xunhuan
the best detective: Di Zhiyuan
the best forensic: Song HuiFu
Shi Er San Si
Become immortal upward
All the way up, all the way forward
kill demons and demons, and fight the strong and help the weak
the road to becoming a God is to work hard, and revenge is unstoppable
I want to become stronger and protect the weak
I want to be strong and kill all demons
I want to be strong and live forever
I want to be strong and worth my life!
Liang Liang Bu Jia Ban
Wine sword square
Reader skirt 82498525
how many years have ordinary people lived
it's time to enter the Jianghu
children who are dying can stand alone in all directions
the wine coagulating sword is an empty pill, and the sword moves like the moon, turning over the heavy pass
the aristocratic clan has nine kingdoms and two watches. The son Lang lifts his foot lightly and travels in the Jianghu
I've never been alone in the four Xuans and five realms.
Xiao Shu
Eternal life starts from the King Kong Temple
In a previous life, he was in the shopping mall and died of an incurable disease. However, he was brought to the King Kong Temple in the prosperous world of martial arts by a Buddhist statue of a pharmacist. He was reborn as a medicine monk
in this life, he only wants to live forever and practice the Buddha Dharma without seeking liberation
however, he unexpectedly found that the Buddha mantra can turn legends into reality and greatly increase his power under the blessing of the herbalist Buddha,
the great light mantra can transcend the soul and reach the Western Heaven for bliss,
the heart clearing mantra can clear the mind and calm the mind like water,
the rejuvenation mantra can restore the healing effect of injuries like God
even with the assistance of the herbalist Buddha, he was judged to be a waste of martial arts.And, It's amazing that you can practice the martial arts of Buddhism to the realm of legend.
I wanted to plant medicinal materials, practice martial arts, practice Buddhism, and live quietly in the Vajra Temple of the top zongmen snow mountain
but I don't want to. At this time, after thousands of years of prosperity, the Daqian Dynasty has come to the time when it turns from prosperity to decline, and the curtain of the world's division and convergence has been opened
Tai Jian
My Dharma comes from the mythical world
Five turbids came into the world, and demons were rampant
holding a volume of strange tales, Song Lin came across and came to the Taoist children in the remote side door Taoist temple
he saw that the spirit of this world had not dissipated for six days, and the witches and ghosts were rampant
demons and ghosts are called officials, and people and ghosts are confused
the heretical sect is good at practicing power and fortune, abandoning the true and following the false, and the evil is flourishing
the world is suffering, and people are suffering. Song Lin finds that he can enter the mythical tales of strange tales in the atlas of strange tales to obtain the Tao
the mountains and seas have different aspirations, and myths and monsters; In the pre-Qin period, Qi was practiced, the land of Chu was Taiyi, the immortals in Penglai, the witches and insects in Lingnan, and the immortal mountain in Kunlun...
kill evil spirits in the sky and learn thousands of Taoist methods
I will seek for the immortal way.
Duo Ming Xiao Ji Tui
Jianxiao immortal sect
The Yinxiao sword school, which has been standing for thousands of years, collapsed. Shaozong youtuiyun came to the South Tianmen gate and was humiliated
Xuanfu is still afraid of the younger generation. How can a husband be young? It's insane to hold swords in the world of mortals. There is wine in the sky
you play with the sun and the moon, and lie drunk in the clouds laughing at the world.
Bu Ding San Fen Tian
Immortality begins with the removal of demons
The sky is dark and the earth is dark. With three talents, Gu Xu went through the world of cultivation where demons were rampant and became an ordinary official of the exorcism Department of the Qi Dynasty
he only wanted to meditate and seek eternal life. However, carelessness has turned the world upside down.
Yan Meng Zhong Cheng
Chiqing sword ancestor
Looking up at the bright moon, the stars are shining. I looked down at the moon with tears, but I was sad. She said that there are mountains outside the mountain, there are days outside the sky, and the fairies, Buddhas and demons are all in the galaxy
I said that I have a sword to cut off all the big and small things in the road.


Xue Bi Jia Tang
Miracle doctor and small farmer
Li Erdan, a village boy, accidentally got the inheritance of immortal! result! The pure girl wants him, the country beautiful woman owns him, and the goddess of Gao Leng forces him. Who can tell Li Erdan how to get rid of these female donors?
Yuan Fang De Lü Zhe
The married life of hundreds of billions
This is a post marriage story about a millionaires with hidden daughter slaves. As for the heroine of this article, it is likely that she is just a delivery man.
Pi Tu
Records of war photographer
Record the war with the camera and remember the history with the lens. When the photographer picked up the gun, his camera might still contain the last justice and kindness.
Wei Le Ge Xin
The day when I got married to a big star
At this moment, I am the cow dung in the eyes of the public, the pig brother in the eyes of the fans, and the demon king in the eyes of the fat house. People are fighting to be the warriors to fight against the demon king and save the goddess
I can't help it. She asked me to marry her. Should I refuse? How impolite!
Jian Chen Huang Hai
Late night school
Zhang Tan, the entertainment magnate and famous gold medal writer, inherited a kindergarten that only operates late at night. He wanted to close it because the children are so cute... At half past midnight, he watched the social animals in suits and shoes with a tired face pick up the 3-year-old daughter. The bartender with a wine smell picked up his sleeping son and walked into the night. The naughty little treasure was still playing games with his pale mother, The smiling old man with white beard has already taken his little grandson to say goodbye. The unclaimed children are staring at the gate, and the little girls in Trump have decided to stay here for a long time... A school park that operates late at night, a story of a warm market
(daily wind, warm wind, light happy wind, and cute children. I have finished the novel 'literary life with cute children' and 'long live brother')
Jian Chen Huang Hai
Nanpa school
Zhang Tan, the entertainment magnate and famous gold medal writer, inherited a kindergarten that only operates late at night. He wanted to close it because the children are so cute... At half past midnight, he watched the social animals in suits and shoes with a tired face pick up the 3-year-old daughter. The bartender with a wine smell picked up his sleeping son and walked into the night. The naughty little treasure was still playing games with his pale mother, The smiling old man with white beard has already taken his little grandson to say goodbye. The unclaimed children are staring at the gate, and the little girls in Trump have decided to stay here for a long time... A school park that operates late at night, a story of a warm market
(daily wind, warm wind, light happy wind, and cute children. I have finished the novel 'literary life with cute children' and 'long live brother')
Kuang Ben De Ha Shi Qi
After killing God, he has a wife and children
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Jie Po
My invisible fighting Ji
Ji Fuji, I have a fighter. Once I entered the girls' school, it was as deep as the sea. From then on, I was a passer-by
Hong Shao Dou Fu Gan
Dream back to the beginning, you are well
Xu Changqing never thought that after she woke up from a heat stroke coma, she felt like she had passed through her life. After a dream, the first thing she did was to lift the bench
smash brother-in-law and tear up sister-in-law. One, one. Shen Weimin has always cherished a person in his heart. All her life, she guarded her without regret. When she died, she realized that she had no intention of him
when he woke up, he was overjoyed. He swore that he would never be that fool again in this life. Can he wait to hear her different actions from the previous life
is this a rebirth or a journey through
Xi Ka Guai Shou
Roaming the world of film and television starts from the golden age
Roaming the world of film and television began with the golden age. Through Zhang Anren, let's start by tearing up the script and achieving our own era
say to Yuan Yuan, 'OK, listen to me.' say to Zhu Suo, 'don't stop. Say to Jiang Ansun,' actually, you can't do this. 'This book is a slow flow.
You Hun 007
Best natural medicine
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Shui Jiao Hui Bian Bai
Reborn, I want to surf
Back in the past, Yao yuan only wants to surf with all his heart!


Gui Shu Yao Ji
I have a special forces system
[military supremacy - Alien war] entries] through the world of 'I am a special soldier' and assisted by the special soldier system, he is a worthy movie star, special soldier and pilot
make-up permeates, relying on performance. It has achieved perfection in every branch of the army and is worthy of being the king of the army.
Si Dai Zhong Jian
Everyone asked me to be emperor
I'm not modest, you said I'm a common people, how can I be the emperor? what? You said that I was born out of phase and was the right person. Is that feudal superstition
ah, don't kneel down, or you will be killed for rebellion? Ah, officer, don't kill me. I'm forced but helpless. I'm not really rebellious
ah? Why do you kneel down and follow me to revolt when your officials quit? Gentlemen, please go ahead. We're just passing by
Oh, don't! Why are your knees so soft? You kneel when you see me and recognize me as the Lord!
Jiu Xiao Luo Xue
Chaotic War: Call of Three Kingdoms for hegemony
What about Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong, Yue Fei vs. Zhang Fei, Xiang Yu and Li Yuanba? Let's see Yuwen Chengdu + Jiang song + Luo Shixin
what? You're not enough. OK, Xing Tian, Li cunxiao, it's your turn. You have Han Xin, the soldier immortal, and I have Bai Qi, the God of killing, and Li Jing, the army God
the emperor of Qin and the emperor of Han and Wu, the emperor of Tang and the emperor of song, gathered together to decide the supreme overlord.
Qi Zhi Tiao Zao
Starting from the hundred household officials
That year, a streamer of light fell from the sky to the southeast. In that year, Emperor Xiaozong was sitting in front of his couch
in that year, the world turned upside down and the thunder was everywhere. That year, his son inherited his father's business and was only a small official
* there are two old books with more than 10 million words, the movie world bandit and the strongest man in the heavens. The old author is updated and stable, and his reputation is guaranteed. You can't wait to read them.
Twenty seven years
The world is in an era of the transition between the old and the new, and the collision of politics, economy, ideology and culture is becoming more and more fierce
moster vilak, a photographer from the slum of zwald, will stir up everything and divide the world in the turbulence of rapid industrial development and crazy expansion of ambition
[overhead world, with certain reference but not absolute, please do not compare reality] [reader group number: 89741074]
Bi Hai Si Yun
The great Sui Dynasty was dominated by ups and downs
Yang Ji, who was born in the Sui Dynasty, was the king of sui'an Prefecture. In only half a year, he boiled Yang Shuang, the father of the burning Turkic holy mountain, into the king of Wei. He changed himself and became the king of Wei
when Yang Guang, king of the Jin Dynasty, had no intention of competing for reserve, Yang Ji became Yang Guang's little brother; With my mother's encouragement, I fought and became the top dandy king
however, when he reached adulthood, he found that Gao Yu, who was destined to be cool, wanted to be his father-in-law
at first, Yang Ji only wanted to get rid of Gao Yu and live a happy life with Yang Guang's thigh, but it was not as simple as expected
the rhythm is a little slow. Please be patient
there is another book, the third generation of the great Sui Dynasty, which can be read by friends who are short of books.
Shang Tang Dou Miao
Concubines are invincible
In the third year of Kaiping in the Liang Dynasty, a soul from the earth came to the Dingguo government and attached himself to Pei Yue, the abused concubine. From then on, he opened his invincible road in this strange world.
Yang Wang
Humble official
Qi Yu, a poor scholar, had no capital in business and no way to get rich. He had to rely on the imperial examination to find a way out
go all the way and strive to be the one who laughs last. It was not until one day, when the country had more internal worries and foreign invasion came, that the emperor tried to use this humble official.
Wo Niu Fei Niu
In the 11th year of Chongzhen period,
natural disasters occurred frequently in the Ming Empire,
the people were separated from each other
in the same year,
'eight kings' Zhang Xianzhong,
'Cao Cao' Luo Rucai and other giant bandits were pacified
the situation is very good. The Ming Dynasty has ushered in a new turn, and ZTE is hopeful
however, in September of that year, the Qing army invaded the capital city of the Ming Dynasty.
Chongzhen ordered governor Lu Xiangsheng to fight against the Tartars
Where will the Ming Dynasty go?
Xie Jian Yuan Xing
Commander, please stay
The commander is the head of an army. He has a high position and a powerful position. No strong man can do it
at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt, the uprising in the six towns was in full swing, and numerous well-known governors emerged
among them, governor Er Zhu Rong Er Zhu, who has more merits than Cao Cao and has more disasters than Dong Zhuo, Governor Chen Qingzhi, who swept the Northern Wei Dynasty with 8000 white robes, governor Gao Huan, who made a fortune with a face and a mouth and ate soft food, governor he Ba Yue He Ba, who is well-equipped with both literature and martial arts, and Governor Yu Wen Taiyu, who is low-key and honest
all are heroes
but among these commanding governors, there is also a very different kind of people
there is an unknown Governor Liu. Although he is more handsome than Gao Huan, more powerful than Chen Qingzhi, Bill Zhu Rong is better tempered, more cautious than he Bayue, and more low-key and generous than Yu Wentai
however, it is reputed as the 'crow commander' by people and is despised by various forces because of the fact that whoever dies, falls with whom, and praises who is unlucky
'have you heard that ER zhurong is a world-class talent. Cao Cao has reappeared and is holding a strong army. He is about to ascend the throne and become the emperor.
How about you and I follow Er zhurong to learn from the dragon?'
on the street of Luoyang, Liu Yi kept his promise and bewitched Linqing County Baron Chen Yuankang.
Man Juan Shi Shu Wan Dian Hua
Steel tycoon in the late Ming Dynasty
It passed through the ancient city of Zunhua in Ji Town at the end of the Ming Dynasty and received an iron smelting workshop. Watch the protagonist rebuild the mountains and rivers with iron and fire.
Chong Zhi
Regent Daming
He rose to the top, he was deeply loved by the holy family, he was the focus of the world, and he was a very high official. He was reviled by the world and hated by the clean people. He was the biggest backer of all corrupt officials in the Manchu Dynasty. Among the people, half of the people think he is in the world


Wu Si Si Wu Wu
Different Japanese Warring States
what? This is the Japanese War of the goddess? LAN Yan's evil water natural watch and his licking dog's courtiers drove on the road. Book group: 464978742
Wang Rui
Death: please call my name
'Is he really a senior? He is gentle and strong. I really want to be like him.' Young Sentao said with some longing
'that guy, I haven't seen his serious face, nor his angry face. He's even more elusive than the Beijing band leader.' A San Jing touched his chin and thought carefully
'Damn, next time, at least let him use the original understanding... No road race, no interview!' A bald man lying in the sifan team house was incompetent and furious
[more and more interesting, isn't it, Zhenjun.] Under the light reflected by the glasses, a smile appears
group number: 897437282 welcome to our company.
San Xiao
Altman was picked up by middleman Hui
'Do you like Altman?'
GAO Yechun picks his teeth with a card: 'I don't like Altman, who likes Altman?'
'then tell me what the card is in your hand?'
GAO Yechun glanced at it
'well, there is no powerful utoraman sikali.'
'then you say you don't like Altman!'
'please, this is utoraman, or the weak and helpless hicali.'
we mainly focus on the world of demonic transformation and Degas. There are multiple universes. Don't correct the time line problem in detail. We mainly focus on books
the protagonist pursues strength, and does not become Altman at the beginning. If you don't like it, don't enter
the old books of auven, Auman's starting from the broken corner monster, and aught's monster is crazy
Xiao Ji Zhuo Xiao Mi
Tokyo video game tycoon
Electronic games are one of the important ways of people's entertainment in the new era
however, the Japanese zhuyouxing, who has traversed the parallel world, finds that the game industry in this world is extremely depressed and seems never to have arisen
therefore, zhuyouxing decided to bring the ninth art to the world
'Mom, Super Mario 3 is on sale! This is the Christmas gift I want most!'
'my Zelda is addicted to picking up branches and has no intention to save the princess'
'it is link who saved the princess!'
'ah? Really? All right, Zelda'
'I'm willing to sacrifice my soul, just to protect the fire girl!'
'compared with racing cars, extreme racing is YDS!'
'Tifa is my eternal goddess!'
games never sleep. This is a story that only focuses on the development of the game entertainment industry
(this story is a parallel universe and does not imply any relevant characters. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental.)
Ji Mo Zhu Zi
Douro: Invincible from capturing the goddess
Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo and met Gu Yuena. After millions of years of hard work, he finally became a beast God. He was transformed into a man in heaven. He cast the first God body of Douluo and awakened the twin God level martial spirits against heaven
save bidong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the slag man. Master wants to take me as an apprentice? Sorry, you really don't deserve it
show Tang San with one hand, explode the white tiger with one fist, and kill Tang Hao with three swords... Several years later, Luo Yu swept the Douluo, and the king came to the Wulin hall. He stepped on the abyss, and his sword fingers were boundless
in the vast divine world, who can win a battle
Zhe Hen Ke Xue A
What is a hexagon playing wild
{League of heroes E-sports article}
group warfare, gank, vision, operation, consciousness, hero pool... All filled
GU Xing explains with his career what is called hexagon fighting wild
the 18-year-old Gu Xing unexpectedly discovered his unique talent. Originally, he only wanted to make some living expenses in his spare time in summer to relieve the economic pressure of his family, but he accidentally plunged into the LPL in 2016
there are sweeping EDG, the emerging RNG, and the reorganization of version 2.0 of we in the League...
there are strong enemies outside the league. Lck, which has won the championship for three consecutive years, is like a rainbow. It is still continuing its rule. The European and American divisions are ready to try to turn around, and LPL is still walking in the boundless darkness
but they all came
from the moment Gu Xing embarks on his career path, his goal is only the champion
from the ignorant newcomer to the team leader, and then to the symbol of the division and even the League of heroes, he has stepped up to the peak!
Shi Feng Si Wang
Angel Binghua of the seminary
Some book friends can't find the communication group, so they post the group number [71720613] here. Those who are interested can come in and play with a female angel for ten thousand years. The early period may be a little long. The angel is the strongest fighting God and one of the four kings
he has the title of 'weapon maker' and 'God of war'. I've always been single and my writing is average. I can only guarantee that I don't have any reading difficulties
the following is the approximate length of this book. In addition, the new book is for your support. Tiangong Order Chapter - the four kings era chapter - body war chapter - supernatural academy chapter (anti emptiness God building project chapter) - just order chapter (demons and angels) - just order collapse chapter (Modern line) - the emptiness God chapter (I imagined it) - (I'm writing about it)
Rong Yan Huo Shan
Lord of misty world
The world is covered by fog. Within the fog, the space is chaotic. In that fog, countless treasures called strange things were born, with an incomparable magical ability
in the fog, countless spaces are fused together. In the misty world, zombies, demons and ghosts are rampant
in the misty world, science and technology, magic, fighting spirit, magic, martial arts and other powers are displayed through strange things
Di Feng from the earth suddenly came to the misty world and became a Lord. See how di Feng led his territory to develop and become the strongest Lord in the misty world.
Fei Xiang Gu La Duo
The sand storm field of elves
This book is small, with 6 permissions to modify features, and the protagonist comes with sand control. The sandstorm is flying all over the sky, and the terrible monster roars. The king of leave (Hercules, eight pack abs) hides in the sandstorm and gives you a punch. You are afraid. The introduction is weak. Please see the text. I want to write a different sandstorm
this book is realistic and dark. Don't click it if you don't like it. Established group: 141848061, welcome to join the group to urge the change.
Fu She
Players in Marvel
After waking up, he came to marvel and became a demon God between existence and nonexistence. In order to disturb the reality dimension, the virtual demon God summoned players from the unknown dimension
in New York City, the 'black hand Walloon' staged another shocking robbery. This time, the target was the Playboy of stark industry
hell's kitchen has opened a new 'xingpingding food house'. At the same time, the 'dark cooking world' tries to control the world with its taste
king has welcomed new enemies and new Italian families are expanding! The [witch Kikyo] who lives in the street meets the fearless people in the kitchen of hell. While exploring the case of missing shadows, what sparks can they make!
Dong Huang Kang Ba Zi
I'm a small stone
Xiaoshi, the son of Shi Hao, is endowed with unparalleled talent and has created the fruit position of Xianwang
(1039585306 welcome to the water group)
the world sighs for saving his father from sacrificing himself in the final World War I
Emperor Huang Tian: 'if there is no reincarnation in the world, then I will create a reincarnation existence myself.'
time has passed, and I don't know how many eras have passed since the emperor of the wasteland made a decision
with the vicissitudes of time and space, the former homeland has evolved into a blue planet
however, one day, the wheel of fate turned slightly, and the small stone returned to the world again
did the emperor of heaven create the true reincarnation
or is this person just a similar flower
looking at the Jiulong coffin above the sky, Shi Nian has a premonition that he will open a new world by climbing on it
Ming Tian Xiang Shui Jiao
I set off a night trip of ghosts in the forbearance circle
Under the hazy moon, the five shadows retreat, the tail beast creeps, and the holy land is closed. After the mist, a scarlet demon pupil slowly opened, and the monstrous demon force wantonly pushed
in front of the demons, Yu Zhibo gently swept through the collapsed forbearance allied forces and quietly announced: 'this is my night walk of ghosts.' (PS: Fire shadow, yin and Yang division, Ping'an Jing, night travel of ghosts)


Tian Yu Fei Shuang
The Lord of all things who devour the stars
Lin Yan went through the 'swallow the stars' and became a soldier to defend against the invasion of animal tide
fortunately, the awakening system panel:
[learn the skill inheritance from the Battle Sword and get 'sword skill · kill everything']

[reward the main task and open the 'spiritual master' in the second skill tree]
[promote to the God of war level and reward the Superman cells]
[trigger the system update and send the gift package: intelligent life 'after the wind']
suddenly look back
Lin Yan has become the supreme being of the universe from the original military warrior. The long river of fate is his creation, and the will of the primitive universe is his servant
he is the Lord of all things and the king of all gods
(following the military line, the plot does not copy the book, only involves the original story line, and does not seize the opportunity of the main character)
Nü Shu Shi Zhi You
Science and technology: breaking monopoly and global hegemony
Daxia monopolizes high-end quantum chips, which is not conducive to scientific and technological innovation! - The New York Times: controlled nuclear fusion, neon worship
- Asahi Shimbun Gu Qing: These are all high-end technologies, and we need to pay more. By the way, neon is still good for developing tourism. Energy should be imported from Daxia.
An Chen Mi San
Alien remnant Hunter
For some unknown reason, the process of solar decay has suddenly accelerated... In order to survive, human beings have to abandon their homes that have lived for millions of years
the survivors in the 'Ark' drifted in the universe for nine hundred years, and finally found such a foothold - 'alpha star'
but on this planet, there are relics left by the previous civilization everywhere
the alpha civilization left innumerable resources and technologies in the ruins. In order to obtain these things, a new career with high risks and high rewards, such as 'heritage Hunter', was born...
in a plane crash, Kelan accidentally entered the hinterland of a high-level ruins, but accidentally obtained the inheritance from an alien civilization
but what he didn't expect was that this was not a golden finger at all, but a 'Curse' that would kill him
Ke LAN: 'I'm a hunter just to make a living. Why do you call me a disaster? You're just slandering!'
book friend group 67413621 (the old group exploded, this is the new group)
Jing Da Ren
The fourth scourge of Star Wars
Take over a homestead Mothership and cross into the world of Star Wars? Tang Xiao: 'the world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.' Wait, there are 'original sin of the sun empire', 'halo', 'Eve', 'StarCraft' and 'stars' in the Mothership database< br/>
? What's more, Jim Renault, sergeant and archbishop atanis are still sleeping in the freezer
Tang Xiao: 'hum! They will bow down at my feet!' The fourth natural disaster... Ah no, long live the fourth empire!
Ba Ri Chan Ming
Meiman's opening: a soul cutting blade
It is our duty to recast the glory of death
it's a soul chopping knife at the beginning, and the territory depends on yourself
Mephisto, the Lord of hell
if you play with people, you'll have to watch me in the mirror
dead knight
just let me try the power of residual fire Taidao
iron man stark
come on, I just need a technology development director< br/>
Lord, who inherits the spirit king's will, has passed through the world of Meiman and decided to become the biggest behind the scenes
when Lord ruled the three organizations of the Invisible Empire, the virtual night palace and the Wuling court, and looked at the whole universe, he could not help but sigh: in fact, at the beginning, I just wanted to live
PS: This article contains elements: SCP, marvel, DC, ksuru, and fairy tales, which are integrated into the beauty of the world. Don't spray if you don't like it.
Kun Lun Yao Dao
Unparalleled master
The nine stars pass through the sun, and good and evil are reversed. The battle between the Yin priest and the Youdu is imminent, the corpse clan rises, the heaven demons want to invade, the heaven demons surround, and the big demons come
the demons and Buddhas, the immortal sect, the immortal alliance, are ready to move. A hundred ghosts walk every day, demons lurk in the world, children are difficult to deal with, drive corpses away, five immortals in the northeast, and evil roads run rampant Li qiufan, the descendant of the pantheon of Kunlun ruins, went down the mountain to kill the demons and demons with the sword of the Heavenly Master. He was very dangerous and guarded the world.
Tai Yin Dan Sha Tian Ce
Zhutian: clock in from Siheyuan
After watching TV, I even went to the courtyard and became a sad man? Jiang Chen said that he refused
fortunately, there is no way out of heaven. Along with Jiang Chen, there is also a punch in system. As long as you punch in anywhere, you can get random rewards from the system
with the help of the system, Jiang Chen and the widow of green tea bitch fought each other's wits and bravery, laughing at all kinds of intrigues and struggles in the courtyard named 'bird'
then, Jiang Chen found that his system can not only clock in, but also
Shui Bu Xing
Wake up from nightmare
Extraordinary power means paying the price! The silence after crossing awakens the mind reading skill, but the price is Speak out what you read
this is the story of a group of street writers, each of whom has lived his own life.
Mu Hua
Miss Mu catches demons instead of acting as demons
'Mu Mengzi! Don't be a demon!' A tall man stretched out his hand to press the woman with a funny smile in front of him
'Tut, I'm not a demon!'
Chen Ci Lan Diao
Every day, we are closer to our reality
When Feng Yi's business was in trouble, his aunt's personal housekeeper came to him with a huge legacy
Feng Yi: 'there are so many peers. Why did she leave it to me?'
housekeeper: 'you are the most pleasing.'
Feng Yi touched his awl face and said, 'she has good eyes!'
however, after inheriting the inheritance, the whole person is not right
variation cannot be called refinement.
Tang Chao Fei Li
Today, the hostess, did she learn to be useless
Yunsi is the first flower on the other side of hell in the world
also known as Manzhu shahua
he is good at ghost fire and can call all ghosts. He is especially good at magic
after encountering the rumored gentle childe Jiuge, she fell into his gentle beauty and could not extricate herself
Yun Si: 'nine songs and nine songs, can I pursue you?'
the young master smiles gently and shakes his head politely
the next second, Yunsi successfully took his hand
Yunsi began to push her feet: 'nine songs, nine songs, can I hold you?'
the childe gently refused again
the next second, Yunsi successfully carried her up
'nine songs, nine songs, I want to kiss you.'
the young master touched her forehead and said, 'girl, please respect yourself.'
the enchanting flower goblin blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tiptoe
easily succeed
the goblin who did bad things was punished to copy the precepts once
the goblin continued to persevere,
the young man looked down at the hands of the two people, and was gentle and good tempered. 'The girl's family should respect herself.'
'I don't!' The goblin stuck to him for half an inch
she always thought he had a gentle temper
until one day, she saw a woman confessing to him
the woman came forward to get close to her,
the young man suddenly turned cold and kicked her away. There was no more gentleness, 'go away.'
the woman ran away crying
the little goblin who sticks to the gentle childe every day:
why would you be so fierce
How could you be rude
blatant goblins vs outwardly refusing, secretly but infinitely gentle spoiled childe. [love at first sight + two-way secret love]
Lou Xian De Zhi Ma Hu
Weird regulator
There are 17 black-and-white portraits in the mysterious Hotel, ten rooms full of ghosts, and three or two living people struggling in the supernatural place
complete the fantastic life path, lead the world's strange people to stay, and bring back multiple personalities... Ji Li is different from the previous managers of this strange hotel
he is never a normal person.


Xiao Bai Cong Xin
Opening: Heihua Jiang Yuyan
Jiang Yuyan, who is not blackened, is still my favorite Jiang Yuyan
Hei Yan Xiao Yao De Xiao Yao
Dead operation
After the head teacher left a strange assignment, the next day came the news of her death. On this day, we recalled the fear of being dominated by the assignment. Two shifts a day, we rewarded the jade pendant and one shift.
Chun Jin Zi Dan Tou
The strongest shuttle system
When he wakes up, Lin Fan crosses the world of Luding Ji and gets the ten thousand boundary shuttle system, starting his journey to becoming a God
Hong Fei Qing Shu Ke
Wudang tunnel sweeper awakens full level understanding at the beginning
Lu Heng passed through the world of martial arts and was sent to Wudang school by his family to become a servant Taoist boy. He thought he was busy all his life, but he woke up to the full level understanding system
as long as you study hard, observe, listen to the preaching, practice martial arts, and compete with each other, you can get gains
[carefully listen to the master's preaching, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete beginner's mental skill]
[carefully listen to the boxing taught by Mo Shenggu, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang fist skill]
[carefully read the Taoist secret book, stimulate the full level understanding, and understand the complete the Nine Yin Manual]
[carefully observe and emulate the martial arts sword skill, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang sword skill]
[carefully watch Wudang's martial arts performance, trigger the full level's understanding, and understand the perfection of pure Yang and boundlessness]
[carefully learn martial arts with fellow disciples, trigger the full level's understanding and understanding.]
several years later, Zhang Cuishan returned to Wudang from abroad to start the Dragon killing drama. Lu Heng has entered the martial arts field and emerged as a talent
the fist shakes the Jianghu, the sword kills Yuan Meng, the chivalry upholds justice, and is free and happy until the martial arts break the void. Relying on heaven is just the beginning. There are other worlds.
Hui Se Mo Shi Lu
Black magic envoy
There is a definite number between luck and misfortune. Lucky or unlucky, since I have come to this world, how can I look good? What a world it is!
Ming Yao Qian Kun
Hardship: Jingxuan in Buddha's prison
Q: 'what should I do when I cross the huozhai Buddha prison where the hell started?' Answer: 'if you can run, you can run. Stretch your head with a knife, and shrink your head with another knife. It is inevitable to destroy the four trees...' Jing Xuan thought for a while, and finally made up his mind. He hurried to the plight, but never thought that he would come face to face with a six winged God of destruction, spreading his hands...
'the world is filthy again!'
'farewell!' When Jing Xuan saw it, he turned around and ran away without stopping at all.
Mo Xiao Mao
Douluo: dressed as Tang San's sister and Xiao Yan He
The Xianyu female college student of the modern guwu aristocratic family brings the useless skills of cultivating immortals
unexpectedly, it was Tang Ning, Tang San's sister, who entered the world of the popular novel Douluo mainland
from the beginning, the identity of the male leader and the female sister determined her group pet route
however, Tang Ning never dreamed that she would meet Xiao Yan, the emperor of Yan, who is the male master of the universe
the most important thing is that she is just holding another golden thigh
How can you be taken away as your daughter-in-law? Sure enough, someone is cutting black. Hello
Shrek and the others were speechless: when people go to school, you scatter dog food, or both brother and sister scatter dog food! Human affairs
in the whole continent, Tang Ning is the most invincible person. She is the sister of Tang San, the sea god, and is extremely noble
I'm also super strong. I'm the standard match for a stable girl of good luck. What if Tang San and I can't beat each other
look at her killer skill: husband summoning! Come out! Yan Emperor Xiao Yan
Tang Ning: Thank you for your invitation. I'm Tang Ning. I bring my immortal cultivation skill plug-in. My omnipotent full-level husband Yandi, the sea god Shura, is there any last words for those who dare to provoke me
note: Tang Sanmei is in charge of the pet sister. The main CP Tang Ning and the Yan Emperor Xiao Yan, the three dances and other officials are not removed, and the Shrek seven monsters are not black. The female leader is the pet of the whole group and the winner of the force value explosion life.
depending on the situation, there will be their own original plot. We will forgive you for any changes.
Xu Wei Ju Quan
Doomsday paradise
'I think... My boyfriend seems to want to kill me.' Lin San murmured. Thinking of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help shivering. The doomsday hell opened by the people around her is roaring toward her The second world has a strong flavor plot. If you don't like it, please take a detour.
Jian Xie Xing Zha Shi
Global collapse
'Once I was abandoned at the gate of the starting orphanage, and then the orphanage went bankrupt.' 'once I went to a kindergarten, and then the kindergarten closed down.' 'once I was adopted by a couple, and they died in a car accident the second week after the adoption procedures were completed.' 'in the past 20 years, I have experienced train derailment, 28 cars chasing after each other, natural gas leakage, gas explosion... But I am still alive.' 'Life tries its best to kill me, but I still stubbornly survive.' however, I never thought that life would do this again in order to kill me. '[welcome to the global evolution game, which is initiated by the earth and played by all mankind]
Mao Ling
Limited monthly reading of two or three events
I want to save the world I live in
World: No, thanks. I'll do it myself
☆ female frequency, female owner. The content tends to be & # 39 of 'contact me - my previous work'&# 39;&# 39; Personal ideal & # 39&# 39;&# 39; & # 39 in; Limited monthly reading & # 39;, Non TV Limited monthly reading direction
a small part of the drama is to promote the development of the plot, and most of it is daily. ☆
- you're welcome! Let me do it! (clapping shoulder)
World:... I think I can still work hard...
'this will become a beautiful world as I think.'
- planting flowers, playing mobile phones and computers, eating home cooked food. How nice these days are
our salted fish protagonist said lazily in the sun
- isn't limited monthly reading an ideal world like unlimited monthly reading
all the painful things have passed in the first place. In the future, just like this, it's good to go down with salted fish.
Zhen Yue Yu Xin
Network new Liaozhai
Zhu Yan is an ordinary office worker and also an online writer. Her life is plain and full. However, her grandmother's deathbed words revealed a secret that had been buried for 24 years - a shocking blood case killed Zhu Yan's parents. Zhu Yan, who was still in her infancy at that time, was the only living witness at the scene of the murder, and the murderer has not been caught. Since then, Zhu Yan has embarked on the road of chasing evil... A different story, a different experience, and a rescue. What he wants is a heartbeat, and what he plays is excitement. This is the feeling that network writers need, and it also makes the life of Zhu Yan, who has a little special ability - especially sensitive to death, more wonderful.
Mo Tun Ye Lang Dian
When people are in distress, they lose touch with each other
Emperor Moxi: you killed me and sat down with your beloved generals. You took your life.
'immovable Ming King array'
fortune teller: 'someone offered ten thousand taels of gold to buy your head. You took your life'
'four eyed boy, climb for me'
'dark day wave eyes'
legalist: 'Dad borrowed the sword'
'borrow NIMA! Shura evil light chop!'
based on the void, the Yi Li Sheng, who is leaping with thunder and lightning, closes his eyes and looks down at the eight small insects below
'when the God shines the blood strip, the God will kill you'

'the eyes are open'
'the magic formula of fluctuation: ten thousand sky!'


Hu Yan Luan Yu
Unparalleled doctor
No matter how powerful you are and how rich you are, don't be arrogant in front of me. I'm Ye Qiu. I can save your life and kill you! The alias of the novel: the legendary doctor.
Ye Jiu Bai
The movie queen's mouth is open
'Jiangxiaobai's mouth is a evil spirit!' Jiang Bai, the great talisman, was killed when he was developing the Lingyun amulet. He opened his eyes and became the little star of the 18th line. Jiang Xiaobai unexpectedly liked to mention the ability of 'magic'. Good does not work, bad does? The movie queen's mouth is about open! A crowd in the entertainment circle trembled - 'queen, please don't speak!'
Cui Cuo
After she was reborn, the beloved Princess did not want to enter the palace
You tingrong is a much loved lady, but the ending is sloppy. To live a new life, I dare not expect the love of the emperor any more
after losing the election, Meizi is planning to live a stable life. However, if it is the young talents she likes, either her father is unlucky or her business loses money
she met her several times and broke her leg the next day. However, the concubine who entered the palace often suffered from illness. You heard that Rong could only go into the palace to treat the illness
in the side hall of Yiqiu palace, you can hear Rong trembling with long eyelashes to pour tea for the emperor, but the emperor's finger belly runs across her hand and lightly scratches her palm
you heard that Rong was frightened and hurried to find the candidate for the engagement, and turned his eyes to the emperor's favorite minister and best friend
as soon as the news of the engagement was leaked, the emperor, who was always happy and angry, was full of darkness and ferocity. His deep eyes were soaked in blood, and he tore off the Buddha beads in his hands
[forcibly seizing, chasing, and cremating the wife outside the court, the concubine of the city government of jiaoneigang, and the king of the black belly will be killed and killed]
Qing Qian
After being robbed of everything, she returned to the gods
[sports competition, holographic games, micro Magic]
after Si Fuqing blew herself up, she was not only robbed of her luck, but also let her out of the entertainment circle
once again, she just wants to lie in a salted fish. Who knows that there are always people in the entertainment circle who don't have long eyes, who are ignorant and unskilled, and tianla tramples on her heat. How can she be saved? I have to clean up anyway
Sifu pinched his wrist and moved
later -
the top stream of discord with Sifu was revealed: I can stand here today thanks to sister Qing
veteran movie star: Mr. Si's acting skills are excellent, and I feel inferior
black powder: Qiqiu business QAQ
Organizing Committee of the international games: congratulations to Si Fuqing for winning the 13th gold medal, and wait for a withdrawal
whole network:
according to historical records, Yin emperor became famous when he was young, and he was decisive in killing
he was perfect and strong, with the world in mind, but died of illness at the age of 27. His life was short. He had no wife, no concubine, no children and no grandchildren. He was the white moon male god of countless people
no one knows. He opened his eyes again and came 150 years later
this time, he saw the prosperous summer he had dreamed of
not long after the identity of Yin emperor was exposed, Si Fuqing learned that the idol was beside her. When she read about the deeds in the history books, she admired her immensely and just wanted to -
Si Fuqing: work hard
Yin Huang: promise each other with his own life
Si Fuqing:
I want to win glory for my country, but you want me
troublesome idols should be far away from the life of fans:)
omnipotent goddess × Kill the noble emperors
from the whole network to the national treasure, and meet the male god 1v1
Ling Xiao Ge
Ma'am, her vest is a sensation in the city again
Qiao Nian has lived in the Qiao family for 18 years. His parents came to him. For a while, all the rich families around the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter
she is a versatile, gentle and kind girl
a false daughter can accomplish nothing without learning
everyone wants to see how miserable it is for her to go back to the mountain valley after being driven out of the rich family
Qiao Nian also thinks that his own parents are poor teachers from Luohe county
who knows my brother's car is Phaeton, and the naked car is 300000
the place where my father teaches is Qingda, and the teacher is also called Professor
the top leaders of the slag family knelt and licked and bowed to her master...
Qiao Nian:
ENM... It's different from what we said
out of a group of dregs, Qiao nianshe became herself
top student in college entrance examination, live broadcast tycoon, inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage... One vest is lost, and one is searched around the city. The parents of slag men and slag women are all green
black fans are mocking: what's the use of selling people? It's not that they stick to my brother
Qiao Nian: sorry, I have a date
brother Ding Liu: @ Qiao Nian, let me introduce you. This is my sister
rich man: Nan, I'll buy you a bike for whatever you want
the powerful and influential people in Beijing are all saying that Mr. Wang has a wife hidden in the golden house. No matter how others make fun of him, he never takes her out to see anyone. Don't ask, ask is the sentence: 'my wife is from the countryside, afraid of strangers.'
until one day, someone saw that the arrogant man, who had always been noble and cold, pinched a girl's waist and blocked her in the corner of the wall. His eyes were red and he murmured: 'when will you give me a title, Bao?'
[fake daughter is a real rich family] + [double tycoons]
Ba Jiao Ye Xi Yu
Zhan Zhumen
At the beginning, it was a small broken boat. The whole family lived in the boat, and the wind and rain leaked
Huo Xi didn't panic at all. He rowed a small broken boat and started to get rich. He became a rich man in the south of the Yangtze River
it's time to return to Beijing for revenge and regain your identity. Take mine and return it! Eat mine, spit it out
a black belly: it's lonely to be alone. Take me with you
Huo Xixing's eyes are round: you should pay Xie Jin and leave! Don't delay me in putting a sack on someone
someone is black: I won't leave. How dare you play with the kindness of saving lives? We should promise each other by ourselves. We should be cattle and horses, and we should be driven
Huo Xi: ha? Put a sack together
a black belly: go!
Gao Ren Xian Sen
Airborne hot search! The Jiao of Pei's family is a demon concubine
Su Ji, the most famous figure in the history books and a generation of demon concubines, has passed through
as soon as she opened her eyes, she became the daughter of the Su family - a poor girl with a beautiful face and who bullies anyone
it is also a little transparent girl group with numerous black materials and pasted to the 18th line
isn't this... Full level players returning to the novice village
the evil concubine in the eyes of the world: beauty brings disaster to the country and the people
but I don't know the real demon concubine - skillful, Decathlon and few cruel words
on the stage of the public performance, a startling dance overturns the wind
the calligraphy conference, the long lost Huajin style, amazed the world
in the museum, more than 10000 cultural relics unearthed from the tomb of the demon concubine shocked the whole country
in the live broadcast room, the same Hongyu ointment Xiji pill of gongdou opera rejuvenated overnight
there is a fashionable old man in the super rich Pei family who loves to follow stars. He vowed to make Su Ji his granddaughter-in-law
the world knows that third master Pei is rich, but he is not interested in women
black fans look forward to her marrying into the widows to see a good play
at the Grand Slam awards ceremony, Su Ji felt sick
fans thought that she was ill. Only the third master Pei, who had chased her for two generations, was distressed: how can you react so much when you have two children
it is said that the demon concubine brings disaster to the country and the people. Only he knows that she attracts talents from all over the world and knows how to handle people well, laying a foundation for future peace
in a previous life, he was a loyal dog who loved her but could not show up. After her death, he personally made a pure gold coffin for her and left with her with regret
in this life, I will never let her go again...
[1v1 Shuangjie, sweet spoil and dregs, all powerful demon concubines conquer the world]
Cheng Jia Xi
The landlords and women of the imperial examination prime minister's family
One day, while the ladies were talking and laughing, they talked about the husband's preferences at home. Mrs. chamberlain of the Ministry of household, my husband's face is cold and his heart is hot. He can't bear my tears. He likes the clothes and ornaments I make most
the minister's wife smiled. My husband is gentle and introverted. He is the most considerate, but he has a request. A bowl of sweet soup is enough
the wife of the Chamberlain of the Ministry of rites raised her lips lightly, and the concubine smiled. The husband did not refuse. My husband likes to play pinball. If one box is not enough, then two boxes. It's really hard to talk about it. So we should fight for one game. Everything is easy to discuss. Can we say that
a little worried!
Jian Mo
The whole town is waiting for me to become a widow
Qin An was originally the daughter of the group, but because the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, she became a down and out girl. The appearance of the stepmother made Qin An's life even worse; She was forced by her stepmother to marry Fu shiting, a big man with a disability. Apart from himself, this marriage was indeed a great advantage for the Qin family. However, such a man, who would marry his own girl to be a widow.
Jian Mo
Qin An Fu shiting
Qin An was originally the daughter of the group, but because the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, she became a down and out girl. The appearance of the stepmother made Qin An's life even worse; She was forced by her stepmother to marry Fu shiting, a big man with a disability. Apart from himself, this marriage was indeed a great advantage for the Qin family. However, such a man, who would marry his own girl to be a widow.
Ren Jiu Tian
Peerless medical emperor Xiao CE Ye Yuxin
He is a peerless general standing under the gate of the country, a doctor who makes the world tremble, and a legendary doctor
Ren Jiu Tian
The peerless medical emperor Xiao CE
He is a peerless general standing under the gate of the country, a doctor who makes the world tremble, and a legendary doctor


Nan Feng Zhi Yi
After the divorce, my wife and I reached the peak of her life
After three years of marriage, Fu Chenxi's white moonlight returned to China, and Shu Yang also received a divorce agreement from the man who had loved him for three years
at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Fu Chenxi confessed to Bai Yueyue: in three years, I have never touched her. I only love you, Shu Yang, and I'm completely dead. It's only after three years of love that I feed my dog, turn back to my old business, and make money to reach the peak of my life that people know that the abandoned Fu Tairen is beautiful and rich. It's late at night after three months of high-quality real women, Fu Chen Xihong gave her a phone call with her eyes on: 'Yang, I regret...' the phone only came from a woman with a tired murmur: 'Rong Yu, who...' a man holding a beautiful woman back smiled and hung up the phone and kissed the people in his arms: 'no one is engaged in pyramid schemes.'
Lian Yun Xun Er
After a private marriage with the devil
He is an abandoned God who has been expelled from the divine world. Although he retains his memory and cultivation, he will not live to be 24 years old; She is a princess of the divine world who is favored by the divine king. She accidentally wandered into the world and lost all her accomplishments. She became a concubine of the general's residence
because of his encounter in the prison of the divine world two thousand years ago, he never forgot her. In this life, he will protect her no matter what.
'girl, even if my life span is only 24 years, even if I have disappeared from this world, I will still love you.' [unfold] [Close]
Fan Xian Xiao Xian Xian
Basketball scientist
'It's not the strong who wins, but the strong who wins'
'many people are arranged by fate, but I am arranged by fate'
'Kexue changes basketball'
'the team only needs one head, that is me.'
'it has long been doomed that I can only pick flowers from thorns. But the important thing is to be persistent in victory and faith.' - All the above remarks come from basketball scientists with 6 billion comets
Hei Shan Kuang Ren
Emperor of the Heavenly Sword
In the novel world of swallowing the starry sky, perfect world, covering the sky, Panlong and so on, swallowing the starry sky is in progress
the sabre is a bully in the army. If the sky stops me, I will open the sky. If the earth stops me, I will open up the earth
let's look at the modern young man Li Mu, who walks across the sky with his sword and cuts off the gods and demons.
Chi Yi Kou Bu Ding
The richest man starts from the blind box
'Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the largest leather factory, Jiangnan leather factory has closed down! The bastard boss Huang He...' Huang He touched his head and said to himself helplessly
'although I am the chairman of Jiangnan leather factory, I also owe 350 million yuan, and I still have five aunts, but I never thought of running away!' This is a story about how Jiangnan leather factory broke its cocoon and helped boss Huang become the richest man in the world.
Qing Tao Ban Jiu
The farmer's widow has room to find a treasure on the way to escape from famine
The big guy in the other world died unexpectedly, and he almost got fired when he woke up
didn't it hit the muzzle of the gun
I'll clean you up if you don't beat me up
What, is this the way to escape
and a cheap son
How do you live with your family
don't panic, space is in hand, I have it
what happened to the short-lived husband
it's said that she has no feelings, but her eyes are stuck to her. What's the matter
er, if you have something to say, don't touch the manual foot
cheap husband is a martial arts student and young and strong. He Jiuniang has a sore back and decides to run away with her baby
just out of the city gate, I found that the man who should have gone to the imperial court was riding a tall horse outside the city. His face was like a crown of jade, and his eyebrows were curved: 'how can you go on a journey without serving your husband?'
Qi Qi Jia D Mao Mao
Disaster artist
'People always think I'm a good person because of my good-looking skin. Oh.' His existence is a disaster for all.
Wo Jia You Ge Ju Zi Yuan
At the beginning, my sister introduced me to be a broker
Han Yu, don't enter if you don't like it. Mingyuan: don't rob me. I'm just a small broker.
Di Jian Yi
Jingtian sword emperor
[2017 Xuanhuan essay] entries
Huang Ye Bei Ge
The summit of the great times
age= Int (input ('please enter the age after you restart your life):
ifage & # 61; 18: Print ('the first year of rebirth.')< br/>
elifage= 19: Print ('family split.')< br/>
elifage= 20: Please give your dignity back to college students< br/>
elifage= 21: Print ('dazzling purple star.')< br/>
elifage= 2: Print ('feelings of home and country.')< br/>
elifage= 23: Print ('the era of the rise of great powers.')< br/>
elifage= 24: Print ('we should be self-improvement.')
else: Print ('struggle, struggle, struggle.')
PS: my book friend said that my introduction was not good, like xiaobaiwen. Then revise it. It should not be white now?
Xiang Su Ji Kuai
Genius, miracle doctors and mixed cities
'Isn't it one-on-one to marry a man? How can we have three marriages at a time!' Yang Tian, who had been laid out by his master, went down the mountain with three marriage certificates for his beloved steamed bread, and began a carefree urban life. His medical skills are amazing, and the flesh and bones of the living dead are white. His force is terrifying, and he kills people invisibly. Hang and hit Gao Fu Shuai, feet
Yi Jiang Qiu Yue
NBA: a three-point experience card at the beginning
Wang Yi, who has been wandering in the NBA for two years, suddenly got a super three-point experience card on the last day of his 10 day short contract with the Lakers, thus starting the legendary journey of a generation of superstars
curry: his three points are unique in history. Owen: his dribble is more coquettish than mine. James: his big hat reminds me of me when I was young
Leonard: to be honest, I can't stop him. What he is most arrogant about is that all the arrogance he has boasted about has been realized.