Ta Xue Zhen Ren
This Wu Shengchao has quality
'My name is Gao Qian, a human male martial saint who takes the maintenance of love and justice as his duty!'
Yin Cang De Lang Ren
Alliance divine Summoner
After crossing the world of Royal beasts, Xiao Yao found that he was carrying such a golden finger. Other people's war beasts: thunderhawk, flaming bird, fire elf, war giant tree, dead Knight... Xiao Yao's war beasts: Zuan angry Beast Warwick, ice crystal Phoenix enivia, void fear COGAs, justice Colossus garrio... Come on, you guys
PS: This is a combination of the League of heroes and the Royal beast. Those who have not played the game can easily read it.
Zhu San Bu
Gene age
'Old Tang, which direction is the speed gene base point you opened?'
this question makes Tang Tang hall look melancholy
'yes. Hand speed.' 'or right hand!'
Xu Hui was confused
hand speed or right hand, this picture
didn't the teacher say that the more you use, the easier it is to open the genetic base point
'what did you do with your hands, old Tang?'
'in this way, I have been eating for 18 years before I start my stomach gene base point?' Cheng Mo, who is on the road of becoming a beggar, looks up and sighs
Xu Tui touched his own head. 'Have I used my brain for 18 years?'< br/>
the new seedlings have just come out, and need the care of brothers and sisters. They are recommended for collection in 360 degrees. Brothers and sisters can also read the old books of pig San, such as the king of nature and the emperor of the stars. They are all excellent books. They are old and fat.
Bai Ju Yi Shi
Human garrison envoy
Shen Changqing became a member of the magic Department of Daqin town. At this time, demons and monsters were rampant -
kill the secluded monsters, and the thirteen Taibao's horizontal practice was promoted to perfection
kill grudge level monsters and improve pure Yang skill to perfection
kill powerful demons and break the limit of martial arts
beheading -
several years later, Shen Changqing became the guardian envoy of the human race, and all kinds of demons and monsters bowed down
'one day, the human race will not perish!'
Mu Mu Mu Mu Wer
Wear fast: you will win only if you love to work hard
This article has been signed in Tangyuan. A small star that is about to fall in the world, I hope it can shine in another place
Ba Jue
Wuzhiji: reincarnation in charge
The ethereal continent is a world full of vitality. Here, practitioners are everywhere and omnipotent
elixir, martial arts, martial arts, secret arts, these are all the dreams pursued by practitioners throughout their lives
among them, the eight series spirit beads, which are known as the kuibao of heaven and earth, are the most important thing in the world
* it's very abrupt to cross into this world. The chosen people always have the aura of heaven's care
after a life and death escape, he accidentally fell into an ancient tomb and got the amulet iron scroll without accident. Since then, his black angry pupil has become a nightmare that many people can not forget
'final decision!'
'destroy energy pill!'
'great disintegration!'
a fierce and unparalleled martial skill destroyed all those who dared to shout with him, and the world worshipped him
the beloved will leave him forever. From the moment when the blood essence of his heart is scattered wildly, his head suddenly turns silver white
sitting on the snow peak and waiting for the agreement, the black angry pupil has become the most controversial symbol of this era
'it may not be impossible to start over again. Let me reshape the world. I am in charge of all reincarnations...'
Bu Diu
Breeding guide for world of Warcraft
Dean, who has crossed the alien world, believes that as long as he is willing to work hard and with a little help from the system, he will certainly be able to set off a frenzy of breeders in this chaotic world
our slogan is: good birth and good education, bold assumptions! For example, this dog and that monkey, I think their offspring will have great potential
Cheng You Dao
Opening burst proficiency panel
The oldest myth between heaven and earth reappeared in the world again. Countless spaces began to weave slowly, and the dark side of the world emerged quietly. A monk who advocates flesh and blood suffering and eternal spirit. I am an invincible Taoist martial artist who shows my strong body
looking at the changes in the world, Lu Ren breathed in confusion
'Ding, because you have been breathing continuously for 26 years, you suddenly have an understanding and successfully understand the breathing and breathing technique.'
hearing the prompt sound in his mind, Lu Ren hesitantly waved his sword
'Ding, you suddenly understand the basic sword skills because you are holding the sword and stabbing blindly.'
after a long time, he saw the army invading the alien world and took the long sword to split it
in an instant, the endless waves roll back, the mountains and rivers collapse and the rivers fall down
then annihilate the army and bombard the alien world. The entire alien world is completely broken under the explosion of infinite fire and slowly disappears into the air.
Hai Yi Xiao Zhu
Lord hiransa
The imperial soldier surdak Helansa joined the infantry regiment of the Grand Duke of Newman in Bena Province, participated in the Warsaw plane war, and saved a young man in the forest battle. The qualified young man suffered some injuries and was still a mute. Surdak took him into the military camp. What we tell is the story of this young man of unknown origin
Hui Se Mu Bei
I can go back to the mysterious times
Collect legendary antiques and trace back to the mysterious martial arts. From the moment of awakening plug-in, Cassio knows that he is no longer ordinary...
[legendary antique: wind Ivory pendant]
'seventy years ago, in Beiliu County of the red Li Federation, the wind elephant gate youth training camp'
'Li Wei, you are a coward! On the day when my sister was killed, you trembled in the corner! On the night of the war of extermination, you shamefully escaped! In your long revenge career of more than ten years, you missed good opportunities again and again!'
'now let me teach you what courage is, and let me tell you how to make suffering burn into your own strength. I hope you can remember: you are a man, and you are an indomitable man!'
it is a taboo era and a secret legend. The misty continent is a place of blockade
countless glorious ancient people wail in the wind of ruins
I will witness your legend lost in the fog, the knight in the sky, the ghost in the desert, and the mouse in the mud. Fighting sword refers to the direction of light, and flowers will grow where bullets fall
the wind of history will eventually blow away the garbage in front of the tomb of the times.
Mu Hu
Super dimensional Warlock
The status of witches is supreme in all continents and pan planes. Mystery, wisdom, cruelty and blood are synonymous with witches. But what is a real wizard like? After coming into contact with the wizard world, angel came to a conclusion:
Kong Hen Gui Che
I will be crowned king
The mage calling for the old God and the knight inheriting the blood are looking forward to the glory of yesterday; The noise of the steam engine and the roar of the cannon indicate the direction of the future; Ansen, who is in exile in this world, has embarked on an unimaginable road; In the ashes of the old world... He will be crowned king
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Qiu Mu Chu Xue
The wind blows across the sea
Pei Fengxian: the divine race was destroyed. The only descendants fled to Qingzhou City in the western regions and joined the Wuwei Taoist sect
after three years, he left quietly and set foot on the road of revenge. He founded a sect in the wild forest and fought alone on the sacred mountain in the western regions. After becoming famous in the first battle, he disappeared
since then, there has been a demon in the world. Ye Canghai line: a thousand years ago, when the flowers of Xihai Dao produced Taoist fruits, immortals and demons were attracted to worship, but the Tianmo sect suddenly attacked and slaughtered monks
during the war, both Xiaoyao immortal and AZU immortal fell. After a thousand years, there was a lust demon in the world. Qinyue line: the flower bearing period of Xihai road is approaching again. In order to prevent the recurrence of the tragedy of a thousand years ago, several major sects joined hands to enter the Tianmo sect and seize the treasure of Tianmo sect
after World War I, the leader of the demon sect and the eldest son disappeared. Since then, there has been a war demon on earth. Why did the ancient period of the rule of divine animals and heavenly demons fall
Why did the ancient times of cultivation decline? Today's world seems calm, but there is a hidden disaster? The three historical backgrounds echo each other, and several story lines are intertwined
a map contains thousands of people. There is the cultivation of truth and enlightenment, and the immortals and Demons dance. There are also children's feelings, chivalrous and courageous.
Yi Xiu Qian Kun
Zhou is a bad man
In the great Zhou Empire, the five cultivation systems of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts and magic coexisted
martial arts soldiers, scholars, Taoists, Buddha nirvana, demons and Demons covet the south
in the 27th year of Xianlong, the undercurrents in the Jianghu of chaotang are surging and the wind and rain are coming
Zhao Xun came through and crawled out of a coffin and became the eldest son of Zhao Yuan, Duke Cheng of the great Zhou Dynasty
I thought I could live a happy life and live a rich and prosperous life for a dandy. Unexpectedly, a decree completely changed his life
to become a bad person, to pick out the silk and pick the gold
cultivate oneself with literature, cultivate the environment with martial arts, and neutralize and regulate the Qi with the skill of cultivating Qi in the Taoist family. Through integration and integration, bu Shenglian has become a peerless three strong cultivator
it's hard to walk, it's hard to walk! There are many different roads. I am safe today. I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea!
Bao Zha Xiao Na Tie
I just want to be a quiet person
'Ding Dong!'
'welcome to the full intelligent repair system!'
'you have chosen to cultivate the bone forging skill. The system starts to cultivate for you. The system detects that there is a lack of the cultivation pill bone quenching pill. Please wait...
' Ding Dong! '
'the system successfully steals ten bone quenching pills for you, and the cultivation continues...
' important note: during the system cultivation, you will lose control of your body...
after getting the intelligent cultivation system, Pei Ling quietly grows rapidly and is ready to remain immortal until one day...
'Ding Dong!'
'you chose to practice the unknown skill. After being identified by the system, this is a double cultivation skill. The system starts to practice for you. The system detects that there are no Taoists, and the system is looking for Taoists for you...'
so Pei Ling watched helplessly as she ran to the cultivation room of the fairy next door
Zhen Yu Lao Ren
Changsheng's ambition is different. He was beheaded at the beginning of the market
I live in heaven for nine years
China is in chaos and the people are in dire straits
the royal rule collapsed, and the Western barbarians came with the gods
new types of warlords have sprung up all over the country, and the Taiping Rebellion party has been rampant, causing people to suffer
natural disasters such as floods and droughts, earth dragons turning over, sandstorms and tornadoes, acid rain and the red moon, meteorites falling and so on
there are also numerous demons, strange clusters, gods and ghosts living together, unknown strange things, or mysterious phenomena that cannot be understood
in this dark and chaotic world, Tao Qian opened his eyes and found that he had become a prisoner who was about to be beheaded at the mouth of the vegetable market
PS: the master of the secret wizard, a novel with a modern and mysterious background, has been completed. You can try it if you are interested.
Wu Shan Ye Xing Ren
Half demon raising fairyland
Ten thousand calamities are like the sea, and I will become an immortal. In the spiritual world where people, demons and half demons live together, Lu Tong once sacrificed his life to seek Dharma and treasure in the fire
finally, he became a giant with half demon body.
Yu Da Qing Shi
Ask the fairy way
A young mortal entered the fairy way by accident and struggled on the way to seek immortality. It is difficult to ascend to heaven on the immortal road. In the face of heavy dangers and obstacles, his heart for seeking truth is still undiminished
looking back, the green mountains are still there, and the old ones are all white bones.
Yi Qi Hua San Qing
Miluo green scroll
In Vernacular: on the land of Han Xia, there is a Taoist priest named Maitreya. When building the foundation, he awakens to the past, holds the green scroll, holds the sky mirror, and pursues the vast fairyland
literary and Art Edition: Maitreya has a wonderful boat body. Enter the Tao and seek truth. Holding the green scroll of xuanlu, the universe and the earth can take care of your heart. The purple smoke covers the sky
it's a statue in the Da Luo Tian. The high God of Jianggong is the Jade Emperor of Xianfu.
Mo Guan Lan
The daily life of Dali Temple Secretary
You are a carefree guest in the Jianghu. I will obey the law to control the world
Yang Qingyuan is willing to be the Secretary of Dali temple, so as to ensure that heaven has a way and all things obey the law
an ordinary homicide case, but a shocking conspiracy was involved
Yang Qingyuan took this opportunity to set off a storm to sweep away evil and get rid of evil in the Zhou Dynasty
to sweep away the evil forces in the Jianghu and the court,
to ban unregistered illegal organizations
heaven has its way, and all things obey the law
the best colleague: Li xunhuan
the best detective: Di Zhiyuan
the best forensic: Song HuiFu
Meng Hui Xi Zhao
Honghuang: I'm an iron eater. I'm overheard by the backyard
He crossed the wasteland and became the first iron eating beast in the world. He was bound to the divine salt fish system and was taken as the favorite of the ancestors
rolling means that all cultivation and understanding are floating clouds. This treasure can become stronger when lying down
however, I don't know why. Since that day, the earth has changed
My name is Houtu and I am one of the ancestors
I have a big stupid bear, but I don't know why. From that day on, I can actually hear its voice
[I, an iron eater, love to eat animal milk!]
[I can't even think of this. What are you doing as a zuwu?]
[preach, preach, are you so eager to change your name? Well, the battle of the Lich is imminent. I will move to the netherworld in advance, so that when I wake up, the fight may be over.]
back soil: '
Fen Nu De Wu Zei
My simulated longevity Road
How difficult is the fairy way
What's more, this immortal cultivation world has been completely changed by a plague
people are infected with diseases. Once the immortal comes into contact with them, their cultivation will be reduced in the light, and they will return to heaven in the heavy. Therefore, the immortal and the mortal will be separated forever
immortal Dharma cannot be practiced together. The whole cultivation world has become a huge dark forest
Li Fan came through. Although he was ambitious, he could only roll in the world and waste his life
fortunately, at the end of his life, he finally woke up to the exotic treasure, and was able to turn the real life into a dream and return to the time when he just passed through
therefore, Li Fan began his long life
the second, Li Fan, who had been in power for 50 years, found no Fairies in the world. Only at the end of life can we see immortal traces
in the third generation, Li Fan tried his best to plan, but he could not beat the immortal's sword
the fourth generation...
I, Li Fan, a mortal, will not regret for a hundred generations, but will live forever!
Ye Jin Qiu Han
I want to be a God
Through the world of deities, even the great Luo Jinxian could not escape from the deities. The real immortals could die at any time, and the protagonists became courtiers of the Yin and Shang Dynasties
originally, I wanted to hold my thigh until the end of the deification. Unexpectedly, I was acquiesced by the heaven to become a saint as long as I came to the deification list
Shen Xin was in a hurry and shouted, 'get out of my way and let me die!'! Zhunti: this son is destined for the West. He should build our western road and enter our door. He will certainly develop our Buddhism in the future. I will protect him. He must not be allowed to be listed as a God and enter the heaven
SHEN Gongbao: please stay! You are the last hope of my Yin Shang. Don't go to that dangerous situation alone. I will certainly call thousands of friends to help you
Wen Zhong: Doctor Shen is a loyal minister of the great merchants. He is the jade pillar of heaven. He must protect his life and protect the Yin Shang world. Now Zhong is willing to die in exchange for a chance of life
Shen Xin: MP!
Chun Jiu Lian Bao Deng
I have a world of cultivating immortals
Chen Mobai, a senior three student of Xianmen No. 5 high school, is working hard to review and prepare for admission to dadaoyuan. His goal is to develop a new world


Mo Si Ke Qian Gong Guo Sha
Exploitation Hollywood, 1980
Hollywood has summed up many formulas... What movies will succeed
however, there are always box office blockbusters that meet the formula.
Ronald Lee has traveled to Hollywood in the 1980s.
can he discover the secret of film success
because he can dream of movie clips he saw in his previous life...
he is good at making high box office movies and winning awards for actors.
he has brought many friends, enemies and confidants to Ronald...
he helps Cameron to invest
changed the script for Akira Kurosawa
filling Tom Cruise's teeth
take Demi Moore to debut
George Lucas,
Francis Coppola,
Martin Scorsese,
rushed to announce that he was Ronald Lee's teacher
Spielberg went to the magic city to make movies,
asked Ronald Lee to introduce the Chinese food turtle Ling cream by name
one of the Hollywood actresses' favorite directors
young people in Japan regarded his MV as a popular guide
women who were raped, I'll see his movie the first day I'm rescued
Qiao Ke Li Zhan Tang
Food circle external hanging Emperor
When Fu Yu woke up from his dream, he felt that he had been forced to eat a pie by heaven
everything familiar suddenly becomes virtualized
the kitchen table, the tools used, the co-workers and the customers
all people and things have become walking NPCs and auxiliary props
daily life and work have become the main tasks to be completed and the key clues for advancement< br/>
the customer ordered a piece of loose meat
Fu Yu takes out a piece of fresh tenderloin: [pork: freshness: 90%]
hold the egg in one hand: [egg: freshness: 85%]
heat oil in the pot, prepare starch, and prepare green onions, ginger and garlic
fry the meat first and then fry it. After the meat is cooked, put it in the pan and put it in front of the customer: [Ding! Complete the task with a piece of loose meat. Get rewards: cooking experience + 10, RMB + 10, no oil leakage spoon!]
as a cook who is chased by God to feed, he will be promoted as long as he cooks!
Xian Ting Shu Ma Yi
In the red days of rebirth, I planted in the space
In the fiery years of rebirth, Luo Xuan struggled hard in the face of a familiar and unfamiliar environment. How to choose between family affection, human affection and strong affection
there are meat, fish and all kinds of food in the space. Who should I help What should I do? I'm waiting online. Please come up with your ideas ~
Wu You
I choose a new job at random every week
Experience the driver and reward the son of Pagani
experience university teachers and reward ten buildings
experience the chartered company and reward 1 billion yuan
this book is also known as: Why are people who like me so good?
I don't want any more money.
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Xue Ye Gu Lang
Uncle is fierce
Don't rush through so sadly! They are not emperors, princes, generals, literati, poets, or dandy young masters. They are not useless firewood, or their son-in-law who comes to the door to reverse life. It is OK to be young at all. But he, Wang Longyu, a generation of soldiers, is wearing on a fat uncle in his thirties and sixties who has achieved nothing, and his body is super scum, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high uric acid, gout, and coronary heart disease... & helip; Nobody wants to burn firewood
the lover has gone, he has no car, no room, no job and no dignity. He has also been in prison for three years because of the most humiliating attempt of Qiang J. he has been in detention for 20 times, eating, drinking, gambling, smoking, cheating and stealing decathlon. He has also inherited the most tragic element of the male protagonist. His parents have died and he is poor
see how Uncle Lang reverses his life and reaches the peak of his life. This book is also known as Uncle Lang's turning back and late success
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Feng Hua Xue Le
At this moment, I am the guardian God of China
On the Christmas Eve of December 24, 0260, a large number of sea animals appeared in the old copper mountain of the United States, and none of the people in the city survived
on April 23, 0261, level 6 sea animals appeared in the northern bear country, and the whole country was occupied
on January 1, 0262, the first day of the new year, there were 10 level sea animals in China, code named 'Taotie', and China fell< br/>
in January 0260, the Chinese god of war Chen Feng was reborn 11 months before the outbreak of sea animals
he won the trust of the high-level, and will build a great wall of steel on the nearly 20000 km coastline of China
the foreign media are shocked by the Oriental miracle
'please open the door of the country and let us in!'
'we want to breathe the air without blood smell in the East!'
Jian Lou Bu Jian Qian
Antique Gold pupil treasure
Shen Yu, the little boss of the antique city, was made by an acquaintance, but it was a blessing in disguise that he had Jianbao Jintong. Since then, Yongxuan blue and white, Wanli colorful, guyuexuan porcelain, calligraphy of Wang Xizhi, the sage of calligraphy, and the authentic work of Wu Daozi, the sage of painting
all in your pocket.
Shi Nian Lao Chen Pi
Below, TCM flavin
My name is Huang, Huang in the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine, and Su in the Suwen chapter. I am a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who came back 23 years ago
at the turn of the century, follow the path of the famous flavin family and learn how TCM treats diseases and whether TCM can treat diseases
all medical records in the novel are true medical records and are for reference only. Please do not use drugs privately.
Zhong Kai Ba
Rebirth begins before the world cup
When he woke up, the 30-year-old wage earner who had achieved nothing returned to the age of 18. At this moment, the world cup has just begun, the 4G era has just begun, and the stock market is about to take off... I don't want to be a pig on the tuyere in my life. I just want to ride on the pig, even if I hold a thigh.
Wo Men Da Jia
The rise of Korean entertainment
The story of Li Menglong, a man who named himself, with the help of many beauties, he regained himself and rose up. The effect of this book is as follows: the male master does not form two; The mistress is not obsessed with flowers; Supporting role and villains are not lacking; Fight for no abuse in the whole process, try your best, try your best!
Yuan Fang De Lü Zhe
The married life of hundreds of billions
This is a post marriage story about a millionaires with hidden daughter slaves. As for the heroine of this article, it is likely that she is just a delivery man.
Sa Jia Li Gou Dan
Siheyuan: starting from saving Qinhuai Ru
I am he Yuzhu when I cross the love filled courtyard! All the animals in the courtyard want to suck blood? I think you all need to be 'saved' by
! First of all, let's start with Qin huairu. Let me teach you how to be a real woman in the new era!


Xie Jian Yuan Xing
Commander, please stay
The commander is the head of an army. He has a high position and a powerful position. No strong man can do it
at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt, the uprising in the six towns was in full swing, and numerous well-known governors emerged
among them, governor Er Zhu Rong Er Zhu, who has more merits than Cao Cao and has more disasters than Dong Zhuo, Governor Chen Qingzhi, who swept the Northern Wei Dynasty with 8000 white robes, governor Gao Huan, who made a fortune with a face and a mouth and ate soft food, governor he Ba Yue He Ba, who is well-equipped with both literature and martial arts, and Governor Yu Wen Taiyu, who is low-key and honest
all are heroes
but among these commanding governors, there is also a very different kind of people
there is an unknown Governor Liu. Although he is more handsome than Gao Huan, more powerful than Chen Qingzhi, Bill Zhu Rong is better tempered, more cautious than he Bayue, and more low-key and generous than Yu Wentai
however, it is reputed as the 'crow commander' by people and is despised by various forces because of the fact that whoever dies, falls with whom, and praises who is unlucky
'have you heard that ER zhurong is a world-class talent. Cao Cao has reappeared and is holding a strong army. He is about to ascend the throne and become the emperor.
How about you and I follow Er zhurong to learn from the dragon?'
on the street of Luoyang, Liu Yi kept his promise and bewitched Linqing County Baron Chen Yuankang.
Chong Zhi
Regent Daming
He rose to the top, he was deeply loved by the holy family, he was the focus of the world, and he was a very high official. He was reviled by the world and hated by the clean people. He was the biggest backer of all corrupt officials in the Manchu Dynasty. Among the people, half of the people think he is in the world
Xiong Gong Chu Meng
The glory of the young eagle
On the day when the disaster came to Waterloo, the piercer came to the world and became the unfortunate successor. He will change the fate and history, escape from the cage and cut through the thorns. Finally, he will ascend the throne in the name of Napoleon II to drive him, not in the name of his father, but in his own glory!
Guai Dan De Biao Ge
The end of Song Dynasty
The Last Song Dynasty has not recovered Yanyun, and the Last Song Dynasty has been bullied by foreign enemies... When the Southern Song Dynasty is about to die, he must do those great deeds that the Last Song Dynasty has failed to achieve.
Xie De Xin
In 1213 ad, the state of Jin became weaker and weaker, while the Southern Song Dynasty was still in decline; Xixia, Dali, Korea and Japan are not worth mentioning
the unprecedented power has risen on the plateau and will irrigate the Eurasian continent with the blood of hundreds of millions of people. At present, a young man holds a bow and knife, trying to hold the throat of fate.
Yue Xia Guo Zi Jiu
Mixed in the Imperial Palace, fake eunuch
At first, Li Yi, dressed as a little eunuch, didn't really want to wear a green hat for the emperor. But later, looking at the noble and graceful queen, Li Yi's mind changed. He wanted to give people maternity leave
'you sit on the mountain, and I'll take care of the beauty for you.' Li Yi had a good discussion with the emperor, but the emperor couldn't sit on that chair
there are wolves in the front, tigers in the back, and a bunch of treacherous ministers. Seeing that the country is not the country and the family is not home, Li Yi wields a butcher's knife
Shang Tang Dou Miao
Concubines are invincible
In the third year of Kaiping in the Liang Dynasty, a soul from the earth came to the Dingguo government and attached himself to Pei Yue, the abused concubine. From then on, he opened his invincible road in this strange world.
Wo Jia Jun Jun Zi
I'm a faint king in women's novels
I, the state of Chen, perished and despondent, beat money! What, no money? People come here, they will seize their homes, destroy their families, and confiscate three companies
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Lin Yue Nan Xi
The Red Mansions are leaning against the sky
When thousands of red people cry, they are all sad. White bones like mountains forget their surnames, nothing but childe and red makeup. In order to avoid the fate of being implicated by the Jia family, the souls of the young people of later generations had no choice but to step into the camp. However, when they looked around, they found that the family and the country were in danger of chaos. In order not to make the land of China sink and the land smell fishy, they had no choice but to carry a three foot sword, sweep away the officials, swing the bandits, pacify the tartar prisoners, and pull the heaven
all this started with cutting off Hu Qin Keqing
Wo Bei Jie Cao Zei
My father is Yuan Shu? But I want to be a thief
In the second year of Jian'an, Yuan Shu overstepped the throne
Chu Feng, looking at such a large family business, knows that Yuan Shu will be defeated and has a Cao thief system.
'Dad, the world is in chaos now, and Yuan Shu's dog won't be able to live for two years. Why don't we store up grain and garrison troops to rebel and stand on our own feet?'
therefore, under systematic coercion, he captured the wives and concubines of Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Liu Biao, and others. All of them were interrogated separately to find out the truth
Cao Cao: 'I'm not as good as I am in my hobby!'
Liu Bei: 'the thief of Chu, Lv Bu captured my wife. Why don't you return it?'
Lu Bu: 'my unfilial daughter led my beloved concubine to search for the Chu thief. What a shame!'
PS: this book is full of historical facts and contains a hard core!
Feng Wei Yu
Cold door owl Dragon
Download the client to view the complete work introduction.
Mao Jue Shi
True records of rebellion in the imperial era
Shen Mo, the small boss of the start-up company, passed through the fishy smell of the Hui Dynasty, and the Tartars were rampant. In 1679, when the Han family declined, he became a 'remnant evil' of the former Ming Dynasty
at that time, it was the 18th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty
Wu Sangui, who rebelled again, failed to revolt and died in Hengzhou five months later
Zheng Jing was an incompetent generation. He was defeated and finally retreated to Ryukyu
the rule of the Tartars is becoming stronger and stronger. All the horses in Kyushu are dumb, and the clothes of the Chinese nation are becoming more and more degraded
Shen Mo, who doesn't want to be a servant, looks around at a loss, but doesn't know where to go
fortunately, God played a trick on him, but he opened a door to light and freedom
'Congratulations, you have activated the Empire age system. Please establish your empire age as soon as possible!'


Duo He Re Shui Zao Shui Zao Qi
Mystery: from the Witch
This is a crazy and dangerous era. The roar of guns and machinery never stops. The extraordinary people are out of control frequently, and secret cases emerge in endlessly
maybe you don't want to get involved in the dispute, but when you step into the extraordinary moment, everything is doomed
in the dark sky, Anthony slightly raised his top hat: 'when we first met, I was Anthony, or you can call me... Destiny.'
'there is no 'witch'!'
Zuo Shou Xing Jia Bai Lie
Save the ark of tomorrow with the game system
'Hey, kid, stop playing with the computer. Do you want to hear a story from me?'
[no, I want to play the game. Today, the legend of vaivan: the immortal lightning will be open for download. I've been waiting for a year.]
'it's a coincidence that I'm talking about this' immortal lightning 'story. Besides, I know many details that won't appear in the game.'
[Oh, shit! This game has skipped again! It's been a year! I want to refund!]
'Oh, damn! You can't refund! You haven't seen your father's beautiful and heroic appearance in those days!'
[Oh, damn! Why can't I... Wait for what you said?]
'mmm... It's nothing. Now that the tickets are skipped, do you want to hear my story?'
[then you say.]
'this is the legend of 'immortal lightning' and Rhode Island, a story of saving the world and saving yourself.'
Gun . Gun
Conan's self-cultivation of fake wine
There is an organization in which half of its members are undercover, a small half of its members are garbage, a small half of its members are fishing, and only a small number of its members are loyal to their work
ask questions. Now you are a member of that organization, and you are one of the very few. What should you do now
answer: Thank you for your invitation. I'm in Tokyo and have just passed through. In this case, it must be directly put. Put a correct attitude, continue to be loyal to the organization and work hard until death
I'm serious.
Yu Mu Shao Sheng
Meiman: Start Guide Batman
Once through, Schiller became Batman's teacher and professor of psychology at the University of Gotham
Bruce Wayne entered the psychological consulting room on the first day of his arrival
Schiller had to open the Meiman chat system and sent the first post: Batman asked me the meaning of life. How should I answer? It's very urgent to wait online
Schiller Andel Rodriguez is a world-class criminal psychology master and the most famous professor of psychology at the University of Gotham. His students include superheroes and super criminals, but he does not belong to any of them. Batman likes to call him a 'Professor', the clown calls him 'the calmest madman', the scarecrow calls him 'Akam's fish in the net', and Nick Frey thinks he is a 'exonerator'
as Batman's teacher, spider's godfather, and iron man's psychologist, Schiller's journey to beauty begins with Batman's guidance at the beginning
omnimax (including movie universe), DC marvel and other comics do not abuse the master, and the supporting role does not harm the intelligence
(don't care about the title of the book! It's not a studio text! It's not a chat group! The system has no sense of existence! It's about to change its name! It's really changing!)
You Zhu
Cultivating immortals starts with time management
In the dynasty, he was a Kunlun alchemist. In the evening, he returned to Shushan to be a sword immortal. No one can tell whether I am loyal or treacherous after stealing three thousand laws from Penglai
there are ten thousand roads in this world, which lead to eternal life. Ordinary people only take one route, but I am forced to take all
don't ask, asking is time management!
Xiao Ji Zhuo Xiao Mi
Tokyo video game tycoon
Electronic games are one of the important ways of people's entertainment in the new era
however, the Japanese zhuyouxing, who has traversed the parallel world, finds that the game industry in this world is extremely depressed and seems never to have arisen
therefore, zhuyouxing decided to bring the ninth art to the world
'Mom, Super Mario 3 is on sale! This is the Christmas gift I want most!'
'my Zelda is addicted to picking up branches and has no intention to save the princess'
'it is link who saved the princess!'
'ah? Really? All right, Zelda'
'I'm willing to sacrifice my soul, just to protect the fire girl!'
'compared with racing cars, extreme racing is YDS!'
'Tifa is my eternal goddess!'
games never sleep. This is a story that only focuses on the development of the game entertainment industry
(this story is a parallel universe and does not imply any relevant characters. If there are similarities, it is purely coincidental.)
Jue Wang De Bai Kai Shui
I went to Hogwarts, the one Grindelwald liked
Headmaster: Garrett Grindelwald
(director of the wizard Reform Association and first-class Wizard of the Merlin order)
to Mr. Sean wallop
congratulations, you have been admitted to Newmont GAD School of witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of books and equipment required
the term is scheduled to start on September 1. Please send your reply before July 31
vice principal (female)
Vita Rozier
I'd like to thank you for your attention.
looking at the second admission letter of Wizardry school that he received, Sean was lost in thought...
in this magical world, there are big problems
San Xing Xiao Huo Long
He knows more about dreams than I do
Full level game NPCs can see through everything, and their souls cross into the animation world, becoming the master of novice trainer Xiaozhi
when the king of Baiyin mountain meets the master of inverse attribute, the world also begins to change
chi: 'well, why does the world seem to revolve around Xiaozhi?'
Xiaozhi: 'Damn it, as long as I inherit brother Chi's legacy, does Master baokemeng have hands?'
illustrated book: 'di. Human beings just want to have fun. No one understands Baoke dream better than me.'
Pikachu: 'pika.'
Red: '.'
in a word, this is a picturesque adventure
group number: 3089827, welcome to join. There are no less than 50 fans in the group.
Zhe Hen Ke Xue A
What is a hexagon playing wild
{League of heroes E-sports article}
group warfare, gank, vision, operation, consciousness, hero pool... All filled
GU Xing explains with his career what is called hexagon fighting wild
the 18-year-old Gu Xing unexpectedly discovered his unique talent. Originally, he only wanted to make some living expenses in his spare time in summer to relieve the economic pressure of his family, but he accidentally plunged into the LPL in 2016
there are sweeping EDG, the emerging RNG, and the reorganization of version 2.0 of we in the League...
there are strong enemies outside the league. Lck, which has won the championship for three consecutive years, is like a rainbow. It is still continuing its rule. The European and American divisions are ready to try to turn around, and LPL is still walking in the boundless darkness
but they all came
from the moment Gu Xing embarks on his career path, his goal is only the champion
from the ignorant newcomer to the team leader, and then to the symbol of the division and even the League of heroes, he has stepped up to the peak!
Nuo Mi Zi Hai Bao
My summons is strange
'Why are the things you summon so strange that they can't be a little normal?' Lu Yu helplessly looked at the guy waving his tentacles in front of him
'who makes me see you when I look up...'
Endless story: starting from the moon
Thank you for inviting me. I'm in Dongmu. I'm called the second master
the second uncle just died...
this time point is very good
just after the end of the fourth Holy Grail War, the young man named Jiantong Shinji began to wake up and pass through the memories before reincarnation
remember the joke on the Internet of the previous life. What is the first thing to do when you travel to Dongmu city
insect killer, save Sakura
SHEN Er looks at himself in the mirror...
well, wash and sleep
[your system is online!]
Sakura! Ernie sauce is coming to save you
... Etc., some are wrong
how does the system smell like Siri?
Zhong Hua Xiao Tie Jiang
Lord survival: starting from the broken courtyard
[group: 79189241]
when we wake up, the whole people cross the alien world
this is a horrible world, almost immeasurable
there are dragons, Griffins, goblins, goblins, dwarves and orcs
there are also zombies, nests of the dead and various mythical monsters
everyone is a Lord. At the beginning, he chooses his background, a small courtyard and three farmers
if you want to get rich, you should first cut down the trees and gradually establish territory
lords need to explore maps, occupy areas, acquire resources, develop urban construction, and conquer monster dens
every other month, you need to resist the plunder of monster legions and various alien forces to survive
Zongshen woke up the strategy system at the beginning
strategy information will appear in everything you reach
help him find all the hidden treasures
[the crooked neck tree 50 meters southeast of the territory is actually not simple.]
[start digging 35 steps forward from your current position, and you will be surprised.]
[don't look, this treasure box is a trap. The poisonous gas inside will make you unconscious for three days and three nights.]
Zongshen has built a strong city while others are still struggling
there are countless powerful soldiers and epic heroes, and resources are piled up like mountains!


Mai Bao Xiao Lang Jun
Spirit Walker
It is said that there is a spiritual realm in the world. As for the view of the spiritual realm, there are many famous scholars and scholars in the past dynasties. The poem records: 'from Qi to Tang Dynasty, the mountain was desolate, the spiritual realm was lonely, and few people visited.'
'the spirit state can't be described. It's hard to find a ghost worker.' Zhang Yuanqing, a freshman at Shencheng University, got a VIP VIP VIP card by chance. Oh, no, it's a spirit pass.
Xi Zhen
She chose to farm
[after choosing to farm, I made the cannon fodder girl a winner in life] Xu Yin took the life support system and entered the world of thousands of novels that she had roast with negative scores, and all of them ended in a miserable life. Living is also the best cannon fodder for the female owner as the control group, and she made a bad start
Xu · Buddha is a small expert in farming · Yin:... Live! Salted fish can also lie down, but don't get involved in the plot
you have become a winner in life.
Yi Dong You Xiang
The journey of strangers
When Heather looked back on the past, he found that it was really a long and strange journey. This is a story of shuttling between different worlds, collecting all kinds of legendary equipment while traveling comfortably, and a story of a stranger looking for the way home
full time hunters, Pirates of the Caribbean, final fantasy, game king, monster hunters... How can none of these worlds help me find my way home
what? Where did I get the legendary equipment? Oh, these are all from the hospitable local residents!
Ji Mo Bai
Save the Bachelor of heaven
Rajesh kusapari hopes to find a companion for life; Xie Yongqiang hopes to be with Wang Xiaomeng all his life; Ji Xiaolan doesn't want to disappoint Du Xiaoyue any more; Yuan Hua doesn't want to give Qiu Ya away... To awaken the system, cross the world, and save the bachelors
I'm Xiang Nan, and I'm working hard!
Hen Shi Jiao Qing
Three and a half years old: Tuan Chong's baby milk bag is sweet and soft
Nanzhi is still a treasure, but she wants to go to so many worlds to save the children who are hurt and abandoned at will because of their weakness
the world of adults is complex and magnificent. They love each other so much that they break their hearts. They shake their heads with their shoulders. They love me or not. They love me. They give their lives to you, regardless of the little baby next to them
if you hate to destroy others and yourself, the world will fall apart. If you don't get it, you will be destroyed, especially your evil seed. It's so bad that you can't fight the weak. If you can't fight the strong, you can fight the weak... Children are the weakest
Nanzhi: wake up, our treasure. I just want to grow up quietly.
Wei He Wo Shi Shen
The beginning of survival: a small tree house
[survival + land reclamation]
welcome to the world of survival
here, forget everything you once had and try to live
at the beginning, there is no tool except a tree house seed, but we need to find hope for life in this dangerous jungle
[unlocking the rights of the creator of the survival world...]
what is the situation
[creator permission unlocking failed...]
what is the situation
this is a strange world. In this world, you will constantly encounter new adventures, discover the unknown, and explore the secret of exploration, land reclamation and the world. It is not a slow-paced farming text
Mo Dai Xuan Fu Shi
Practitioners of the heavens: start with the watchdog
Xie Yuan, who is still at the bottom of the world of quality effect, was saved by a system called 'adventure' when a pirate invaded and was about to die. In order to save his life, he had to work as a mercenary in various game worlds to seize the air or important objects for the system. For this reason, he browsed the CTOs system of

Nova 6 of call of Duty 5 and call of Duty 7,
the multi-functional parasite of alloy equipment: phantom pain
the T virus, G virus, V virus, sunflower primordial virus of biochemical crisis 0, biochemical crisis 1, biochemical crisis 3

the alien spacecraft of radiation: 3 / New Vegas / 4, the Great Rift Valley weapons and bionic human technology
the cyberspace of cyberpunk 207
but Xie Yuan also has his ambition. He wants to climb to a higher level of life through this system. Although it is also being used by the system, he thinks that the person who laughs the last is the happiest. Until he finds out the secret of the truth is actually in the Andromeda universe.
Hua Biao
Split sky riding
The fallen air knight is the tears of the sky, and the height will not give up. Blood, fire and iron fall from the sky. Look, the sky is crying
the roaring soul is rising!
Tu Pao Pao De Li Yu
Global lords: start as desert Lords
Introduction: Lords, farming, cultivation, arms, exploration and development
tens of millions of people across the world have passed through the game world of glorious era. All of them have become lords and have their own territory
recruit arms, collect resources, occupy mineral veins, attack cities, and build an empire
the most important thing in the Lord world is undoubtedly the nest of arms that can recruit arms
however, the potential of the arms' nests is fixed. If you want to get top-level arms, you can only defeat those powerful wild arms and occupy their nests
but Richard found that he could directly raise the level of the arms' lair
since then, he has trained all kinds of extremely powerful arms
when other players are still ecstatic about getting a high-level weapon
behind Richard, there appeared desert Pharaoh, scorpion emperor, mechanical giant, demon Baron, blood clan grand duke, five color evil dragon, fallen angel...
since then, a prosperous and shining oasis city appeared in the desert, and he became the master of the desert
PS: I have finished the novel 'I became the ancestor of the blood clan' with three million words. Thank you for watching
Zhao Bu Qian
The only savior
Introduction to the ordinary version:
the world and the world began to overlap, and various strange monsters appeared one after another. As the only person with extraordinary power on the earth, Zhang Xiaoman felt great pressure
in order to make it easier, he decided to tell a lie
well, it's actually a story about how the big hucko fooled and saved the world
Introduction to the serious Edition:
the world is changing
when the unknown truth is revealed, the evil in the shadow begins to spread, and the darkness will cover this land. Who is still watching the dawn
the chapter of awakening has been written, the prelude of evolution has begun to play, and the ancient hymn is singing in our ears
'fear will eventually be dispelled by hope, and the will of the inheritor will overcome everything!'
Introduction to the Second Edition:
monsters have invaded the world
monster side lineup: the whole universe
human team: I am one
what should I do? Wait online! Very urgent!
Yun Miao Xian
Monster tea party
On the reclining chair, Xiao Xiao's hand was half on his forehead, his eyes half open and half closed. The branches above are vertical and horizontal, blocking the too bright sunshine. The white plum is clear and the cold fragrance is clear. A piece of plain sleeve falls down On the Wutong tree on the other side of the yard, there are 'chirp' and 'hum' sounds occasionally. Occasionally, there is a 'cluck' sound, like a child's laughter, but it is somewhat strange for no reason The soft touch on his face made him smile. In a daze, he thought: unconsciously, the yard is so busy. We can have a tea party.
Jiu Shi Yao Jiao Bai Xiong
Ash God
My name is Zhang Yanhang. I am an ordinary awakening person. I am a part-time college student. I live a monotonous life at 3:1 every day. I go to school, practice and go home. I neither smoke nor drink. My only hobby is to observe human beings when time stops
I thought this boring life would last forever, but when I was lying in bed that night, I came across some interesting things
[enter the world of ashes?]
[option 1: Yes (to successfully enter the ashes world and obtain the ability of body data and the channel of strengthening, at the cost of being late for school tomorrow due to staying up late.)]
[option 2: no (I refuse to enter the ashes world, but I feel that it is a waste to go to bed immediately, so I started playing games all night and practicing in the way, at the cost of being late for school tomorrow because I stayed up late.)]
[option 3: temporarily ignore (it is recommended to select this option for patients with selection difficulties. After that, you will go to sleep at 2:00 a.m. if you have been struggling with whether to enter the ashes world all day and night, and the price is that you may be late for school tomorrow because of staying up late.)]
PS: the protagonist is not the virgin, and he is decisive in killing. The brain circuit is different from ordinary people. Don't spray if you don't like it.


Chun Jin Zi Dan Tou
The strongest shuttle system
When he wakes up, Lin Fan crosses the world of Luding Ji and gets the ten thousand boundary shuttle system, starting his journey to becoming a God
Xu Wei Ju Quan
Doomsday paradise
'I think... My boyfriend seems to want to kill me.' Lin San murmured. Thinking of her handsome and gentle boyfriend, she could not help shivering. The doomsday hell opened by the people around her is roaring toward her The second world has a strong flavor plot. If you don't like it, please take a detour.
Hui Se Mo Shi Lu
Black magic envoy
There is a definite number between luck and misfortune. Lucky or unlucky, since I have come to this world, how can I look good? What a world it is!
Mo Xiao Mao
Douluo: dressed as Tang San's sister and Xiao Yan He
The Xianyu female college student of the modern guwu aristocratic family brings the useless skills of cultivating immortals
unexpectedly, it was Tang Ning, Tang San's sister, who entered the world of the popular novel Douluo mainland
from the beginning, the identity of the male leader and the female sister determined her group pet route
however, Tang Ning never dreamed that she would meet Xiao Yan, the emperor of Yan, who is the male master of the universe
the most important thing is that she is just holding another golden thigh
How can you be taken away as your daughter-in-law? Sure enough, someone is cutting black. Hello
Shrek and the others were speechless: when people go to school, you scatter dog food, or both brother and sister scatter dog food! Human affairs
in the whole continent, Tang Ning is the most invincible person. She is the sister of Tang San, the sea god, and is extremely noble
I'm also super strong. I'm the standard match for a stable girl of good luck. What if Tang San and I can't beat each other
look at her killer skill: husband summoning! Come out! Yan Emperor Xiao Yan
Tang Ning: Thank you for your invitation. I'm Tang Ning. I bring my immortal cultivation skill plug-in. My omnipotent full-level husband Yandi, the sea god Shura, is there any last words for those who dare to provoke me
note: Tang Sanmei is in charge of the pet sister. The main CP Tang Ning and the Yan Emperor Xiao Yan, the three dances and other officials are not removed, and the Shrek seven monsters are not black. The female leader is the pet of the whole group and the winner of the force value explosion life.
depending on the situation, there will be their own original plot. We will forgive you for any changes.
Hei Yan Xiao Yao De Xiao Yao
Dead operation
After the head teacher left a strange assignment, the next day came the news of her death. On this day, we recalled the fear of being dominated by the assignment. Two shifts a day, we rewarded the jade pendant and one shift.
Zuo Jia Sha Mo Luo Tuo
I'm an elder in a difficult situation
Su Huanzhen handed Qin Feixian a brocade bag
Su Zhen: BOS is too strong to fight. It seems that it's time to invite the elder
Qin Feixian: the elder! Is it...
Su Huanzhen: Yes, it's the elder who is a legend in the sword world...
Qin Feixian: wait, shouldn't it be the peak of the sword world
Su Zhenzhen: are we talking about the same senior
Qin Feixian: what do you say
Xiao Bai Cong Xin
Opening: Heihua Jiang Yuyan
Jiang Yuyan, who is not blackened, is still my favorite Jiang Yuyan
Zhen Yue Yu Xin
Network new Liaozhai
Zhu Yan is an ordinary office worker and also an online writer. Her life is plain and full. However, her grandmother's deathbed words revealed a secret that had been buried for 24 years - a shocking blood case killed Zhu Yan's parents. Zhu Yan, who was still in her infancy at that time, was the only living witness at the scene of the murder, and the murderer has not been caught. Since then, Zhu Yan has embarked on the road of chasing evil... A different story, a different experience, and a rescue. What he wants is a heartbeat, and what he plays is excitement. This is the feeling that network writers need, and it also makes the life of Zhu Yan, who has a little special ability - especially sensitive to death, more wonderful.
Dao Xiao Mian An Yao Chi
Hogwarts melon eater
'I, Anna ribola Lawrence, a lucky person who has been reborn and a peep at the crack of fate, are determined to live in this new world! I will try to become an ordinary melon eater. Following the footsteps of most people, I hide in a dark corner and watch the vicissitudes of the world indifferently...'
'Dear Anna, I'm sorry to disturb you to write your diary, but it's time to eat!'
'OK mom, I'll be right there!'
at this time, an owl hurried by and threw a letter
'pa', the letter hit on the glass window and attracted Anna's attention...

Harry Potter has the same humanities. This article is long and slow
newcomers write! I hope you will raise some points
The hostess and Weasley are the same age as the twins, and CP Fred Weasley does not split the official match
and, the story of this article begins half a year before the female principal enters school. I have a lot of nonsense and like to describe it. Please pay attention to lightning protection.
Hong Fei Qing Shu Ke
Wudang tunnel sweeper awakens full level understanding at the beginning
Lu Heng passed through the world of martial arts and was sent to Wudang school by his family to become a servant Taoist boy. He thought he was busy all his life, but he woke up to the full level understanding system
as long as you study hard, observe, listen to the preaching, practice martial arts, and compete with each other, you can get gains
[carefully listen to the master's preaching, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete beginner's mental skill]
[carefully listen to the boxing taught by Mo Shenggu, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang fist skill]
[carefully read the Taoist secret book, stimulate the full level understanding, and understand the complete the Nine Yin Manual]
[carefully observe and emulate the martial arts sword skill, trigger the full level understanding, and understand the complete Wudang sword skill]
[carefully watch Wudang's martial arts performance, trigger the full level's understanding, and understand the perfection of pure Yang and boundlessness]
[carefully learn martial arts with fellow disciples, trigger the full level's understanding and understanding.]
several years later, Zhang Cuishan returned to Wudang from abroad to start the Dragon killing drama. Lu Heng has entered the martial arts field and emerged as a talent
the fist shakes the Jianghu, the sword kills Yuan Meng, the chivalry upholds justice, and is free and happy until the martial arts break the void. Relying on heaven is just the beginning. There are other worlds.
Zui Luo Tuo
Falling clear kite
At that time, the youth had already stood at the end of their growth. Looking back on the past, all the ruggedness had already blossomed.
Qing Ben Yue
HP people always
She wore the book, and she saw the man she had always wanted to see - Snape. always?
but life can have many eternity. Group portraits, master Snape and original heroine.


Yu Yu Zhu
Cook in Wei and Jin Dynasties
This is a capital construction article about working hard with a blind date in order to survive in troubled times. It is also called 'I do capital construction in troubled times'. Zhao Hanzhang suffered an accident on the way back to school. As soon as he opened his eyes, he came to the chaotic northern and Southern Dynasties. In this era when the order was broken and the etiquette and morality were all fed to the dogs, some people were unwilling to yield to the fate, yearned for freedom and worked hard optimistically.
Guan Er Xiao Xuan
Back in 1990, she became rich by scientific research
Qin Hongfei woke up and went back to the year 19 before the crossing. She took a bad card. Her father died in the beginning. Her mother was mad and hated countless people. She inherited millions of debts from her family's small shop. Her father didn't love her. Her elder sister dropped out of school early to mix with the entertainment industry. She was completely blackened. Everyone stepped on her
it doesn't matter. With more than 20 years of scientific research experience, I took over the maintenance shop at home. Do you repair electrical appliances
five hundred and one times, and ten times the damage. We all know that there is a maintenance shop in Qinhuai street, and there are always people who have to pay to jump in the queue. At first, he was an e-commerce boss, and later he was a high-tech personnel in the central city. Why did the professor of a high-level college who is often asked to be interviewed by the newspaper come in person< br/>
? Before meeting Qin Hongfei, Tang Jinnan's teacher said that women are all stumbling blocks on the way to growth. One after another, Tang Jinnan found that the teacher had misled his children.
Zi Su Yi Ye
After wearing the book, he became the vicious stepmother of seven villains
Wang Xiaoxia woke up and picked up a white fat son. After her brain was soaked with memories that did not belong to her, she found that she was actually wearing a book
I think she's a poison doctor, the second most famous killer in the world. She even wears a novel called the Regent's new favorite, and becomes a top-level female cannon fodder, a vicious stepmother with ugly appearance
the evil stepmother is still a widow. Six villains' oil bottles will be given to her. Drag oil A bottle calculated that she wanted to drive her away, and united the people in the village to trip her up
if she comes, she'll take it easy. In order to live more episodes in the book, she can't kill these little rabbits. It's really heartbreaking...
'stepmother, are you ashamed? Dare to steal a man behind my father's back!'
'stepmother, if you hand over the money, we will let you go!'
'stepmother, you'll never let our father go of you.'
this is an inch's worth. As a stepmother, she must have the dignity of a stepmother, and can only wait on her with a stick. [unfold] [stow]
Ba Yue Wei Lan
Sister Bei is poisonous
This article: former campus and later City, double strong, sweet pet, vest, business war, micro power
in order to find the other half of their lost codes, the male and female owners skillfully dealt with the black organization from not looking at each other's eyes to loving and knowing each other and complementing each other. Finally, they merged and repaired the two pieces of incomplete codes, reaping their own love and achieving a business legend
voice over:
The hostess was born in a humble family. She was abandoned by her parents when she was young. She was ridiculed by all kinds of people: 'insects under the fence!'
The hostess Leng hum: 'what is my origin? Do you think I am a person who bows to fate?'
the male owner has a prominent family background, but he is ostracized by his brother. His parents hate him for being hard boiled: 'he wants to ruin his family!'
the male owner chuckled: 'what about the wealth of the family? I can't bear to give up my children and keep the wolf!'
Shi Feng Qing
The runaway imperial concubine is a cruel character
He was the crown prince of the east palace. In the battle of seizing the throne, he was framed to suffer from the evil of witches and witches. He was killed. He fell to the cliff and died. He was rescued by the white wolf king and got the power of the white wolf king. Only when the East Palace came back from the blood bath, he took charge of the world again; She is the leader of the organization of the modern ghost moon, and also the second highest killer of the moon. She was designed by her boyfriend to die and passed through the history of overhead. She became the daughter of the Shu family. She was rejected by her father and thrown into Qixing mountain because she hit the evil spirit. Later, she was brought back to the mountains by Mo Guiyan to learn art After eight years of study, he came back to save the East Palace, tore up the white lotus, violently beat his aunt, and resented his father. When the Shu family abandoned her as if she were my shoes, he was the only one who had the insight and insight to strongly pester her, and vowed to spoil her. When the imperial court was in turmoil, he helped the east palace to seize the world. Let's see how they turned the world around on the thorny road of revenge
[expand] [collapse]
Yue Jian Ming Qiao Ying
Nongmen Tuan pampers Xiaofu doctor
When he opened his eyes, Su Zhiyu, the head of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, was stunned. The farm girl dressed as a Pantao village has a bad reputation and is surrounded by walls. People who go out shout at her
fortunately, God treats her well. There are five brothers who love her. Old Su's family takes her as a baby egg! After a fall, he got all the gas stoves in the farm space and picked up a sick beautiful boy to be the child's foster husband
make medicinal meals, grow mulberry fields, lead the whole village to become rich and well-off, and the days are getting more and more moist r> Gao Leng's proud and charming little husband has also become a spoiled wife, chasing after his buttocks for hugs
[expand] [collapse]
San Yang Tai Lai
I was a famous teacher in ancient times
In the previous life, the whole family had a bad end, the child in the womb was not saved, the eldest son died of typhoid fever, the husband was bedridden with a broken leg, and finally she and her husband died in the sea of fire
it's not the right time to come back. My husband's family is facing life and death. My father-in-law has died again to make a living and protect them from escaping
Yang Xi, '.
the beginning of hell
the husband said, 'this time I will protect you completely.'
Yang Xi, '.
is she alone in reincarnation?
Dong Ze Zhang Gong Zhu
The doctor's wife depends on the farmer
He died after medical treatment. Once he passed through a deserted place where birds don't poop, he was still an exile. Fu Yan could only live under the eaves of his enemy's house and ask for a meal. He was not even a husband and wife. He was always disturbed by the man's charming beauty. The man was cold and evil, and he hated and hated her. When she earned enough money to make the pair of mandarin ducks happy, The man suddenly grabbed her hand. What is this, this
'there are wolves on the mountain and robbers on the road.'
'I'm not afraid. I'll poison you one by one.'
'officers and men will come to catch you.'
'I have a way to hide the truth - what else do you want to say?'
'well, I can't bear to part with you.'
Jiao Hua De Miao
Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you
Little dragon cub takes the immortal treasure breaking beads from his father and crosses to Dayan Dynasty. The beginning was in the flood. I was swimming around happily and was saved by a family of four
since then, I have embarked on the road of escaping from famine
Wei Fu Yi
Palm Technique
The sun rises in Tanggu and falls in Yuyuan. Born in Yingdu, the soul returns to Taishan. He Lingjiang opened her eyes. She wanted to be herself. She had to be a person first.
Li Xiu
The control group who wore the adult pronoun and reborn the female owner
Yan Yun was abandoned by Zha man and died of illness. Before she died, she saw her husband, whom she despised, in a high position, holding Miao Xiaofeng, whom she despised at the beginning, and appearing on TV with boundless scenery
at the beginning, I was tired of abandoning my own son and called the woman's mother whom she despised. Thinking that I was instigated by Miao Xiaofeng to elope with others, I spat out blood and completely swallowed my breath
God has eyes. She was reborn. She was reborn before she made a big mistake. In this life, she vowed to be a good wife and mother, love her son and protect her husband, and reach the peak of her life
unfortunately, Yu Ran is not the hostess in this inspirational age article, but the unfortunate girl who wears the cannon fodder child bride in the male and female control group of the repentance article in the age of rebirth, who wears three green hats for her husband
the female leader has a successful career, and the male leader has been promoted all the way. Even the female leader's children are the children of others
but Yu Ran is disliked by men, disliked by her husband's family, and disliked by her son's cat and dog
The hostess is happy and beautiful
and Yu Ran gradually became a yellow faced woman. She was so ugly that she shocked people
in the end, the daughter of the master had both children, and she lived like the envy of the people of the whole country. Yu Ran died two times, and was reviled after death
now, Yu Ran has become the unfortunate cannon fodder of the control group
she hides her capacity and bides her time. She works hand in hand with the father of scientific research, who is more brilliant than the male leader. She leads a beautiful child like a child prodigy. She is so beautiful that it is suffocating. She has won the highest prize in world medicine
Yan Yun: '...
isn't it said that she is a cannon fodder child bride? Why do you live more like a chosen daughter than her reborn
she suspected that her rebirth was wrong, but there was no evidence.
Qing Meng Zui Hong Yan
Rebirth: beautiful and beautiful wife
After Chu Wan died, she became a wandering soul and followed Huo Yanzheng
this person is too cold and tough. Chu Wan was a natural person. She only wanted to divorce Huo Yanzheng. She didn't know that he really loved her until she saw that Huo Yanzheng had no reason to hold her cold body
returning from her rebirth, Chu Wan stared at Huo Yanzheng standing in front of her
before she could react, Huo Yanzheng pushed her against the wall and locked her firmly
he suddenly bowed his head and gave her a lingering kiss on her lips. Then Chu Wan heard him whisper in her ear: 'Wan, please don't go.'
Chu Wan was shocked
thinking of her previous life, Chu Wan's heart ached. In the next moment, she held Huo Yanzheng tightly and responded to him gently and firmly: 'OK, I won't go.'
if you don't forget it, it will have an echo
to live a new life, she only wants to find a person with one heart and keep her white head together.


Zhong Guo Da Shu Shu
Love of steel on the peninsula
'Brother, why do they call you Zhou Gong?'
'because your brother is an engineer.'
'brother, why do people still call you commander Zhou?'
'because I am the deputy commander in chief of the project construction headquarters.'
'and brother, why?'
'why don't you drink with me, or I'll throw you into the Han River.'
hy novel is a novel by a single woman and a new work by a new person. No one is allowed to enter unless you like it
book friends: 781264031, welcome to communicate with us
Mi Shi De Huan Jing
The world of film and television began in that year
This is a book that travels through various TV dramas. Although it has the original plot, it is more a new story
(single female owner, IQ online!) The experience of the world: the rush year, the old perplexed boy (the old perplexed boy was closed down, which will not affect the later reading), let's get married, the latent, the North frog and the south pole, the blood romance, the ode to joy, the Zhenhua middle school trilogy, the soldiers' assault, the hunting ground, the elite lawyer, and so on
welcome to leave the world you want to see. I will seriously consider it!
Xiao Xiao Yu
The descendants of tiexian are in the city
Xiaoyu occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name, and Xiaoyu of the starting point Xianxia responsibility group occupies the book name
Lian Yun Xun Er
After a private marriage with the devil
He is an abandoned God who has been expelled from the divine world. Although he retains his memory and cultivation, he will not live to be 24 years old; She is a princess of the divine world who is favored by the divine king. She accidentally wandered into the world and lost all her accomplishments. She became a concubine of the general's residence
because of his encounter in the prison of the divine world two thousand years ago, he never forgot her. In this life, he will protect her no matter what.
'girl, even if my life span is only 24 years, even if I have disappeared from this world, I will still love you.' [unfold] [Close]
San Lun Da Shu
Learn skills from the world of film and television
Wang Yue, who is willing to lie flat, accidentally obtained the Xianyu film and television system, and can travel through the film and television world. Only after learning the skills and being recognized can he return. See how he can play with the film and television world and completely change his destiny
in the first world, a little smile is very charming
in the second world, youth is brought about
in the third world, the Xiaoshe's
in the fourth world, time and you are all right
in the fifth world, the ode to joy (1, 2, 3)
in the sixth world, the beginning
in the seventh world, the youth school
in the eighth world, my! Physical education teacher
the ninth world, the same window together
the tenth world, Tianlong Babu
the eleventh world, the little thing of first love
the twelfth world, do you know whether it should be green, fat, red and thin
Dou Sha Tuan Tuan
What about the stepmother dressed as three villains
The omnipotent female agent passes through the vicious stepmother of three villains! Don't panic! See how she washes herself, raises her cubs, gets the forgiveness of her cubs, and lives a good life with her
the villager of bad seed wants to bully their orphan and widowed mother and beat her
does a rascal want to come to seduce her? Hit him
the days are getting better, and the divided family come to rob things? Or beat them
it's said that widow Jiang in Wangjia village is crazy and not easy to be provoked
three cubs: it's OK. We like such a mother
when I was steaming on the sun, I didn't expect that my missing husband Wang Laowu came home
from then on, the single face group has become a couple group
Zi Feng 01
The reopening of the sports world
9.827 is the limit of yellow people? No, this time I, Su Shen, must write a paper on the strongest flying man
book friends: 49746492
Na Lan Feng Jin
Evil king's favorite: Ghost doctor and crazy concubine
She is a dark night ghost doctor with a black stomach. Once she passes through, she becomes a waste material woman despised and despised by people. The ancient beast of the contract cultivates the secret of God against heaven and blinds the eyes of all. Poison pill and poison are in hand. Those who dare to deceive her will die! What is the ninth pill? Her adorable pets are eaten as sugar beans. I can make medicine. I'm so willful! He is the most beautiful and seductive night Lord. The world thinks he is cold and heartless. But why is he so difficult and haunting in her eyes. 'What are you staring at me for?' 'Ben Jun is wondering when you will officially become his wife.' A thin needle touched his waist, and she said with a smile: 'my Lord, impulse is the devil. If this medicine is injected, you can only be a eunuch in your life!'
Liu Xiang Qian Gu
The peak call of the Three Kingdoms
Qin Hao carried the peak summoning system through the end of the Han Dynasty, and the 5000 year old heroes of Chinese culture and military were at my disposal. There are Yue Fei, Han Xin and Chen Qingzhi in the unified army, Qin Qiong, ran min, Li cunxiao in the single battle, Li Si, Wang Meng, Zhang Juzheng to consolidate the rear for me, Zhang Liang, Sun Wu and Zhuge Liang to give me advice. The world is still not free for me! Eh? What is this 'balance system'? I knew it was not so simple to rule the world, but I can't be so stupid! And the 'harem mission', good welfare, I like it! Looking at Zhen Huan, MI Yue, Wu Meiniang and other women who stare at each other in the harem, Qin Hao laughs and approaches them. 'Aifei, we have something to say. Can't we keep our hands?'
Bie Ren Jia De Xiao Mao Mi
How can I get confused when the start is top
Chu Zhi has crossed the parallel world and become the top stream in China. There are more than 100000 comments on Weibo updates
a series of malicious traps such as playing big names, plagiarizing new songs, hidden marriage and cheating have turned into small fresh meat
at the beginning of the collapse, fortunately [personality system] did something that most stars dare not do, and you can get the blind box of points
so -
'the famous singer Chu Zhi had a hangover to seek inspiration for new songs.'
'late for the show? No! The artist's life is different.'
'in public, you can easily hate people. Chu and Zhi are natural and unrestrained. They have the style of famous scholars in the Wei and Jin Dynasties.'
Chu Zhi said: 'people are very good at brain toning talented people.
Hei Shan Kuang Ren
Emperor of the Heavenly Sword
In the novel world of swallowing the starry sky, perfect world, covering the sky, Panlong and so on, swallowing the starry sky is in progress
the sabre is a bully in the army. If the sky stops me, I will open the sky. If the earth stops me, I will open up the earth
let's look at the modern young man Li Mu, who walks across the sky with his sword and cuts off the gods and demons.
Duo La I Meng
Start from the innate skill and cross the sky
Xu Lang obtained the krypton gold system. As long as it passes through krypton gold, it can become stronger. So for the sake of money, Xu Lang drew a circle on the map
do you want Jinshan? Go to Australia! The grand voyage of Xiaoao world has begun!