Author :Suo Luo Ta

Niu tou's memoirs Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:00:00 Latest chapter:Return trip (III) I'm behon, blood hammer, Dunn, the Tauren (right corner). BIHONG is my real name, blood hammer is my honorary title at the coming of age ceremony, Dunn is my family name, and the right corner of gold is my title after I became a legendary strong man. Well, that's the origin of my name. It is also a legend of my life! Many people ask me how I can achieve such great achievements, and I encourage them to work hard, persist and never admit defeat! Also, use your brain! I'm not afraid to tell you that the reason why I am so successful is that there is a very unreliable guy in the right corner of my gold... Well, you will keep it secret for me, right? (the last book is serious with a little bit of prudence. This book has a different style, with a little bit of prudence. It focuses on adventure and growth, and part-time roast and pranks. Welcome to the pit!)
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