Author :Liang Jia San Shao

Invincible Wu Zun Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 23:53:35 Latest chapter:Deliberate fault finding A skill that is regarded as garbage, and a cultivation madman who is regarded as a waste by the same sect, everything will be completely changed after getting a yin-yang jade pendant. Ten times the cultivation speed, making Gu Fei break the limit of martial arts again and again. The iron law that has been recognized for thousands of years was broken by Gu Fei! Miracles... Gu Fei doesn't believe in miracles. He only believes in blood and sweat. In the cultivation circle of Tenglong mainland, where the martial arts have declined and the true meaning of the martial arts has been lost, let's see how Gu Fei can fight against the sky with martial arts, step on the magic power of Taoism, fight demons and ghosts, embrace the beauty, and achieve the immortal martial arts! Liang San's book group: group 1: 13
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