Author :Yi Chang Shi Lian

Tang Feng Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 20:53:19 Latest chapter:The first attitude change Tang Feng went through the integration world of special forces and activated the special instructor system at the beginning. It is the recruitment season, and the army has absorbed many potential new blood. However, this group of new recruits is so unruly that it is difficult for all officers to discipline them. The regiment convened officers at all levels to discuss this matter. Tang Feng volunteered to take the goal of building the strongest army and was fully responsible for training this group of spearhead soldiers! He Chenguang: 'is it possible that I entered a fake recruits company? How can I feel that it is more difficult than the special forces mentioned by the master!' Jiang Xiaoyu: 'company commander, I don't read much. Don't lie to me. How can there be devil week in recruits training
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