Author :Sui Yue Yong Heng

Ling Hao, Qin Yuxin Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 13:54:49 Latest chapter:Half Step War Emperor Ling Hao, the king of the west, the master of the shadow gate, and the God of war! Five years ago, his adoptive father's family was killed. After a narrow escape, he was saved by Qin Yuxin. Later, he was taken away by a mysterious man. By chance, he entered the military camp. Five years later, a text message recalled the God of war from the battlefield of gunfire to the mortal world. It was not until this moment that he found that he had a daughter. Since then, the dragon has entered the sea, and the wind and clouds have surged. A generation of God of war has turned into a super daddy, protecting his family, fighting against the rich and powerful families, lighting swords and shadows, and happy gratitude and hatred
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