Author :Yan Gui Zheng Zhuan

The last big guy in heaven Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 00:54:00 Latest chapter:Zixiao God Thunder! Introduce: three hundred years ago in the heaven, the fight defeated the Buddha and leveled the Leiyin temple. Erlang Zhenjun split the Lingxiao hall
as a blue star three hundred years later, Zhou Zheng, a young man with five virtues, had always been working as a 'screw' for five days off, two days off and nine to five days. However, in recent days, his daily life has changed a little
[PS: my elder martial brother is too steady, this man is too serious, and the first sword of the earth has been completed. We strongly promote the little science fiction 'Yu Guang'!
the book's general group: 109871961, 398929196. The secret code of entering the group: Recasting the glory of the heaven, and we can't deny it!
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