Author :Fei Wo Liang Ren

The peerless treasure will turn the world upside down Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 13:42:42 Latest chapter:How important is Master Yue? Ye Chuyue, the infamous fool and ugly woman of the Shenwu Empire, lived with people and gave birth to wild children. On the day of his marriage, he jumped down from the city wall wearing a wedding gown and died for love. Beautiful eyes are opening. The master of ancient martial arts from the 21st century will set off a bloody storm and wipe out the previous shame! waste material? Plain hands shake the Empire, and heaven and earth step down! Silly? Strategize and win a victory thousands of miles away. Wild children? The son of the emperor, the blood of the emperor, who dares to be presumptuous? 'Mother, there's a handsome elder brother outside who says he's my father.' 'Let him take the money to the back of the line.' One day, the emperor smiled: 'I heard that you told people everywhere that I was dead?'?
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