Author :Ma Yi Ru Xue

The first female poison concubine Yin Suzhen and Mo Junye Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 00:06:57 Latest chapter:Exchange clues Yin Suzhen, a genius of both Chinese and Western medicine, has become a spoiled daughter. Even on her wedding day, she was stopped outside the royal palace to deliberately make things difficult. 'If you want to enter the gate of the prince's residence, you should cut off contact with the prime minister's residence.' 'I can't ask for it, but the prince wants to marry me. He can't take concubines all his life.' One person enters the door, one person gets married, and one person enters the bridal chamber. Yin Suzhen says that there are other good things like this? Holding the medical workshop in her hand, she smiled and handled the illegal Diaoyu with a strong wrist. And he looked at the princess coldly as if she had changed. Just a few days after the marriage, the whole emperor talked about the prince of Ning's residence
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