Author :Fei Gua

Wanjie insane asylum Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 18:59:00 Latest chapter:Cheating the corpse! The New Book of Pushing the Right Path: 'The Strange World' I don't know when there was such a psychiatric hospital in the world. It has appeared on the most prosperous street of Gotham City and hidden in the darkest corner of raccoon city. It may have been described in a short paragraph in Sherlock Holmes, or it may have been a one second picture in Hannibal Lecter Some people say that the girl in the nurse's uniform is a bit like Halle Quinn. Others say that the old man in the ward on the second floor calls himself Professor Moriarty. Some people find an old electric saw in the corner of the corridor, and some people turn out a card with a clown under the bed. The attending doctor always looks lazy, and inexplicable blood always seeps from the floor. If one day, you happen to see a strange hospital on the way to work, then whether you are sick or not, welcome to visit. - Book friends: 912404715
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