Author :Jin Qiu

Su Xiling jiuze Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 15:02:00 Latest chapter:Untitled Su Xi and Ling jiuze have been married for three years. They have never met and few people know them. In the evening, Su Xi, the president's wife, was lying in Ling jiuze's villa, holding Ling jiuze's dog and lying on the sofa that he had designed and customized. And in the daytime, she was his tutor, taking his salary, depending on his face, and was enslaved by him. However, he can give her face, but other people can't. some people humiliate her, he supports her, and some people bully her. He even eliminates and beats her, and directly destroys the other team. Gradually everyone found that Ling jiuze's love for Su Xi was different. For example, the elder's love for the younger seemed to be different. Because he was so sweet and so spoiled, he was a bully who had already landed. For her sake, he was decisive and ruthless again! Some people also discovered the difference between Su Xi. For example, she was originally from an ordinary family and even wore luxury jewelry worth tens of millions of dollars. Some people said, 'her father is rich!' Su Xi disdained to look back. 'Sorry, this is my own brand!'
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