Author :Qing Shi Jin Cheng Hui

I'm really a villain Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:00:00 Latest chapter:Ancient Art Mending Stele, Eyes of Reincarnation Xu Zimo found that he was reborn, with all the accomplishments and memories of his previous life. But the script is wrong. Isn't rebirth all about the protagonists? But I'm a villain! This is the story of a villain who became the king of evil by one step. - The Second Edition: in the world of great struggle, Taoism and Dharma sing together! The old man of Zhenwu Shengzong sits on the fishing platform beside the Liu'an river. Suddenly, he hears the Dragon chanting array. Three thousand carp knock at the gate of life and turn into a ten thousand foot Golden Dragon. It soars in the sky like a startling Hong! There are powerful people who measure the world on foot. There are monks who sit in the temple for 3000 years. Once they have an epiphany, auspicious clouds fall from the sky, and ten thousand dharmas cheer. The blood moon is the night, and the rainbow breaks the sun. A swordsman carrying a wooden sword turned and raised his hand. All the mountains and rivers were broken. The ragged beggar in the south of the city, holding a broken willow branch, dared to kill a Taoist Holy court of the three emperors.
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