Author :Zei Mei Shu Yan

Li Zhi, don't encourage me Serial

Last update:2022-11-21 23:46:00 Latest chapter:Intercept envoys 'Does your majesty have to oppose this palace?' Empress Wu's Phoenix eyes contain evil spirits. Li Zhi stepped back in fear and swallowed the water: 'I dare not... No! Li Qing, where is Li Qing?' After three dynasties of meritorious service, Li qinzai rushed out, held down Li Zhi's retreating body, and said in a deep voice: 'Your Majesty, don't encourage me to fuck her!' As if Li Zhi had found a savior, he tugged at Li qinzai's sleeve and whispered: 'I don't encourage you, not at all. Li Qing, I authorize you to help me with her!'
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