Author :Wu Shang

Evil king's favorite: Rogue Princess Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 16:34:22 Latest chapter:sympathy She is a poison doctor killer in the 21st century. Who knows that her master is the murderer of her parents? In order to avenge her, she accidentally risked her life
when she woke up again, she turned out to be the little princess murongxi who was thrown into the moat
after her rebirth, she returned to the palace and brutally abused the murderer who killed her mother. Who knows that he is in trouble with the blood thirsty prince who is uncertain
in order to save the emperor, he was secretly injured. Although he was in a high position, he could not take a wife and have children. In Murong Xi's eyes, this is a eunuch
who told him how the eunuch would entangle her? Oh, help! [unfold] [stow]
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