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Limited monthly reading of two or three events Serial

Last update:2023-01-22 18:43:00 Latest chapter:Accidental at home, this project will end immediately I want to save the world I live in
World: No, thanks. I'll do it myself
☆ female frequency, female owner. The content tends to be & # 39 of 'contact me - my previous work'&# 39;&# 39; Personal ideal & # 39&# 39;&# 39; & # 39 in; Limited monthly reading & # 39;, Non TV Limited monthly reading direction
a small part of the drama is to promote the development of the plot, and most of it is daily. ☆
- you're welcome! Let me do it! (clapping shoulder)
World:... I think I can still work hard...
'this will become a beautiful world as I think.'
- planting flowers, playing mobile phones and computers, eating home cooked food. How nice these days are
our salted fish protagonist said lazily in the sun
- isn't limited monthly reading an ideal world like unlimited monthly reading
all the painful things have passed in the first place. In the future, just like this, it's good to go down with salted fish.
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