Author :Xiao Ji

Pleistocene Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 20:34:00 Latest chapter:patron gods of a household Born to be human, you can't jump out of the setting of this life boundary. What is inexplicable is that this life world is basically a circular nesting, endless and endless... Everything is just a game of 'complicated and endless' from different media perspectives... This is a story of individuals trying to escape from the dream of 'the confrontation between the Taoist world and the academic world, justice and evil' designed for human society, and fight against fate, and take this opportunity to reflect on the human world system model, A multi-dimensional theoretical experiment was carried out
the story starts from the graduation thesis of a certain university: the male leader Xin Wu chose the topic of his thesis, but one night he fell asleep and went to a different world completely consistent with his theory, and met the female leader Muyi
after the interruption of the night, he tried to recover his dream and look for it again. The 'reality slice' obtained by each combination had different Adventures: he inadvertently became the originator of the 'Tao' of
, and received two disciples, Yangguan and Dugu: he met the female master again. It turned out that Muyi was the master of the 'art world' and his disciples Jiao Jie and Yao Tao. Xin Wu also brought the two disciples into the different world. The male and female masters fell in love. The disciples were not idle, and started a four sided love: Rebellion and chaos. Until their new masters: twin brothers
'Taiyi' and
'dari' respectively claimed and accepted disciples in the capacity of
'the Lord of the positive world' and
'the Lord of the evil world'. After changing masters, it was even more lively. Before returning to the real world, the male leader discussed with Muyi how to settle the world disputes and never separate from his lover, and tried to jump out of the
'life boundary',
'time' manager did not appear, and the new cycle began again... When he woke up, Xin Wu was in a trance. He deleted the original title and wrote down - Fu Kong Ji.
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