Author :Ren Sheng Ruo Meng

Detective of the detective world Serial

Last update:2023-01-27 07:00:00 Latest chapter:Tough rescue operation Tang Ze: detectives can only follow the steps of criminals to catch each other, but I can rely on knowledge to predict the future and prevent the case
Conan: it seems that I need to go to Hawaii for further training
Tang Ze: detectives are often faced with the crisis of being killed by criminals, but my physical case solving can reduce casualties
Conan: don't talk about solving cases by force as high-tech
Tang Ze: no matter what happens, when you notice it, you may be able to save a life
people: you are a victim of delusion! Where on earth can you see that he wants to commit a crime! And it's so accurate every time
Tang Ze: well I'm sorry ~ I admit I've hung up ~
I've finished this work with a million words, and the quality is guaranteed. I'm confident to enter the pit ~
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