Author :Jian Chen Huang Hai

Late night school Serial

Last update:2023-01-29 23:55:00 Latest chapter:I'm going to be hairy (two chapters in one) Zhang Tan, the entertainment magnate and famous gold medal writer, inherited a kindergarten that only operates late at night. He wanted to close it because the children are so cute... At half past midnight, he watched the social animals in suits and shoes with a tired face pick up the 3-year-old daughter. The bartender with a wine smell picked up his sleeping son and walked into the night. The naughty little treasure was still playing games with his pale mother, The smiling old man with white beard has already taken his little grandson to say goodbye. The unclaimed children are staring at the gate, and the little girls in Trump have decided to stay here for a long time... A school park that operates late at night, a story of a warm market
(daily wind, warm wind, light happy wind, and cute children. I have finished the novel 'literary life with cute children' and 'long live brother')
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