Author :Zhao Bu Qian

The only savior Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:58:00 Latest chapter:Fighter's Battle Introduction to the ordinary version:
the world and the world began to overlap, and various strange monsters appeared one after another. As the only person with extraordinary power on the earth, Zhang Xiaoman felt great pressure
in order to make it easier, he decided to tell a lie
well, it's actually a story about how the big hucko fooled and saved the world
Introduction to the serious Edition:
the world is changing
when the unknown truth is revealed, the evil in the shadow begins to spread, and the darkness will cover this land. Who is still watching the dawn
the chapter of awakening has been written, the prelude of evolution has begun to play, and the ancient hymn is singing in our ears
'fear will eventually be dispelled by hope, and the will of the inheritor will overcome everything!'
Introduction to the Second Edition:
monsters have invaded the world
monster side lineup: the whole universe
human team: I am one
what should I do? Wait online! Very urgent!
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