Author :Zhu San Bu

Gene age Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:07:00 Latest chapter:Remove hidden dangers 'Old Tang, which direction is the speed gene base point you opened?'
this question makes Tang Tang hall look melancholy
'yes. Hand speed.' 'or right hand!'
Xu Hui was confused
hand speed or right hand, this picture
didn't the teacher say that the more you use, the easier it is to open the genetic base point
'what did you do with your hands, old Tang?'
'in this way, I have been eating for 18 years before I start my stomach gene base point?' Cheng Mo, who is on the road of becoming a beggar, looks up and sighs
Xu Tui touched his own head. 'Have I used my brain for 18 years?'< br/>
the new seedlings have just come out, and need the care of brothers and sisters. They are recommended for collection in 360 degrees. Brothers and sisters can also read the old books of pig San, such as the king of nature and the emperor of the stars. They are all excellent books. They are old and fat.
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