Author :Xiang Si Hong Yan

Lonely Hong at the end of the world Serial

Last update:2022-11-15 17:59:32 Latest chapter:to see little of each other though living nearby A grudge 20 years ago has never been resolved. Liu Ruyan, in order to find a way to survive in the terrible killing 20 years ago, only her younger sister was saved by an expert, and her parents hid her in a secret tunnel
and all the relatives and servants were killed overnight. Liu Ruyan was saved by a secret friend of her father, and was brought up to teach martial arts in order to find out the year The truth of the tragedy is to avenge the tragic death of their parents. In addition, another important thing is to find their sister who has been separated for 20 years
to comfort the spirits of parents. After Liu Ruyan finished his art, he said goodbye to his mentor and went down the mountain. On the way, he encountered many adventures and tribulations. He made friends with the peasant girls who met by chance and developed love. He staged a Jianghu story with unclear feelings and grievances
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