Author :Guan Er Xiao Xuan

Back in 1990, she became rich by scientific research Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:06:00 Latest chapter:Researcher Yun has news Qin Hongfei woke up and went back to the year 19 before the crossing. She took a bad card. Her father died in the beginning. Her mother was mad and hated countless people. She inherited millions of debts from her family's small shop. Her father didn't love her. Her elder sister dropped out of school early to mix with the entertainment industry. She was completely blackened. Everyone stepped on her
it doesn't matter. With more than 20 years of scientific research experience, I took over the maintenance shop at home. Do you repair electrical appliances
five hundred and one times, and ten times the damage. We all know that there is a maintenance shop in Qinhuai street, and there are always people who have to pay to jump in the queue. At first, he was an e-commerce boss, and later he was a high-tech personnel in the central city. Why did the professor of a high-level college who is often asked to be interviewed by the newspaper come in person< br/>
? Before meeting Qin Hongfei, Tang Jinnan's teacher said that women are all stumbling blocks on the way to growth. One after another, Tang Jinnan found that the teacher had misled his children.
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