Author :Bei Liao

Long night travel Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 00:24:00 Latest chapter:Tiger head shoes In the snow Hall of Kunlun, there was an immortal saying that the dead were displaced and the living were not released. When my soul goes, I will fall with the grass
the corpse is reborn and free from the human world. It should not be tolerated by the immortal family. The corpse and the devil will be killed. On that day, the young man woke up from the coffin, his blood was dry and his bones were cold, and his eyes had been open for a hundred years
a fairy's tears, long-term friendship, can solve a dream of the past. Don't practice immortality and death. Don't look for hatred for the common sorrow of all ages. I only hope that this life will be gentle, and the white clouds will not envy the fairyland
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