Author :Lie Xi

Dao Duan Shura Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 00:05:28 Latest chapter:They are all mortals who have not become gods Young Li Ye, who had been born, vowed to take a different path of cultivation. I went to Tianshan Mountain to practice with my husband. I covered myself with wind and rain and cut off the snow. When I went down to the city, I met with the divorce storm, and the ruthless woman wanted to cut down the roots. I walked in the misty rain and stepped on the spring water of the river. The young national teacher smiled proudly in southern Xinjiang and destroyed the enemy in front of Nanyun city. When I met with foreign enemies and internal bandits, I stepped on the Shura sword mountain. I was trapped in a black hole and came to the Shura region. The road to heaven was broken. Let's see how I walked on the sky and stirred up the situation of the two worlds
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