Author :Hui Peng Peng

The reincarnation of the film Emperor Serial

Last update:2023-01-26 00:09:00 Latest chapter:On Wu Su Yi, who was short of money, found a part-time job as an extra. Unexpectedly, she unexpectedly started her journey of reincarnation
in the sewing machine band, he led the band to attack the front line and become the new generation of violent drum king
in Infernal Affairs 2, he became Luo Jixian, the bodyguard of Ni Youxiao, and saved his life and that of Lu sir
let the bullet fly. He let master Tang know how to stand and earn money
Dragon suit, special appointment, supporting role, villain, leading role, movie king
and follow Su Yi to deduce the gratitude and hatred of the world
we have finished the old book 'from the heavens to be a new man' and 'constantly walking through the heavens'. We have a good character and can go into the pit with confidence.
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