Author :Ba Yue Wei Lan

Sister Bei is poisonous Serial

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in order to find the other half of their lost codes, the male and female owners skillfully dealt with the black organization from not looking at each other's eyes to loving and knowing each other and complementing each other. Finally, they merged and repaired the two pieces of incomplete codes, reaping their own love and achieving a business legend
voice over:
The hostess was born in a humble family. She was abandoned by her parents when she was young. She was ridiculed by all kinds of people: 'insects under the fence!'
The hostess Leng hum: 'what is my origin? Do you think I am a person who bows to fate?'
the male owner has a prominent family background, but he is ostracized by his brother. His parents hate him for being hard boiled: 'he wants to ruin his family!'
the male owner chuckled: 'what about the wealth of the family? I can't bear to give up my children and keep the wolf!'
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