Author :Zuo Shou Xing Jia Bai Lie

Save the ark of tomorrow with the game system Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:25:00 Latest chapter:Tindalos 'Hey, kid, stop playing with the computer. Do you want to hear a story from me?'
[no, I want to play the game. Today, the legend of vaivan: the immortal lightning will be open for download. I've been waiting for a year.]
'it's a coincidence that I'm talking about this' immortal lightning 'story. Besides, I know many details that won't appear in the game.'
[Oh, shit! This game has skipped again! It's been a year! I want to refund!]
'Oh, damn! You can't refund! You haven't seen your father's beautiful and heroic appearance in those days!'
[Oh, damn! Why can't I... Wait for what you said?]
'mmm... It's nothing. Now that the tickets are skipped, do you want to hear my story?'
[then you say.]
'this is the legend of 'immortal lightning' and Rhode Island, a story of saving the world and saving yourself.'
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