Author :Feng Shi Li

Reborn nongmen Xiaofu wife Serial

Last update:2023-01-29 23:59:00 Latest chapter:letter The female military doctor was born again. In ancient times, when she ran away from famine due to drought, her grandfather was dregs and her grandmother was poisoned. She wanted to sell her family for food
GU Jinli said: it's a small matter. First, we should solve the bad milk of master slag, and then find water for food, so as to bring the whole family through the famine
when fleeing famine and settling down in Dafeng Village, it's hard for outsiders to get along. How can they break down
GU Jin'an said: it doesn't matter. Brother, I'm a big man in the imperial examination. I've passed the examinations all the way, and the scholars have passed the examinations. I shine on the door and look down on the dregs
the days are full of fun. The war is everywhere. Gu Jinli lifts the table. I just want to farm and fight. Go away
brother found in the desert: don't panic, madam. Your father-in-law is a madman on the battlefield, and the small soldier becomes a marquis. He will protect your ten thousand mu medicine field and be safe all the time
PS: face bashing and dregs farming, male and female masters are clean in body and mind, 1v1 pampers each other, and happy ending. [the female leader is not a doctor, but only uses medical knowledge to become rich ^ 0 ^]
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