Author :Ba Gui Shao Nian

The wind blows and he'an Serial

Last update:2023-04-03 18:13:59 Latest chapter:Yujiajing Jingming crosses the alien world and is surrounded by a group of people as soon as he opens his eyes. 'City master, it's not good. The 18 city alliance wants to destroy Ancheng and me, and threatens to leave no chickens or dogs!'
Jingming was dying for several times, and then shouted to them crazily, 'all people cultivate Taoism! Give all Dalits, slaves, foreigners and citizens of Acheng, and include them in the welfare security system of Acheng! & r.dquo;
' throw money at me, gather all resources, and set up an office to save the nation! '
'set up a support group, and you old strongmen should help me in one area and one place!'
'three days of assault and five days of special training, all of which I started!'
Minister: 'come here! The city master is crazy!' [unfold] [stow]
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