Author :Mi Mang De Qun Zhong

I'm really the strongest single Serial

Last update:2022-09-23 04:19:00 Latest chapter:First appearance of champion skin team S5 was considered as the most promising year for LPL to win the championship. As a result, the world championship was out of the game. The king's return SKT swept the world, opening a dynastic rule. Lck officially ruled the League of heroes
knowing the ending, Chen Lang has crossed the parallel world. He only wants to change the gloomy ending, break the cage of Lck, recreate the sun and recast the glory of LPL. We are duty bound
host: it seems that you always call yourself a steady player, but why do you always cross the tower
Chen Lang: moderation is boldness, and crossing the tower is restraint< br/>
host: Why did you dare to rescue the winning team? Other teammates are ready to sell and start to retreat. How did you rush up
Chen Lang: one person is sending, and two people are reckless. This is a kind of momentum. As for why I rush into the crowd, I just want to kill them or be killed by them< br/>
Chen Lang: it's the first time to enter the world championship. If you can beat SKT, you will be successful
I am a Chinese single, and I will suppress all Chinese single in the world
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