Author :Ri Ri Sheng

I preached in the Six Dynasties Serial

Last update:2023-01-28 21:49:00 Latest chapter:revive This is a wonderful time and space; The six countries in the four masterpieces stand side by side. The wise men's clever plans fall out, and the heroic heroes swallow the whole world; Zhuge Liang called the wind and rain, and Guan Yunchang cut off the river with a knife; In that year, Diao Chan, the survivor of Lv Bu's death, remained charming; Lin Mei hasn't arrived at the Grand View Garden yet. She is a little girl carved in pink and jade; Jin Lian's clothes support pole hasn't hit the head of Ximen's senior officials. That year, the main character was still performing in the downtown, breaking a big stone in his chest
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