Author :Xue Ye Gu Lang

Uncle is fierce Serial

Last update:2023-03-16 00:00:01 Latest chapter:Go through the act of coercion Don't rush through so sadly! They are not emperors, princes, generals, literati, poets, or dandy young masters. They are not useless firewood, or their son-in-law who comes to the door to reverse life. It is OK to be young at all. But he, Wang Longyu, a generation of soldiers, is wearing on a fat uncle in his thirties and sixties who has achieved nothing, and his body is super scum, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high uric acid, gout, and coronary heart disease... & helip; Nobody wants to burn firewood
the lover has gone, he has no car, no room, no job and no dignity. He has also been in prison for three years because of the most humiliating attempt of Qiang J. he has been in detention for 20 times, eating, drinking, gambling, smoking, cheating and stealing decathlon. He has also inherited the most tragic element of the male protagonist. His parents have died and he is poor
see how Uncle Lang reverses his life and reaches the peak of his life. This book is also known as Uncle Lang's turning back and late success
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