Author :Fan Jie Mao Yao

Hide from heaven Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 15:37:26 Latest chapter:Your residual soul The boy who was feared by heaven was born in the chaotic times of the coexistence of various powers
he only wanted to live, but fate made a big joke on him
What if I've lied to heaven? I'm still a lonely boat in the troubled world
What if I become an immortal? I can't change the soul of my beloved friend
the five regions and ten continents are in chaos, and the Taoist demons, Buddhas and Demons compete for glory
all the immortals and gods came into the world together, and the ancient immortals passed through the heroes
the blood of God is stained Heaven Road, bone sea corpse mountain cast ladder
when you look back on the top of the mountain alone, the prosperity is empty. [unfold] [stow]
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