Author :Yue Jian Ming Qiao Ying

Nongmen Tuan pampers Xiaofu doctor Serial

Last update:2023-03-15 23:58:29 Latest chapter:Baby eggs can't be sent to suffer When he opened his eyes, Su Zhiyu, the head of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, was stunned. The farm girl dressed as a Pantao village has a bad reputation and is surrounded by walls. People who go out shout at her
fortunately, God treats her well. There are five brothers who love her. Old Su's family takes her as a baby egg! After a fall, he got all the gas stoves in the farm space and picked up a sick beautiful boy to be the child's foster husband
make medicinal meals, grow mulberry fields, lead the whole village to become rich and well-off, and the days are getting more and more moist r> Gao Leng's proud and charming little husband has also become a spoiled wife, chasing after his buttocks for hugs
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