Author :Le Xiao Yun

Disciple of blood candle Castle Serial

Last update:2023-01-27 00:14:00 Latest chapter:The last chapter of the era (Section 20) I seem to have been watched by death? д?)… Then I seem to have accidentally destroyed the world? Д?) W... but now I don't know what happened< br/>
! O (≥ mouth ≤) o solve the most difficult game, burn the most burned brain, ride the most fierce ancient god and pour the most vicious mold
behind the daily sand sculptures of the girls without drama in the three views is the history of suffering and survival of countless civilizations in the universe
the world has declared war on the gods in the blood candle castle, the most mysterious node gathered by all the heaven and the world. The fate of all living beings has been decided. Who will be the one who will break the game
the main plot + the brain hole of the devil + wisdom fight + rigorous logical reasoning + narration + female control + ambiguous without CP + occult science + quasi infinite flow + Lovecraft style + doomsday + College nervous Le Xiaoyun is burning your brain with strange stories again, ouw ~ [especially fierce]
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