Author :Bao Zha Xiao Na Tie

I just want to be a quiet person Serial

Last update:2023-04-03 20:24:00 Latest chapter:Start with a grave. (Third watch! Please subscribe!) 'Ding Dong!'
'welcome to the full intelligent repair system!'
'you have chosen to cultivate the bone forging skill. The system starts to cultivate for you. The system detects that there is a lack of the cultivation pill bone quenching pill. Please wait...
' Ding Dong! '
'the system successfully steals ten bone quenching pills for you, and the cultivation continues...
' important note: during the system cultivation, you will lose control of your body...
after getting the intelligent cultivation system, Pei Ling quietly grows rapidly and is ready to remain immortal until one day...
'Ding Dong!'
'you chose to practice the unknown skill. After being identified by the system, this is a double cultivation skill. The system starts to practice for you. The system detects that there are no Taoists, and the system is looking for Taoists for you...'
so Pei Ling watched helplessly as she ran to the cultivation room of the fairy next door
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