Author :An Chen Mi San

Alien remnant Hunter Serial

Last update:2023-03-13 23:50:00 Latest chapter:Equipment left over from the Nest City civilization For some unknown reason, the process of solar decay has suddenly accelerated... In order to survive, human beings have to abandon their homes that have lived for millions of years
the survivors in the 'Ark' drifted in the universe for nine hundred years, and finally found such a foothold - 'alpha star'
but on this planet, there are relics left by the previous civilization everywhere
the alpha civilization left innumerable resources and technologies in the ruins. In order to obtain these things, a new career with high risks and high rewards, such as 'heritage Hunter', was born...
in a plane crash, Kelan accidentally entered the hinterland of a high-level ruins, but accidentally obtained the inheritance from an alien civilization
but what he didn't expect was that this was not a golden finger at all, but a 'Curse' that would kill him
Ke LAN: 'I'm a hunter just to make a living. Why do you call me a disaster? You're just slandering!'
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