Author :Zhu Tou Qi

My espionage years Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 00:23:00 Latest chapter:Let's refresh, and ask for monthly tickets 'Flame', 'spark', 'Chenzhou', 'Bluebird', 'amber', 'Cheng Wufang', by the way, 'Kentaro Miyazaki', and -
when Cheng Qianfan opens his eyes every day, the first reaction in his mind is: what is my identity today (which vest should I wear)
this book is also known as' my vest of ACE agents is innumerable '
the red 'fire' hidden in the enemy, the agile and meritorious red team member 'Chenzhou', the beloved General of military statistics Dai Chunfeng, Qingniao, etc
however, he knows that he is Cheng Qianfan, a firm Red soldier
'in the dark, you firmly watch the sun in your heart; in the long night, you silently give birth to the dawn; in the tiger's den, you endure humiliation and stand by; in the fight, you rise quietly and kill the enemy invisibly; your name is unknown, and your achievements are immortal...'
his story began in the early spring of 1936...
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