Author :Gui Yi De Xiao Yao Zi

Xia disciple's fantasy Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 02:38:00 Latest chapter:A string of copper coins The reason why a chivalrous man is a chivalrous man is that he can not work hard, nor can he be indifferent and contented. He can not but break the law in order to eat.
the meeting of fate in Lu simian's history of the two Jin Dynasties and the northern and Southern Dynasties? Or is it man-made
what is the ambition of the youth? Or just for beauty
if the end of the road is doomed, what should we do
illusory ideals are like snowflakes, but 'destiny' really controls life. If this is the choice of the story, then how to choose
'when I decided to pick up the sword, I made a decision...'
this is a semi empty world, which tells a series of adventures and experiences of a group of people in a distant time.
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