Author :Tian Yu Fei Shuang

The Lord of all things who devour the stars Serial

Last update:2023-03-14 23:59:00 Latest chapter:Untitled Lin Yan went through the 'swallow the stars' and became a soldier to defend against the invasion of animal tide
fortunately, the awakening system panel:
[learn the skill inheritance from the Battle Sword and get 'sword skill · kill everything']

[reward the main task and open the 'spiritual master' in the second skill tree]
[promote to the God of war level and reward the Superman cells]
[trigger the system update and send the gift package: intelligent life 'after the wind']
suddenly look back
Lin Yan has become the supreme being of the universe from the original military warrior. The long river of fate is his creation, and the will of the primitive universe is his servant
he is the Lord of all things and the king of all gods
(following the military line, the plot does not copy the book, only involves the original story line, and does not seize the opportunity of the main character)
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