Author :Ling Xiao Ge

Ma'am, her vest is a sensation in the city again Serial

Last update:2023-03-14 17:56:00 Latest chapter:Have an idea with Ye Lan Qiao Nian has lived in the Qiao family for 18 years. His parents came to him. For a while, all the rich families around the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter
she is a versatile, gentle and kind girl
a false daughter can accomplish nothing without learning
everyone wants to see how miserable it is for her to go back to the mountain valley after being driven out of the rich family
Qiao Nian also thinks that his own parents are poor teachers from Luohe county
who knows my brother's car is Phaeton, and the naked car is 300000
the place where my father teaches is Qingda, and the teacher is also called Professor
the top leaders of the slag family knelt and licked and bowed to her master...
Qiao Nian:
ENM... It's different from what we said
out of a group of dregs, Qiao nianshe became herself
top student in college entrance examination, live broadcast tycoon, inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage... One vest is lost, and one is searched around the city. The parents of slag men and slag women are all green
black fans are mocking: what's the use of selling people? It's not that they stick to my brother
Qiao Nian: sorry, I have a date
brother Ding Liu: @ Qiao Nian, let me introduce you. This is my sister
rich man: Nan, I'll buy you a bike for whatever you want
the powerful and influential people in Beijing are all saying that Mr. Wang has a wife hidden in the golden house. No matter how others make fun of him, he never takes her out to see anyone. Don't ask, ask is the sentence: 'my wife is from the countryside, afraid of strangers.'
until one day, someone saw that the arrogant man, who had always been noble and cold, pinched a girl's waist and blocked her in the corner of the wall. His eyes were red and he murmured: 'when will you give me a title, Bao?'
[fake daughter is a real rich family] + [double tycoons]
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