Author :Chen Mo De Ai

The rest is just noise Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:00:00 Latest chapter:Push a book Big bird and magic represent an era when professional basketball has become popular in the country of basketball. They have laid the foundation for flying King's landing, OK hegemony, Zhan Huang, Durant and curry to make basketball so wonderful. Let all of them become billionaires, have their own business empire, and have a high social status
but if we look back 40 years, it is simply unimaginable
the alliance is not popular. The first person today is a crazy racist
Bob CUSI's perfect successor suffers from the jealousy of his teammates and the erosion of alcohol
it has the most elegant basket pick in history, but it also has the most incomprehensible personality in history
he has the opportunity to become Michael Jordan, but his chaotic private life makes him shut out all possibilities
the great white hope fell after the knee exploded
Hong duo and Dr J is a unique idol, but one of them won too much, said too little, and the other won too little, said too much
the decline in the 1970s continues. Violent conflicts, drug abuse, too many blacks, and too high salaries of players have pushed this professional league worth more than 10 billion dollars into a precarious situation
crisis is like a pronoun for opportunity. The more dangerous the situation, the more outstanding people will rise
let's see how that guy from the future can become the most special member in this star shining era
he knows very well that if he wins everything, he will stop everything
the rest is only noise
PS: if you are a black-and-white fan who saves the NBA, this book may surprise you
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