Author :Fu She

Players in Marvel Serial

Last update:2023-03-13 22:56:00 Latest chapter:Xiaoyu: You can't do that. Why do you smell virtuous?! After waking up, he came to marvel and became a demon God between existence and nonexistence. In order to disturb the reality dimension, the virtual demon God summoned players from the unknown dimension
in New York City, the 'black hand Walloon' staged another shocking robbery. This time, the target was the Playboy of stark industry
hell's kitchen has opened a new 'xingpingding food house'. At the same time, the 'dark cooking world' tries to control the world with its taste
king has welcomed new enemies and new Italian families are expanding! The [witch Kikyo] who lives in the street meets the fearless people in the kitchen of hell. While exploring the case of missing shadows, what sparks can they make!
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