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I'm chasing a rough guy at 80 Serial

Last update:2022-09-25 14:23:00 Latest chapter:im your father [soft and cute woman vs gentle and rough man]
the father doesn't love the mother. The family is poor and fat. It's not a good cake to marry a husband. Chen hansui thinks she has won a bad card. Only after she died did she know that her mother-in-law was a big woman, and her husband was a future local tyrant who loved her all the time. From another perspective, everything in the world was different... When she was 20 years old, Han Sui decided to blow up the rotten cards
however, in the face of the first unruly mother-in-law in the village, the weird sister-in-law, and the husband who is not a good cake...
the soft and cute hansui Baotou: I think I can't
male host: I think you can save it. Here, my husband will give you artificial respiration
demining: the man in this article is not a good cake, except for being good to the woman. The heroine Nuo is cute, and both the extreme mother and the poison tongue sister-in-law like her. There is nothing to fight. When the villain meets such a lovely heroine, the IQ is automatically shielded by 99%, and the group pet is sweet
slag wave: Niu MI with sweet words
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