Author :Yun Ji Qi Lu

Wife is a week old BOS Serial

Last update:2023-04-03 23:59:00 Latest chapter:Sisters Once everything was annihilated, the sea of stars was rebooted, and the heaven and human principles were all destroyed in the thought of the evil
'finally BOS is my wife?'
when Xu Chang'an came home, he looked at his wife who was cooking and shook his head: 'the system is pumping again.'
in front of the apricot tree at the door
Xu Chang'an grabbed his wife's waist and said, 'I'll go back with a few little demons.'
'be careful on the road.' After the woman saw him off, she looked up at the apricot branch
what should I do if my husband has a tendency to cheat
or... The world will reopen
PS: [daily], [emotional line], [immortal Xia], [slow heat].
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