Author :Huang Ye Bei Ge

The summit of the great times Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 18:00:00 Latest chapter:The Logic of Zhou Tuhao age= Int (input ('please enter the age after you restart your life):
ifage & # 61; 18: Print ('the first year of rebirth.')< br/>
elifage= 19: Print ('family split.')< br/>
elifage= 20: Please give your dignity back to college students< br/>
elifage= 21: Print ('dazzling purple star.')< br/>
elifage= 2: Print ('feelings of home and country.')< br/>
elifage= 23: Print ('the era of the rise of great powers.')< br/>
elifage= 24: Print ('we should be self-improvement.')
else: Print ('struggle, struggle, struggle.')
PS: my book friend said that my introduction was not good, like xiaobaiwen. Then revise it. It should not be white now?
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