Author :Tu Tou Sheng Zhe

A martial artist in the detective world Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 03:29:00 Latest chapter:The festival is coming My name is Xingye sky, sister Miyako, sister RI
my cousin is also my first cousin, cousin suixiang
my neighbor Dr. Ali, my high school classmate Xiaobu

Kudo Shinichi: Watson, who can be called a detective in today's world
Xingye sky: Uncle Maori
Kudo Shinichi: Pooh, the uncle who can only catch dogs and find cats and investigate affairs? At best, he is a third rate detective
Xingye sky: service level
Kudo Shinichi: who is that? I haven't heard of it. I'm not even famous. How can I be a detective
Xingye sky: MaoMu Yaoshi, gun field Yumei
Kudo Shinichi: these two people have really been famous for a long time, but the cases they solved are less than half of mine. They are first-class detectives
Xingye sky: is it me
Kudo Shinichi: Well, you can only talk to Uncle Wu
starfield: Er... That detective is not yourself, is it
Kudo Shinichi: Yes, I'm a detective! Clear the evil and restore the truth. Even if I suffer the dark blow, I will also illuminate the world... Akong, come on!
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