Author :Xiang Chi Da Yu De Mao

Allad's perverse Savior Serial

Last update:2023-01-30 12:41:00 Latest chapter:Suddenly tauren Also known as [teach Celia to cheat money], [ardent citizen of Hutton Mar], [I have seen through you, second sister!], Do you think it's OK to follow history
[save face for the villains!]
the ambitious second apostle, known as the second sister, Hurd, in order to rebuild Tara, he transferred the apostles and wanted to destroy them with the help of the adventurer [tool man]
the Dragon riot, the dark Jihad, the fire of Glen, and everything behind them, all hide the shadow of the crying eye Hurd, a huge conspiracy that slowly rotates in the name of 'destiny'...
the night forest that has passed through has obtained the 'seal of heaven' written by the great magician [Mar] who opened up the Arad continent, I have an idea to make trouble in my heart...
send rotus back to the water planet
help Luke locate hebolun
vaccinate dirigig
Load Antun with a giant nuclear reactor
drag hillock out to sunbathe
retrieve the bird's eggs for prey
help Forrest Gump find his wife
transform the demon world
help Ezra catch the traitors
let Kelly go!The! (guess...)
the list of key assassins [clente, little iron pillar, red tail Jonathan]
hint: please put coins (refer to collection and recommended tickets) on the train.
PS: the official eats books seriously, and this book will not and cannot be completely according to the official
ALAD is still the same, the young girl is waiting silently, and the brave man like the wind has wandered everywhere.
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