Author :Hua Jing Su

Houmen Fenghua: meet the best evil woman Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 11:40:00 Latest chapter:The male leader blames himself and blames the Zhao family The relationship between the eldest son is weak, the second son is naughty, and the five daughters are innocent. They are said to be high-ranking families. In fact, they are too poor to open a pot. There are still a group of different minded sons and daughters to support. The original owner who gets a bad card once he crosses the border is wilted: what about the old-age pension life
The hostess waved a small whip: 'I want to become rich, become a famous family, and enjoy my old age. Who dares to stop me and beat him to death!' Bunnies: 'hum... Milk, you've made money. Don't force me to read?' The hostess stared coldly: 'fart! If you don't give me a top prize in the exam, what can I do if my business is ruined by some powerful people? Why don't you go back and stab me in the face!' Many years later, the three generations of Yao's ancestors and grandchildren were full of Jinshi, and their official fortunes were prosperous.
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