Author :Xiang Yang De Xin

Let you take charge of the specialty class. How can you become a student bully? Serial

Last update:2023-04-04 17:24:00 Latest chapter:pretend not to know In two months, three class teachers were removed
facing the special class of 'learning dregs', which is called 'teacher's Shura field and learning dregs amusement park' - Class 17 of senior high school
even if the teaching director gives a very high salary, a group of old teachers are still like Mount Tai, and no one is willing to take orders
just at this time, Chen Chu, as a trainee teacher, activated the strongest teaching system
so he volunteered to become the new head teacher of class 7, and built the world's strongest specialty class from scratch
Sports Specialty Student: 'I am the first in the country in the Olympic mathematics competition.'
painting specialty student: 'I am the first in the country in the scientific research competition.'
students who are good at dancing: 'my knowledge competition is the first in the country.'
the college entrance examination is coming, and the leaders are all confused
'I asked you to take charge of the special class. How can you escort all the students to Qingbei?'
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