Author :Hei Jiao Xian Ren

Master of pet animals Serial

Last update:2022-11-22 12:04:00 Latest chapter:Triple winners and directional advancement [pet], [Royal beast], [summon], [Contract], [evolution], [variation]
? This world is the world of monsters
monsters, demons, angels, giants, elves, ghosts, goblins, witches, orcs, Zerg... Countless races, endless branches, infinite mysteries< br/>
? The king of human beings can sign a pet contract with monsters
therefore, taking over, cultivating, advancing, evolving, mutating, fighting... Are their daily life
[currently available evolution form]
■ mud giant? Sand giant? Stone giant? Black iron giant...
■ little flaming bird? Big flaming bird? Flamingo? Gilded Flamingo...
■ four winged bright angel? (degenerate evolution) six winged dark angel...
■ devil ape? Three eyed ape? Eight armed evil dragons and apes...
■ big ghost fire? Nightmare horse? (fusion evolution) Ghost Rider...
in the Daqian Dynasty, a young man named Bai Wushang unexpectedly became an independent awakener. His natural pet was... Moon rabbit
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